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When Trisha Uptown got a chance to get up close and personal with Lil Candy and her virgin pussy she jumped at the chance. Trisha isn’t some kind of sicko or anything, but she did say it made her extra wet to play with such a young looking pussy. On top of that she really enjoys playing with Candy’s tiny tits. It reminded her of girls she had banged years before.


In particular it reminded her of the first time she ever kissed a girl back when Trisha’s own boobs were about as big as Candy’s are now. Not that they are extra big or anything now. has so many hardcore, lesbian and softcore videos of Candy having sex with friends that you won’t believe your eyes. Her body goes through changes over the months as she uploads new videos and you feel like you are watching a young woman blossom!



When Jenny Lopes turned 18 years old she had two things she wanted to accomplish straight away. One of them was to become a porn star. The other was to finally lose her virginity!

In this gallery Jenny fingers her tight virgin pussy one last time in the shower before sleeping with her boyfriend on camera. While you have to join to see that video, you can view all of the pics by clicking on the picture above.

While the jury is out on Jenny’s porn "star" status, it is pretty evident she is making an impression with her web site. It would not surprise me if she won the Adult Video Network award for best amateur solo model. I doubt anybody is going to label her a porn star until she stops looking like jailbait. Until then enjoy her youthful appearance.


Jenny has a lot of qualities needed to make it big in this business. She is very outgoing and not afraid to try new things. Like anal! She has very perky tits that will only get bigger. She is fit as a fiddle and then some. And her dick sucking lips make her a blowjob-on-cloud-nine waiting to happen. should be your new home of wanking off!



I am one of those types of guys that prefers to know what I am getting into before I make a deal on something. Full disclosure I believe it is called. I want transparency and that also goes for my relationship transactions as well.

Nothing is better at giving you the kind of information you need when trying to decide if you want to bed a girl than a nice wet pair of white panties. Here this girl’s camel toe is telling us that she has a cleft of Venus. Her pussy looks like it is virgin. Whether or not it actually is will require some more investigating, but at least we know there won’t be any extra baggage sprung on us.

Find tens of thousands of hot pics like these at They accept submissions daily so the members area always has something new each time you login. Some girls are even sending in multiple pictures of themselves just to see what kinds of dirty things the guys will say about them.

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She had two questions about what her friends wanted to do to her. The first question was about her virgin pussy. She wanted to know if sticking her fingers inside to pretend a boy was fucking her would mean she wasn’t a virgin anymore. Her friends just giggled and told her boys don’t care about virginity anymore. But no, it wouldn’t steal her virginity away to finger fuck herself. Next she wanted to know if "practicing" sex with other girls would make her a lesbian. Again, giggles


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Kara from MPL Studios has one of those pussies where it is an honor to lick it. You find yourself an hour into a cunnilingus job on her and you wonder where all of the time went. Licking her pussy never gets old.

Of all of the girls at I would have to say that Kara is simply the most stunning. Her body has so many high points that I can’t for the life of me find a low one. Her face is beautiful. Her hair is beautiful. Her small breasts are perky and capped with puffy nipples. Her skin is a golden brown. Her pussy is so soft and smooth you want to check her I.D. before you touch it. Her booty is too cute. Her legs are very long and very athletic. Her entire body is athletic!




Not only does she have some sexy puffy nipples, Kara also has a cleft of Venus!




Kara is one of many hot models at MPL Studios. There are hundreds more models. They have blondes, redheads, big tits, small tits, babes, coeds and teens. Above all they have plenty more virgin pussy where this one came from!



I don’t think I would be going out on a limb in saying your cock would only last two minutes in this girls tight virgin pussy. Once you feel her tiny little butt in your hands and her hairless pussy lips touching your nut sack your cock would literally explode!

18 Only Girls is a site created to showcase girls that have just barely hit the 18 year old mark. There are currently over 500 models on the site and almost 10,000 videos. Yes, you read that right!

Members get to chat with the models and the site adds up to five new scenes a day. Along with chatting with the models you can tell them what to do on their webcam shows!


I think I would tell this girl to put some clothes on. Psych!

If you like hardcore with boys fucking girl they have that. If you like girl on girl action they have that as well. If you prefer girls pleasuring themselves they have plenty of that too. If you like girls with puffy nipples they have them. They also have plenty of girls with virgin pussies to choose from. Big tits, small tits and everything in between. Chunky girls, skinny girls and girls with every hair color, eye color, you name it



The only reason you won’t find a hymen on these two girls is they accidentally broke them for each other when they were learning to masturbate. After watching one of her brother’s pornos Chloe18 invited Little Lexie over to play. She wanted to show her something that would make her feel good.

