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Let me first start out by saying we don’t condone rape here. We are just talking about the things that can happen to girls who have a virgin pussy and flirt with a group of guys. That being said I am sure you have been a party to or at least heard of this sort of thing happening. A cute blonde girl shaves her pussy so close it looks nubile and then shows it off to the boys at school. What did she think they were going to do when they got her home?

This sort of thing plays out all over the USA and the rest of the world on a daily basis. It is part of the reason why Muslim women have to wear clothes from head to toe. They they how horny guys will get and how little they will think with their head once they spy a tight virgin pussy.

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Somehow or other Cookie has managed to keep herself a virgin. While the other girls seem to give it up to just anybody Cookie has been saving herself for the right guy. Will it be you? updates several times a week with a new video, new pictures and you can watch her teen webcam shows. There are lots of picture sets and videos of her sporting some pretty amazing camel toe. Which is actually hard for her not to do!

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That sweet virgin pussy belongs to Freckles18. She is a girl next door style solo model. We have all dated girls like her before. They are the fun ones. They put out and they like to try new things. I found a girl like her not long after hitting puberty. We did a lot of experimenting together. We had been friends our entire lives, but suddenly we stopped being friends and started being sexual. I will never forget the good times we had. Especially with sites like to remind me of how much I enjoyed having her as my first crush.

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My crush became my crush one fateful day when she caught me checking her out. Instead of being weird or mad about it she pulled down her panties and shows me her hairless Mons. I could just barely make out the crack of her pussy as it trailed away over the horizon of her mound. She held those panties down long enough for me to get a really good look. I soaked up every piece of information. Storing it away for a jerkoff session later.

This girl knew from that point on that she had power over me. She used it to get things from me. Sometimes she would charge me to see her pussy. Sometimes she would make me give her head and then I’d have to pay her my allowance for the privilege.

Eventually we got to a point where we shared everything with each other including how we liked to masturbate. I was shocked at how many things this girl had tried shoving into her pussy. When I would go over there for dinner on Thanksgiving I would be so horny knowing her parents had no idea their daughter fucked the turkey baster, the candles on the table, the serving spoons for the gravy and more. It didn’t help that she reached her foot under the table and worked my hardon while we ate. is a great place to go and enjoy those good times from years gone by. Even if you never had a girl that played with herself for you it is a good way to experience what having a crush on a girl is like.

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