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If you are interested in sex love dolls or curious about the process of making them, the process of making sex dolls is very complicated. Today online sex doll seller will show you about the manufacturing process of realistic adult sex dolls

The whole production process can be roughly divided into 6 steps.

1. Making a sex doll mold

Making the mold is the first step in the manufacturing stage of the lovely adult sex doll.

2. Skeleton of the sex doll

The skeletal structure of the sex doll is usually made of stainless steel, and its joints function similar to human bones, so your best love huge butt mature sex doll can be position to many poses like a real women.

3. Matching the made mold and skeleton

The assembly process of the mold and skeleton is a very delicate process, if there is a problem in the assembly process, it will lead to the finished product is defective or deformed, and can only be discarded.

4. TPE material preparation

In order to prepare the quality TPE material, the raw materials need to be mixed according to the required ratio by precise calculation, and mixed evenly by stirring, the quality of TPE will be very different depending on the product formula. The material is heated to about 200 degrees, then the heated material is injected into the mold, and the sex doll is gradually formed in the mold.

5. Cooling

Because of the high temperature needed to heat the TPE, the infused mold needs to be placed in coolant or clean cold water for a few hours.

6. Detail trimming and smoothing

The edges of the realistic sex love doll are rough right out of the mold, so the feet, hands, neck and sides of the body are smoothed out with a sharpening tool to eliminate any uneven or rough edges.

Finally, the finished full body size adult TPE sex doll are placed in a special dusting warehouse, where they are wrapped in plastic wrap and then hung up. After the customers confirmed the real effect of the sex doll, the factory will pick it up from the warehouse according to the order number and ship it in a reliable and safe box with foam padding and a blanket wrapped around the sex doll to protect all parts of the sex doll.

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After determining the intention to buy a life size TPE sex doll, I believe you never want to buy a poor quality solid sex doll. So we should be concerned about how to determine the solid love doll seller, how to judge the quality of the solid doll, how to choose the purchase method and payment, etc.

How to determine the solid doll seller?

We can check the reputation of the seller, check the after-sales guarantee after the purchase. Also check the style and style of dolls offered by the seller, the current hot selling dolls are, huge boobs sex doll, blonde sex doll, Anime sex doll, if someone attracts you with a super low price, beware of being cheated.

How to judge the quality of the solid simulation doll?

–Judging from the head, facial features, breasts, hips, legs, body and other key parts.

— Intelligent, constant temperature, intelligent sound of the intelligent entity simulation doll’s charging time, durability and so on. Whether the heating body temperature, real voice, sound remote control, whole body heating, etc.

— Whether the material is non-toxic, how tactile, how the lower body process, whether it is convenient to clean, whether the lower body process optional (provided under to be one or split or both optional, one of the lower body process does not have to be installed before use, while the split process can be casually replaced, disassembly and cleaning convenience)

— Skeleton and the reasonableness of the construction.

So, how to choose the purchase method? How to pay?

We can choose to order offline, online ordering and other ways to buy. For online ordering TPE sex dolls, we need to check whether to use a guaranteed payment method. Such as credit card, PayPal, etc.

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There are thousands of people buying the same tan skin TPE doll with the same brand. This is more reflected in the exclusive our partner, so must also want your fantasy premium TPE sex doll to be that unique presence.

The same best deals sex doll of the same brand, there are very many people who buy, for example, uxdoll blonde sex doll, freckle sex doll. But everyone is possessive, which makes the doll buyers want to have a unique doll.

A sex doll is a factory made blank that needs to be defined by the owner to give it an individual personality. In addition to the unchangeable head sculpture and body, the fun of the doll is the hair, eyes color, face makeup, and clothing, all of which can be chosen according to preference. Thus creating a unique, if you have a higher demand for personalization, uxdoll offers a good choice for a good value custom sex doll.

The beauty of personalization is that it can be set and dressed to create a unique doll.


There are many styles of wigs, long, short, curly, straight, a variety of styles, and a variety of colors, some can even do it yourself. There are three common wig materials on the market: chemical fiber silk, high-temperature silk, and real hair.


Eye’s are factory installed before the manufacturer. In theory, the eyes can be changed, but it is not easy to take out, you need special tools, otherwise it is easy to damage the eyes of the doll. Of course, uxdoll are available to provide free advice and services for the doll’s eyes, you can go to to get advice.