Both girls stripped naked and Chloe told Lexie to sit with her legs parted facing her on a towel she had laid out on her bed. She asked Lexie if she trusted her and she said yes. That is when Chloe started massaging her friends calf muscles. As she did so she noticed her friends pussy open and close as she pulled her leg left and right. Chloe felt like a pussy puppet master.

As Chloe worked her way up Lexie’s thigh she could see a little bit of wetness that wanted to drip out of her cleft. Chloe 18 wondered if Lexie could see the same thing happening to Chloe’s pussy. Once Chloe got to the middle of her friend thigh she suggested Lexie massage Chloe’s leg as well. Which she did.

When the girls got to the part where their thighs met their puffy pussy lips they started to giggle. Chloe told Lexie she could tell that she was wet and Lexie told Chloe the same thing. At the same time both girls traced a finger straight to their friend’s wet pussy.

Lexie instinctively began to rub Chloe’s hardened clit in circled like she rubbed her own pussy. Chloe on the other hand wanted to try sticking a finger inside Lexie’s vulva. Chloe noticed some extra skin in the way with a tiny little hole in the middle. The girls in her brother’s video didn’t have one of those. Slowly she inserted her finger through the hole until it got caught on the first knuckle.

Before trying again Chloe brought finger to her mouth to get it super wet with her saliva before bringing it back down to her friend’s pussy opening. This time it popped past the first knuckle and Chloe began to rub a little bump she found at the top. She didn’t know it but she was rubbing Lexie’s G-spot.

Now Lexie began to feel the urge to rub her own pussy with her free hand. While her G-spot felt good it didn’t feel as strong as rubbing her clit did. She wondered if Chloe would think she was gross for touching herself, but the urge was too strong to care for long.

Chloe 18 watched as Lexie rubbed herself with Chloe’s finger inside her pussy. As both girls synchronized their movements Lexie began to feel the urge to pee. While her peeing urge was strong so was her urge to cum. Lexie could feel her virgin pussy begin to tingle as she fought off peeing all over her friends bed.

As Lexie began to orgasm Chloe could feel her friends pussy tighten around her finger. It amazed her how tight it was getting. When her friend orgasmed she felt the spasms passing over her friend through her clenching pussy. Again she noticed that her adjustments in pressure, speed and direction caused her friend to react as if Chloe was a pussy puppeteer.

Watch the videos and see for yourself why is one of the hottest barely legal sites on the net. As part of a larger network you get unlimited access to all of her solo model friends. The Premium GFs will leave you wondering how you ever got through your stressful week without it!


This right here is a gallery depicting every boys dream. Once we hit puberty all we think about is sex. Most of us grew up in areas with a pool and every pool had some hot betties roaming around in skimpy bikinis. Some wore colors like white and yellow that didn’t hide much once they got wet. When they did get wet their virgin pussy was clearly visible through the thin cloth covering it. A horny boys dream!

I was a lucky one growing being that my next door neighbor had a pool and a daughter. We had a two story house. Do the math. She would sun herself all day long, occasionally taking a dip in the pool. With my dads binoculars I felt like I could see her virgin vagina as well as you can see the picture of Craving Carmen and her cleft of Venus above.

Sometimes I felt dirty, but most of the time my dick did the thinking for me. One day she must have gotten horny because she started rubbing herself a little more than usual. Watching her rub sun tan oil into her skin was great. Watching her rub it into her pussy was even better!

She started out like normal just rubbing it into her chest, tummy, arms, legs


Teen Kasia is the girl you hope to work with someday. She is flirty and fun without being a completely immature annoying girl. She is the one that follows you into the restroom and then tells you she wants to see you pee. If you even dare turning the tables by requesting that Kasia must also pee in front of you, you’d better be ready to pee with an audience because this crazy bitch isn’t the type to turn a good show down.


Teen Kasia has enjoyed making men squirm ever since she learned she could control her teachers just by letting them look up her skirt. It was always so easy back then because everyone had to face forward and the teacher had to face the class. People gossiped about how long the male teachers, and a few of the female ones as well, would fix their eyes on her. But nobody could ever prove it and she certainly wasn’t going to tell.


In this Teen Kasia video she purposefully lets you catch her masturbating in the restroom. Now she can pressure you into letting her be indebted to you even though you don’t want to tell anyone to save your marriage. Funny how that works right? She is the one breaking the rules and you are the one dancing over the hot coals hoping it will all go away.

Girls like Kasia have what it takes to make this kind of ploy a life long adventure.



This post on Southern Brooke comes straight out of the search function here at Virgins 19. I will often go through the logs of what people search for and then post about it here. I guess you could call it our own little piece of democracy.

