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There are two types of girls out there. One type rides the Sybian and the other one doesn’t. The later type is boring as hell!

Shyla Jennings is anything but boring. Shyla rides the Sybian, large dildos, small vibrators and just about everything commonly found in the kitchen.

You could say that Shyla Jennings is one of those true gems you don’t find very often doing Internet porn. This girl is hot and instead of wondering why she is doing porn in the first place we should just embrace the fact that she is. Enjoy!

Watching Shyla riding the Sybian in the free videos above you get a sense of what this girl is offering you. An uninhibited look into her sexual psyche! updates with a new video and picture set weekly. She also does webcam shows along with several of her friends! Joining Shyla Jennings gives you access to the entire Spunky Network. Check her tour page for all of the juicy details!



There is only one thing in life better than striper names and that is pornstar names. Ariel Amore takes the cake. This babe has one hell of a rock hard body. God I love her tits!

Ariel Amore is 19 years old and trying to save money for college. Like most naive girls she believed that guy offering the “modeling” job and eventually ended up taking her clothes off. Thank God for their being a sucker born every minute!

Ariel looks like a river chick. If you don’t know what one is or haven’t been to Lake Havasu or a comparable Spring Break spot before I will break it down for you. A river chick is good looking, but not great looking. She is usually a bit of a bitch. When she gets drunk she likes to take her clothes off and enjoys the attention doing so brings her. More sophisticated girls are considered losers because their “hang-ups” about public nudity stop them from joining in on Ariel’s brand of fun. We quickly switch from those 9’s and 10’s and go after this 7 in hopes of getting laid. And that my friends, is a river chick.

Of course this also puts Ariel Amore in the upper decks of the girl next door classification. If you have something Ariel wants you just might get laid or in the least, see her naked. You have something Ariel wants and that she desperately needs. Money. And she is willing to take her clothes off for you to get it!

Ah, capitalism at its finest!

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Here at Virgins 19 we often get searches for things like preteen, preteens, jailbait, lolita pics and just about everything else illegal. I can assure you, we don’t have any of that!

What we do have is the next best thing. Emily 18 is just about as close as you are going to come to a preteen. She never really matured like her friends in high school did and that always made her feel awkward. She met a photographer named Alice and Alice changed Emily’s her life forever.

Emily18 has small tits and a very youthful appearance. Though her tits are small her ass has a bit of a bubble. A good, juicy, thick bubble.

When Emily first started her web site she didn’t show a whole lot of skin. She was a bit modest. Once you get into her members area you can see why. The first pics of this girl make her look very young. As time went on she became more confident with her youthful appearance as the fan mail came pouring in. Now Emily18 goes completely nude!

Members of can chat with her on her message board. She updates her site three times a week and everything is shot in high definition.

Perhaps the best part about Emily 18 is the fact that this barely legal solo model is perfectly legal. I got caught looking at her pics once and it took about 10 minutes to convince my girlfriend that she was indeed legal!

Now… if you are looking for a virgin pussy? Andi Pink is your girl!



When I was growing up my mom used to get the girl next door to come over and babysit me. Like Skye Mcallister she had nice perky boobs and a youthful, athletic body. Her hair was a sandy blonde from getting sun dyed at the beach. Her true hair color was brown…

How do I know this? Because she used to have her boyfriend come over when she thought I was asleep. I would sneak out of my room and watch her and her boyfriend makeout on the couch. Eventually they’d get horny and start taking off their clothes.

Her body became the mold in my mind of what a girls body should be. It wasn’t perfect, but it was what I had to work with and eventually it became an obsession.

On most nights Skye and her boyfriend would have heated sex. Watching it made me horny and I’d whack off while I spied on them. One night her boyfriend couldn’t come over and she sounded pretty upset on the phone.

She started heading towards the hallway leading to the rooms in the house and I had to move pretty quickly back into my room to keep from being seen. She bypassed my door and headed to my parents room. I heard her rummaging  through various drawers and cabinets until suddenly she stopped. She headed back down the hallway towards the TV room.

I snuck up to where the hallway meets the TV room and found her stripping her clothes off and putting a tape into the VHS player. She hit play and it was loading with sex scenes. She sat in my dads chair with her legs over the armrests and put her hand into her panties.

This was my queue to do the same and together we masturbated. Only, she didn’t know she wasn’t exactly flying solo.

Eventually she pulled her panties to the side and rubbed her clit ferociously until she orgasmed. I shot my load against the hallway wall and quickly peered around the corner to see if I was too loud.

I was!

She got up and grabbed her shirt and held it in front of her boobs. As Skye came closer she asked me what the hell I was doing spying on her. I mumbled something about doing the same thing she was doing. She looked at the wall and saw my sperm sliding down it and smiled.

Just then the garage door made noise. My mom and dad were home. She told me to get a towel and wipe the wall quickly and then get into bed.

From that day on I spent a lot of nights thinking about Skye Mcallister and watching my dads porn. I guess you could say it laid the foundation for this blog! updates twice a week with new content. As a member you also get access to several of her friends sites too!



Why Cute Abby? Well, I know, I know… She doesn’t take off her panties, but that is just fine by me. I like her panties! Not only does she have a tremendous amount of sexy panties, Abby also has a nice set of small, yet perky, tits.

I also enjoy the fact that Cute Abby looks like the girl next door. Why? Because I enjoy getting laid and Abby looks like the type of girl I’d have a chance with.

Abby got her start posting her sexy pics on MySpace. Eventually they were ruled too provocative and she had to take them down. But not until they caught the eye of a webmaster!

Now you can watch Abby getting naked at She updates with new content weekly and each new set of pics and video features her in a pair of skimpy panties. I can’t express enough how exciting her panty teasing can be!

Members are treated to pics of her friends and can Email Cute Abby about anything they have on their mind. Just remember that she is a dirty little girl so don’t be surprised if she wants your pics too!



Her first name? Noreen. Her middle name? Trouble. And that is with a capital T.

I picked Noreen as the focus of my review on Real 8 Teens because she has a certain quality about her. She is the girl next door that likes to defy her parents. Hey, she is 18 after all so why don’t they just butt out of her business?

And what business is that? Well, just look at her. Noreen was the first girl in her school to give a blowjob. She had to one up herself and be the first to swallow too. If you were lucky enough to end up with her at the end of a party you were sure to have a good time.

Here is another free gallery of her. Jesus I’d like to eat her up!

There are a total of 35 girls at Sure that number is a lot less than many other sites, but the quality at Real 8 Teens is amazing. Plus, many of the girls are so fucking barely legal like Lynn.

Members can vote on the girls so finding the best ones is pretty easy. They float to the top. As a member of Real 8 Teens you also get access to Teenage Depot. A sister site with more hot, young, tight models!

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