In addition, there are clothing, shoes, accessories and other changeable places, shoes can be matched according to the style of clothing. TPE dolls can wear hats, headpieces, hair clips; body can have rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets; clothing accessories are brooches, school badges, ties; and socks, tattoo stickers, various props and so on.

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Sex dolls are divided into several grades, low-grade sex dolls, the texture of the material can not be close to the real human body, the structure can only simulate simple joint activities, and the joints are easily deformed. Now the world’s best simulation of sex dolls made of silicone, silicone doll material can achieve a very close to the softness and deformation of the flesh, joint deformation is also very perfect, the face can also be very close to the real person, and some can even be fake. Today we are talking about best deals fantasy sex dolls that made of silicone material.

Silicone is a colloidal substance with solid properties, and its basic component is silicon dioxide (mSiO2nH2O). The physical structure of silica gel is rich in micropores and high specific surface area, its surface is silicon hydroxyl structure, so it has a strong adsorption of water vapor or other polar substances (so silica gel is widely used in women’s invisible bras, fake breasts and other products) and selective adsorption separation ability, in adsorption, drying, separation of substances, purification, high-purity preparation and other fields have a wide range of applications.

Due to its chemical composition and physical structure, silica gel has the following advantages in its application.

(1) chemically stable, in addition to hydrofluoric acid (HF) and strong alkali, insoluble in any other solvents and solutions, this feature ensures that the entity silicone doll is not afraid to use a long time with the air substance product chemical reaction, with how long will not deteriorate!

(2) good thermal stability, A type of fine pore class silica gel can be used at temperatures up to 300 ℃, while other types of silica gel can be used for a long time under high temperature conditions of 500-600 ℃.

(3) silicone has a rigid skeleton structure, with good wear resistance and compressive strength, this feature allows you to use the sex doll, basically do not have to worry about crushing it!

(4) Silicone is non-toxic and non-corrosive, and it is approved by the FDA for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Silicone in the manufacturing process can be controlled by the corresponding process conditions to get different types of pore structure and adapt to different applications, all silicone sex toys, the product has a certain adhesion, that is, the new product touch sticky, there is a certain fragrance, the taste if not after extremely special treatment, smell will be very obvious, there is this smell you can rest assured that it is non-toxic and harmless!

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Sex dolls were born to be used for dressing up and cosplay shooting, which is part of the demand of buyers.

When it comes to adult sex dolls, I believe many men are no stranger to them. Some people will certainly be associated with inflatable dolls, although it is the last generation of elimination products, but this name in the hearts of some geeks can be considered deep-rooted. These years the emerging real-life proportion alloy skeleton realistic TPE sex dolls, compared to the previous generation of inflatable dolls, both tactile and visual, absolutely called perfect.

Now full body size of adult sex dolls, whether the production of materials or features are basically complete, to meet most of the needs. Many years ago, the sex dolls only the photos taken look very realistic, but the reality is that the real thing is very low and fake. However, now most of the sex dolls are looks very realistic. As long as the sex doll is not too cheap, it will generally be a super ultra real life-size TPE or silicone doll with flexible joints and a strong skeleton. Nest, let’s see how dynamic TPE sex dolls with skeletons really are!

picture source:

Normally, 140-150cm adult sex dolls are relatively slightly more mature, just like a flower budding, could bring you first love-like feeling. General cosplay beauty or magic girl, choose this height segment is the most appropriate. And among all the TPE and silicone sex dolls, this height sex doll is the most cost-effective.

Then is 150cm – 160cm sex dolls, have the most perfect and mature body type, wearing COS clothing, a few poses at will, are enough to make your blood boil. However, due to the height of the material used to increase, so the price of this height of the sex doll will be much higher than the short sex doll. However, she can play a very large number of roles at the same time, young lovely girls, young beautiful women, women and other roles are applicable, and as a perfect face wonderful body proportion of sex dolls, many businesses have chosen to take her as a model as well as a film and television stand-in.

All humans have different physical and psychological needs, and lifelike TPE sex dolls can make up for the lack of emotions you can’t publicize, meet your unique psychological desires, and help you realize the crazy sexual fantasies in your heart. It is a blessing to have a real and perfect doll that understands you and releases your stress.