Upon seeing Brooke’s name the thought occurred to me that I hadn’t posted about a big boobs, chunky teen in a long time. I guess I got into the whole virgin pussy kick and forgot about everything else.

Southern Brooke started modeling for her site when she turned 18 years old in 2006. Since then her smooth skin is still as smooth as ever. She has grown a bit more full figured, in a good way. Overall I would have to say she looks better now than she did back then. I like how she has filled out her fluffy body.


You can’t talk about a southern woman like Southern Brooke without showing her in a satin baby doll outfit. Her body was made for this kind of lingerie that shows off a woman’s curves.


Speaking of curves. Look at that ass canvas. I love this girls skin. I want to rub lotion, hot oil, my sperm



You have probably noticed that just about every celebrity worth their salt has had her panties snapped in a photo by the paparazzi while exiting a vehicle at a club or movie premier. It has been and still is a nice run. I enjoy seeing up a girls skirt just as much now as I ever did in the past. Since those initial panty pics began to surface it seemed the younger celebrities wanted to up the ante. They stopped wearing the panties!

On another blog I wrote about The Three Snatchketeers. In it I talk about trifecta of club hopping slut celebrities, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan. Those three have no shame whatsoever. But now the older crowd is at it again. Older celebs are losing their panties and showing the world what their own snatches look like without hair.

So what has the younger crowd done to up the ante again? Well, for starters they put their panties back on. Then they slipped a remote vibrator in their panties to orgasm in the club! The same types of sex toys you can find at

Rumor has it the young celebrity crowd is using the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.0H that allows you to control it from an iPhone. The girls trade codes and control each others vibrators. Fuck these dirty teen celebrities get kinky!

Now you can get kinky too. Get your own remote control vibrator from and take your special someone to new heights in the strangest of places!

Blogged Under: Upskirts


As if you haven’t had enough of this little girls pussy already. Angie is back for more abuse and she isn’t taking no for an answer. You most likely came here looking for virgin pussy and it would be unlawful of me not to tell you about Angie from Total Super Cuties.

For starters, we all know why guys get all goo-goo for Angie. She looks like jailbait even though she is perfectly legal. She has a condition that blocks her body from developing as quickly as other girls do. That isn’t to say she won’t look like a woman by the time she is thirty. It just means she certainly wouldn’t pass for an 18 year old right now.

Parents with girls that have this syndrome don’t usually let them out of their site. There are so many boys and men around town that would love to take advantage of them. Angie’s parents lost out when Angie turned 18 years old. The first thing she did was go down and have some nude pictures taken of herself. She figured it would help her to feel normal and guess what? It worked!


Out of all of the models on Total Super Cuties, Angie is the one that gets the most fan mail. She even gets fan mail from girls with her condition supporting her decision and from lesbian women driven to her by the same forces that drive older men to seek her out.


Don’t get the wrong idea here. That finger isn’t meant for you. Angie is giving the rest of the world that send her hate mail the one finger salute. Most adult males would not understand the crusaders that try to keep girls like Angie from entering the nude modeling world. Who are they to tell her what to do with her body? Angie also doesn’t understand it. But that isn’t going to stop her from milking her condition for ever last drop of notoriety. Angie says this is why she is doing it



Brenda is a sweet little girl from Sweet Apples. She wants to lose her virginity to her boyfriend, but first she wants to tease him a little bit with her virgin pussy. Girls are like that. They love to play with wild beasts and are completely naive of just how wild a boy can get.

Being that Brenda is a good girl she hasn’t let her boyfriend do much with her body. He figured he would be smarter than the average bear and get her a dildo to masturbate with. His reasoning went that if she played with it she would eventually want the real thing. Instead of fucking herself with that big fat dildo Brenda fucked him with it instead.

No not literally you sicko! She did it figuratively by sending him naked pics of herself sucking on that big fat fake cock. She figured he would be the one busting his nut over it, not her. She even sent him pics of her virgin pussy.

Then Brenda completely fucked up. She met her boyfriends best friend for a date and they hit it off. She figured she would hookup with him instead and give her virginity to a guy with a better car, a better job and better prospects. That is when Brenda’s big fat dildo pics hit the Internet. Life got turned upside down and that new boy of hers dumped her lickity split.

Now Brenda is on Sweet Apples where you can check out the naked pics and videos she was sending her boy toy. They collect all of the best ex-girlfriend content and hand deliver it to you on a silver platter.


That picture is of Minka. She is of no relation to Brenda other than she also fucked over her ex. Now her kinky camel toe pics and boob shots are on Sweet Apples as well. When will girls learn?

Hopefully never!

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