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/little-bree/3765/teen.htm” target=”_blank”>little-bree-cutie

I review a lot of teen solo model sites and one of my favorite networks is the Tiny Teen Pass network. It features cute /little-bree/3765/teen.htm” target=”_blank”>barely legal girls like /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree above. With one password you get access to twelve girls. Twelve little girls!

Some of the girls have been around for a few years and helped to define the /little-bree/3765/teen.htm” target=”_blank”>barely legal solo model niche. Girls like Teen Topanga, Little Summer and Chloe 18 would appeal to anybody. The Tiny Teen Pass features tons of videos of the girls ranging from solo masturbation to lesbian love and girls kissing.

With the Tiny Teen Pass you also get the new additions. Girls like /” target=”_blank”>Little Bree, Little Lupe, Tiny Tyler and Kacey 18 are not only the newest /little-bree/3765/teen.htm” target=”_blank”>barely legal girls on the net, they are also into hardcore!

The Tiny Teen Pass delivers on all of your favorite niches. Panty shots, naked with socks/shoes, schoolgirls, teen sex, hardcore sex, softcore posing, teen masturbation, sapphic sex and more!



The (rare) blue eyed ginger on the left is so ready to give her boobs to the brunette on the right. The brunette, however, is making sure to be careful and not touch her friends tits for the picture. She is thinking that in doing so she is conveying what guys dream of and yet she is being subtle enough to keep us from ever considering her a lesbian.

Stupid girl. We all think you are a total butch-dyke now! Not that there is anything wrong with it. Fuck it, give in to your redheaded (girl)friend. She wants it and you know you want her too!

At Obsessed With Myself they stockpile loads of such content. Girls in high school getting kinky, girls in college getting fucked. Obsessed With Myself adds more content daily ranging from chicks wearing next to nothing all the way to hardcore homemade porn!

You can taste Obsessed With Myself for free and see why thousands of guys and girls have made this site their home for candid, voyeur and amateur content!



When was the last time your girlfriend or your wife polished your knob after exiting the shower? I know, for me, it has been months! And before that? Fuck, I can’t even remember!

Well, stop remembering and start reliving the dream right now. Grab a Fleshlight (with a mouth front end) and grab a password to Me and My GFs. Reliving those cock smoking shower sessions and more is only a few mouse clicks away!

Shit, even if you haven’t received a blowjob from a GF or your wife, ever, you can still experience one in the privacy of your own home! My GF won’t let me fuck her anal, but my Fleshlight will! haha! is the brain child of a guy named Jack. He wasn’t getting laid as often as he would have liked so he decided to be a skeezing asshole to chicks and now the chicks flock to him in droves. Sluts from bars, college dorms and wherever else sluts like to hangout throw themselves at this guy just to be on his web site. Lucky guy!

Well, not really… Jack created his own luck and so can you. Get your pass and enjoy Me and My GFs, plus a ton of other sites under the same pornographic umbrella. You get access to College Fuck Fest, Sleep Assault, Cummy Pantyhose, Nipporn and loads more.

As usual, check the bottom of the tour page for more details and don’t forget that Fleshlight. The best present I have ever presented myself with!



This year I bet in a BCS Bowl pool for the first time in my life. For those of you that don’t know what a BCS Bowl is, think Sugar Bowl, Rose Bowl, etc bowl, college football. I learned that you should bet on the corn fed motherfuckers. Unfortunately I learned that the hard way and didn’t cash in the pool.

So what does BCS Bowls have to do with Kylie James? Well, I’ll tell ya… Along with corn fed motherfuckers come the corn fed babes like Kylie James. This little hottie needs a cheerleaders outfit and some pompoms!

While Kylie James has some nice, pert big tits, she is unmistakably barely legal. One look at her little hiney and it’s off to the races!

This girls body is a yummy treat and she has a virgin pussy that is shaved bare. Camel Toe? Like none you have seen before! Her smooth Cleft of Venus thrives on soft panties!

You can see Kylie James getting completely naked in her members area and enjoy two updates a week. She loves to do themed shoots complete with uniforms. Watch as she plays the army brat, the secretary (from hell!), the schoolgirl, the Southern Belle and more!

Blogged Under: Big Tits,Brunettes,Shaved


Here is a question for you… If a girl uses her brush on herself, along with kitchen utensils and other phallic items from around the house, does she still have a virgin pussy?