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Sex dolls have been controversial since the first sex dolls were made, and even more controversial for life size super realistic adult sex doll buyers. We have collected some of the most popular discussions about sex doll buyers.

1. Sex dolls are available for purchase by people who are not living a good life or are single
In fact, anyone can use ultra-real adult TPE silicone sex dolls. According to surveys, people with fulfilling lives are more likely to buy sex dolls than people with less fulfilling lives, with about 20 to 30 percent of people considering buying at least one in their lifetime, and people in relationships typically have a higher quality of life and better emotional intimacy.

2. Sex dolls are addictive and lead to social disconnection
While some people may depend on having a sexy curvy beautiful face women sex doll for their lives, they don’t have to be forced to withdraw; it’s a “supplement” to life and can’t replace any of the people in your life. And sex dolls won’t hurt you, anyone can easily go back to a life without them.

3. Only single people buy sex dolls?
In terms of the general trend, yes indeed. But there are millions of people who own super real sex dolls, whether they are single or in a relationship. Owning a sex doll does not mean that the person is a “loser”, in fact, they have a good attitude towards life and are more excited about the future.

4. Do sex dolls make people weird?
Some people say that sex dolls can cause people to become weird. But through research, except for possible dangerous issues, such as quality issues. Sex dolls do have to do with how we use it, in fact, there is basically nothing weird about it as long as you find the right sex doll for you, which is expressing your attitude and fulfilling your life needs.

5. The more expensive the sex doll, the better?
In fact, this is not the case, thousands of dollars sex dolls and tens of thousands of dollars sex dolls all can bring you pleasurable feelings. Expensive sex dolls may be more durable or better quality and more realistic, but more expensive sex dolls do not necessarily bring you more pleasure than ordinary sex dolls. In addition to sex dolls, general merchandise can do the same thing. It is usually more recommended to find the right product and you can learn more from

6. Sex dolls may cause harm to the body.
There is no evidence that sex dolls can harm your mental or physical health, but of course, if used improperly, perhaps there are some dangers. This is just like any other human behavior, even walking, if you are not careful, there are potential dangers.

Having a life size most real sex doll is a normal thing. Maybe you think it’s inappropriate to talk about it in public, but if you realize that everyone keeps their mouths shut, it might be “weird”. Sex dolls can bring you joy and happiness. These are not strange, but just a wonderful new try of the different pursuits of your life.

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When buying silicone adult sex dolls, many people are torn between physical stores and online stores. Buying in a physical store allows direct access to the real thing, which may be more realistic and can be very direct in determining how good or bad a silicone love doll is; buying in an online store gives you more options because there are so many stores selling life size TPE & silicone sex dolls online, you could always to find your favorite one.

Here’s the difference between a physical doll store and an online doll store.

Silicone & TPE dolls physical stores

Direct access to the real thing.
You can pick up the goods on shop, it is so fast for you to own a sex doll.
You can bargain with the owner in person.

The price of silicone dolls in physical stores are generally very expensive.
There are many physical stores also have a set, easy to be cheated.
Physical stores may face some privacy issues when buying, sometimes it will not very convenient to look at the product in detail, hasty payment, the result may buy substandard products.

Silicone & TPE sex dolls online store

There are many options for buying silicone or TPE solid dolls online, and there are thousands of stores online to choose from.
Online silicone solid dolls are generally cheaper than physical stores and you can save a fortune.
You don’t have to worry about privacy when buying silicone & TPE solid dolls online, and the merchants have privacy packaging for the sex doll.

There are too many styles online for you to pick and choose, it will make you hard to decide which one is the perfect.
There are more scammers online, the chances of being cheated will be greater, especially some super cheap TPE sex dolls.

The above is uxdoll for you to introduce the advantages and disadvantages of silicone & TPE dolls physical stores and online stores. If you have a physical store nearby, you can also go and poke around the price first, and then compare the price and other service online to finally make a choice.

One more thing, that is to buy silicone & TPE life size sex dolls can not just figure out the cheapest, usually very cheap things are not very good, buy cheap dolls need to have quite a lot of doll buying experience, want to buy or learn more about dolls, we recommend visiting uxdoll. uxdoll has comprehensive knowledge of sex dolls as well as offering 350+ different styles of high quality sex dolls and a comprehensive buyer’s guarantee Visit now and the next doll buying expert will be you!

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The Tease of Peachjars Photos

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