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Lets face it… If we all had a vagina this fucking nummy we’d never leave the house. Perhaps that is why guys don’t have vaginas?

I guess the same can be said about girls once they find out their clits feel amazing when rubbed up against things. Just about every girl I have ever dated have told me they had spent countless hours locked in their rooms trying to achieve the ultimate clitoral orgasm. Sometimes they would even go for back to back orgasms into the teens!

Jenni here from Errotica Archives has one of those truly special pussies that sucks her bathing suit bottoms into the top crease. It gives away the fact that she shaves her little pussy lips bare!


The Errotica Archives have been archiving erotic nudes for just over eight years now. They shoot in extreme resolutions since the girls are basically flawless. They have hundreds of models and they find them all over the world.

You know a site is good when it finds a Peruvian goddess and fly her to Bali for the video shoot. While there they find an exotic Balinese beauty and fly her to Sweden for her photo sets. I could keep going, but I am sure you have already realized that the Swedish babe ends up on a beach in the Bahamas.


If you like barely legal girls with small tits and a cleft of Venus they have plenty of them. If you like college coeds with perky C-cups and some cherry stem lips down there they have that too. They pretty much have it all, but you shouldn’t take my word for it!

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OK, so Kacey 18 definitely doesn’t actually have a virgin pussy. I mean, come on… She has hardcore sex on her web site!

But Kacey does have a very nubile looking pussy and isn’t that what we are really after, after all? Her perky tits, tan skin, smooth skin, braces and willingness to do just about anything asked of her makes Kacey 18 a very desirable babysitter!

Babysitter? Yeah, that is right. The perfect cover!

You can hire this little honey for $5 an hour to watch the kids, then bang her in the ass on the ride home! Not only that, she’ll do ass to mouth if you make it worth her while! is home to one of the sluttiest little cuties the Internet has ever seen. She comes across all sugar and spice, but once your wife isn’t around she is a little fuck-box-o-love. Did I say love? Maybe I should have said lust!

Along with Kacey 18 you get access to her friends when you get the Tiny Teen Pass. Girls like Lil Kelly, Little Lupe and Chloe 18 have made this pass the hottest ticket to nubile babes in town. Get it right now for just a buck and start stroking to some truly amazing teen bodies!



Remember all of the countless hours you used to spend trying to catch a of a girls virgin pussy? Whether that glimpse came from a real girl right in front of you or a girl in a JCPenny catalog, you tried. You swore you could make out the folds of a girls pussy from beneath her panties.

Bailey is bringing those good old days back. She loves to lounge around her house wearing the skimpiest outfits. She is super flirtatious and swears she isn’t doing anything on purpose. Yeah right!

Girls at her school are always trying to get everybody to think Bailey is a slut. She isn’t really a slut, you know? It is normal for girls to experiment with their sexuality. A few years ago nobody even noticed Bailey. Now guys are trying to cop a feel of her boobs and that virgin pussy.

Personally I think it is all just jealousy on the other girls part. I mean Bailey isn’t jealous. She doesn’t mind if you play spin the bottle with her girlfriends. even gives you access to her friends sites!

Explore your perversions in Bailey’s Room!



How often are you awe struck by a girls vagina? Here at Virgins 19 we aim to make this a common occurrence in your daily routine. Tell me this puffy pussy on Aubrey Taylor from ALS Angels isn’t mouth watering goodness and I’ll punch you square in the nose for being a liar!

Just imagine that your cock is buried balls deep in this girls wonderful vagina and those puffy pussy lips are gripping the base of your cock, begging you to shoot your load into her!

I can’t tell you that all of the girls at ALS Angels are hot. There are like four or five ugly ones out of the several dozen models. But I can tell you that they are all shaved. Some even wax their pussies bare!

The site has been around since 1997. Back then the background was in default gray and the pics were small. Since then things have certainly changed. Now the pics are several thousand pixels wide and they even have HD videos!

Get all fifteen years of content for only $24.95. Stay a member and enjoy the updates for only $19.95 a month. If you have a thing for smooth pussy this site is definitely for you.

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You could practically fuck this girl without even penetrating her vagina!

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