The answer… Yes, so long as she isn’t using the turkey baster enough to actually stretch out the walls of her pussy!

Girls have been using (and abusing) household items for their own sexual gratification for centuries. Romans, Egyptians, Chinese, all walks of life, all classes of women, have been using whatever is lying around the house to stick up their pussies. It only seems natural then that some of the videos and the photos girls take of themselves using such items would end up on the Internet.

Obsessed With Myself is where I go to see this kind of content. For the price of FREE you can sample their content and see for yourself why thousands of guys and girls flock to to get their rocks off!

Girls send in their videos and pictures of themselves doing all sorts of naughty things. The owners also hack into Facebook, MySpace, Photobucket and more to get the naughty stuff the girls never intended anyone to see. Boy I hope this beauties uncle or cousins never find this site!



My obsession with teens in panties began back when I was in high school. A girlfriend caught me going through the contents of her panty drawer. Instead of getting mad at me she wanted to know more about why I had done it.

I filled her in on the typical panty obsession stuff. The cotton ones are always a treat. Satin and silk are great for jacking off into. Lace not so much, however, there are guys dedicated to jacking off in them too. Maybe the scratchy pain helps them justify their actions?

She seemed to enjoy getting into the head of a guy and informed me that I wasn’t the first guy to go through her panty drawer. She had never caught anyone else, but the previous boyfriend, a neighbor friend and her own brother seem to have rearranged the contents of her panty drawer a few times for her in the past.

She was naturally bald down below, save for a few wisps of hair, which she trimmed real short. Amazingly, she enjoyed modeling her panties for me. I was mesmerized by the way they clung to her cleft of Venus. She quickly learned that camel toe was actually a positive term and also didn’t mind the attention having one at the beach tended to bring. I was creating a monster!

Over the years we split up and I haven’t found a girl as willing as she to model panties for me. Now I turn to the Internet for my panty fix and the 8Teenies Pass helps me find exactly what I am looking for. Small tits, barely legal teens wearing the same types of panties my first encounters wore!

I know that getting a pass with all of these sites can seem daunting at first. Let me reassure you that the extra cost is worth it. Several multi-girl sites and several solo model sites, all containing young girls!

Still not sure? Well, how about checking out each site one by one. 8Teenies is one of my favorites since it features some truly amazing girls. This review with Jolie got my blood pumping! Solo model wise I would give Flexi Becky a good look. Totally tight, totally barely legal and totally flat chested. She is an angel!

When you are ready to move up, the 8Teenies Pass will be waiting for you!



When it comes to virgin pussy on the net the problem isn’t finding it. There are plenty of sites that showcase it. The problem is finding girls attached to that virgin pussy that don’t make you feel like kicking them out of bed.

Nubiles is the world leader in finding girls with that virgin pussy look and they are all 100% fuckable! Girls like Jilova have that barely legal look you crave. She looks like she is still a senior in high school!

As a member of you can use their extensive search functions to filter your searches to include multiple criteria. That means you can find sandy blondes with blue eyes, shaved pussies and small tits. Why is that important? Because that search would have brought up dozens of girls with Jilova at the top of the bunch!

There are now over 700 models at Nubiles and they are adding three more every week. Each of the models does several picture sets and several videos. This allows for multiple updates a day and since one model a week does hardcore, you get two sites in one.

Nubiles has always been the King of softcore barely legal girls and now they are charging hard into the hardcore market too! Grab your own Nubiles password and dine on virgin pussy every night!



I have dated my fair share of girls throughout my lifetime and by far the ones with puffy nipples are the best. In high school I dated two different girls with them. Eventually I would come to find out that they were both seeing each other… sexually!

Though I never did get to see them with each other, I did get to bang them separately. Sucking on their swollen nipples drove them to amazing orgasms. One of them could even cum just by sucking her nipples!

Banana Brandy has been living with puffy nipples her entire life. She has to wear a bra or they push through her shirt and let everyone know the relative temperature in the room. Sometimes she goes out without a bra since she doesn’t mind the attention her puffy nipples bring. Sometimes other girls with puffy nipples tell her how cute she looks!

You can watch Banana Brandy masturbate and run those swollen nipples on her site. She has plenty of videos and crystal clear, high resolution pics!

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