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The Internet has a gazillion hot teens. Each one of them is vying for your hard earned dollar. It is my job to steer you towards the good ones.

Kayla Banks is one of those good ones. She is hot and has a charming look. Her eyes are somewhere between green and hazel. Her hair is a natural shade of blonde created by the beach sun. Kayla has small tits with pierced nipples. Her body is not fat and it is not petite. You could say that her body is just right!

If you like panties and masturbation Kayla Banks is exactly what you are looking for. She takes a lot of time getting those panties off which means you get a lot of time seeing her with them on. Kayla does five webcam shows a week and is very dedicated to making her fans happy.

In addition to the webcam updates you get a new video and two new picture sets a week. This girl really loves to masturbate as you can see in her masturbation video above.

Members of Kayla Banks also get access to ten more teen themed web sites her webmasters are affiliated with. The other sites are a bit more hardcore than Kayla so if you ever get tired of watching Kayla Banks masturbate you can watch teens taking hard cocks in every orifice too!


That, my friends, is why I love my job. I really fucking love my job!

That tight pussy belongs to Ariel. One of the many amateur babes at Karup’s Hometown Amateurs. For those of you that have never heard of, wake up… there is this thing called the Internet and you might want to explore it for a while. is short for Karup’s Private Collection. Back in 1997 (yes there was an Internet back then) there was a guy that decided to make his private collection of porn available to everyone. Well, that is, everyone willing to pay for access to it. became the first porn site I ever joined.

The site updated (and still does) with several new photo sets and videos every week. When I say several I mean dozens. Sure there were one or two dogs here and there but with so many updates you could always find something hot.

Now that collection has grown so big they had to open Karups Hometown Amateurs. A place where you can watch real amateur teens and coeds doing porn for their first time. If you are a perverted deviant like me and get off on chicks that look nervous and maybe need a little help, Karup’s Hometown Amateurs is the place for you.

The collection at is updated five times a week. Each update consists of several picture updates and more videos. There are a total of 30 full length videos added each month.

No porn stars and no glamour babes, just 100% raw amateur sex!


As we sit and wait in heated anticipation for Cristal Coed to lower those booty shorts, lets talk about girls who panty tease.

Growing up I got caught by the older sister of a friend of mine while I was ruffling through her panty drawer. On the bright side, I hadn’t taken my dick out yet… on the dark side, it was harder than ever and created an unmistakable pup-tent in my pants.

His sister’s name was Mandy. Being eighteen Mandy looked a lot like Cristal Coed. Perky small boobs and a tight body without being overly muscular. She was on the Volley Ball team and the Girls Water Polo team so she was in pretty good shape.

Mandy caught me checking out her panties for what was my fifth time. Previously I had rubbed her silky panties over my cock and accidentally came in them. I didn’t know what to do so I threw them into her clothes hamper.

Later when I was in her panty drawer again I had noticed they made their way back in. Did she notice I spewied in them? Did she wonder why they were in the hamper when she hadn’t worn them?

This time… She caught me red handed. Literally. I was handling her red silky panties when she walked in.

Mandy stopped at the door looking at me with a shocked expression on her face. I didn’t know what to expect. My heart practically beat out of my chest. Her expression turned into a quizzical look. Then she stepped into her room and closed the door behind her before showing me an ear to ear smile.

I realized I hadn’t breathed for about 30 seconds and let out a big sigh.

Mandy said, "So you’re the one that has been messing with my panties… I was really wondering… I was afraid it was… never mind. Do you like them?"

I didn’t know what to say. Was this some sort of trick? Was there a wrong or a right answer? Why was she asking? Wasn’t she supposed to be telling her mom?

"Yes… I mean, I guess so…" Was all I could muster.

She smiled at my embarrassment.

"Do you want to keep them?"

Holy shit… Now what am I supposed to say? Of course I wanted to keep them, but I didn’t want her to think I was some kind of pervert!

She let me off the hook with, "I know you do. You already let me know that a few days ago. That was you right?"


"OK," she said. "You can have them but you have to do something for me."

"What?" I asked.

"Show me what you did to them so that I had to wash them."

Oh no! I couldn’t do that in front of a girl. She sensed my trepidation and added, "I will show you what I look like… down there."

With that I started unbuttoning my pants and pulled my dick out. She told me I would have to strip naked since she is going to be naked too. I started pulling everything off.

Mandy pointed to her bed and commanded me to lay down on it. I was mesmerized by her comforter. She still had a bright colored one from when she was younger. I hopped into her bed. and waited for further instructions.

I was handed her panties and she pointed towards my now rock hard cock. I wrapped them around it and began to tug lightly.

Mandy pulled off her shirt and removed her shorts. I could see her nipples through her bra. I started pumping a bit harder than before.

When Mandy saw me working harder she took off her bra and slowly pulled it away from her small boobs. Then Mandy laid her bra on my chest. I could feel her warmth coming off of it and again my pulse raced. My hand began furiously beating my cock now!

The panties Mandy was wearing looked like the booty shorts Cristal Coed is wearing above. Only they were actual panties with a cotton crotch and a pink hearts print. I could barely see the outline of her pubic hair. She only had a small landing strip and being able to see it excited me.

Next, Mandy pulled up on her panties and they went up into her pussy. Not real far so I could see the lips on either side, just enough to trace the outline of her pussy fold. I was about to cum and I hadn’t seen her pussy yet so I slowed down.

She told me I had to, "Go like this." And she gestured a feverish pumping speed with her hand. I resumed my faster stroke and she started pulling her panties down. I could see the mound above her pussy and the stubble from where you had shaved her pubic hair away.

I couldn’t take it anymore. My cock exploded a thick wad of spunk into her panties. I had trouble containing it all in them without spilling it onto myself.

Then, just like a woman, she pulls her panties back up. I was shocked. She was supposed to show me her pussy! Mandy told me she would wash the panties and have then ready for me the next day. If I was a good boy and could hold out longer tomorrow I could see her pussy then.

My mood brightened. I was going to see a pussy live for the first time…

Wrong! It took another three tries before Mandy finally let me see her pussy. By then I really began to enjoy giving her a show. I would go over to her house when I knew her brother wasn’t there just so I could perform for her.

A few weeks later, Mandy went to college and I never heard from her again. Except for the package I had received. A fresh pair of red silk panties to remember her by. I still have them to this day.

Cristal Coed is already in school. Going to her site is like continuing my past relationship with Mandy. Just like Mandy, Cristal is a bit of an exhibitionist. She enjoys getting naked for the camera.

Anyone into coed girls with small boobs will find Cristal Coed a refreshing sight to see. Especially if you are into panties. While Cristal gets totally naked, she spends a good deal of time in her panties. Teasing you. No rush. Just the way coed teen porn should be!

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I saw this pic of Private Gwen getting her nipple licked and it so reminded me of an instance of nipple licking at the river.

Let’s be honest. The only reason guys go to the river is to get drunk and watch chicks expose their tits… and possibly get to watch two chicks go down on one another… aaaannnnd possibly get to be a part of the action!

So, we had just pulled up to the sandbar and there they were. Two chicks out in the middle making out. Perfect timing! Both girls were flat out drunk and totally turned on to each other. They both were in their own little world, oblivious to what was going on around them.

One girl pulled off the other girls top and starting sucking on her nipples. All of the guys (and some of the girls) circled around to watch. The girl with her top off had some soft pink nipples and the girl doing the licking had her tongue pierced. You could see the lust on the topless girls face. Her pussy must have been super wet.

Before things could go any further her boyfriend shows up and collects her and the nipple licker and bails. Fucking asshole. Everybody booed.

The sweet thing about Private Gwen is she isn’t going anywhere. There isn’t come boyfriend waiting in the wings to sweep her away and ruin our day. In fact, Private Gwen is well known for being one of the only hotties that accepts members requests!

Gwen’s friend Mallory has some nice brown eyes in the picture above but, Gwen has even better blue ones. They go so perfect with her pale skin and blonde hair.

Private Gwen takes amateur self pics that are reminiscent of the kind you see on popular social networking sites. They are so raw looking. Candid. It is great.

Don’t worry though, PrivateGwen is not just about glamour pics and candids. On her site you will also find hardcore videos of her with guys and girls in addition to her masturbation videos.

If you like blondes with blue eyes and the younger the better, Private Gwen has you covered.


What the? Pam Rodriguez on Virgin’s 19? Are you serious there, Mr. Webmaster?

Yes, I am serious. You guys keep asking me for big tits and thicker asses and I haven’t been delivering.

How did we put up such a request you ask? When you use the search function to the top right of the blog it logs what you search for. Big tits and wide, thick, juicy, big butts were bubbling up to the top of non-found items.

Then someone asked specifically for Pam Rodriguez and I figured this would be the perfect time to kill a few birds with one stone.

What is another way we can ask for shit specifically?

Good question. You can also leave comments by clicking on the Click to Comment link at the bottom of each post. Make sure NOT to use a URL in your comment. A URL looks like this: Just tell me the name of the girl or the type of girl you want. My spam catching software weeds out comments with URL’s and each comment must be approved. So I see ALL of your comments when left correctly. And you won’t see your comment until I approve it later in the week.

OK… So Pam Rodriguez has an ass that goes way back like a 12 yearold bottle of scotch. When you look at her thighs while she is standing up they look like Unicorn legs they are so solid.  Reminds me of one of those creatures with human tops and horse bodies.

Would I fuck her if she was half human, half horse? Hmm… Yeah. I would fuck her. I wouldn’t eat her out… But I would fuck her. Luckily we don’t have to ponder such cacophony. Pam Rodriguez is a hot, big tits, wide ass, human babe.

My fantasies about Pam include her being a latina maid without a green card. I hire her on and she blows me for being such a good guy. I wonder if the real Pam Rodriguez would blow a cock shoved through a glory hole?

If you like hot Latina women Pam is about as hot as they come. I wish all photographers and webmasters took their jobs as seriously as the ones working for do. Perfect makeup, perfect lighting, the site is amazing. See you in the members area!

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