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Santa's Little Helper

Yes, it is that time of year again. I always miss the holiday posts so I am starting early this year to make sure I don’t screw this up.

Santa’s little helper this year is none other than Ariel Rebel. And what a pick he’s made. With her youthful form it was probably obvious to Santa that this little elf has plenty of good years of work ahead of her. is definately a barely legal site. Ariel has long slender arms and legs. She has small but pert tits and her pussy is shaved bare. Ariel’s face has not lost that innocent look.

Ariel’s pictures are shot with a minimum resolution of 1024×768. They are 100% downloadable and they even have ZIP downloads so that you can grab entire sets all at once. The Ariel Rebel videos are in AVI and WMV formats. They are also 100% downloadable and 100% naked!

As an added bonus you also get access to every other website in her network. That means you get Katie Fey, Andi Pink, Felicity Fey, Kristina Fey (another barely legal hottie), Ture Tere and more. Twenty-three more to be exact. That means you get daily updates, half a million pictures, over 3,500 videos in almost 10,000 albums. And it is all exclusive. No bullshit content. All shot for their websites.

There has never been a better time to be perverted.

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Ariel Rebel

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Big Tits Office Sex

Gerri comes from a web site called My Precious Virgins. I have to say that this is one of the most barely legal sites I have come across. Just look at the sample above. She is one hell of a precious virgin! has girls of many shapes and sizes. They even have girls ranging in ages from just out of high school to seniors in college. You would swear you were looking at a sorority year book. There are large breasts and small tits too!

Updates at My Precious Virgins come in three times a week. Each update features a different model. Currently there are over 340 girls online! Combined all of the girls have over 523,000 photots!

Whether you are looking for petite, barely legal girls like Gerri or chunky, big tits coeds you can find them all at My Precious Virgins!

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My Precious Virgins


Teasing with tissue.

When you have a job like mine you see it all. For a time I thought I had seen it all. I guess I was wrong. Tissue Queens has to be one of the most unique web sites I have seen in a while. This site is all about extreme teasing!

We have all spent some time trying to make out a girls pussy lips through her wet bathing suit at some point in our lives. Anyone can see cold nipples, but that elusive clit is another story. This site is for the guys that enjoy spending time studying a girls crotch.

Each girl at starts out fully clothed and cute as hell. Then they start removing clothes and replacing them with tissues. In the begining the tissue is dry and opaque. Towards the end she breaks out a squirt bottle and starts reveiling what is behind door number one.

Many of the girls on Tissue Queens are first timers to modeling semi-nude. That makes the whole thing even better! You get a sense that she is a little embarrassed, but also that she is getting super hot reveiling herself like this. And, since the water is cold, the nipples are harder than rocks. If you like wet t-shirt contests you will love Tissue Queens!

The guys at have great taste in women and the models come from all different nationalities. Surprisingly there are plenty of ebony and asian models. Two types of women most sites forget about or just throw in a token model and leave it at that. This site has everyone well represented.

The pictures are 1600×1200 so you can just imagine how detailed the images get. At this resolution and the transparency of wet tissue the girls might as well be naked! But they are not and you get a sense that you are seeing something you shouldn’t be seeing. That makes it all feel so wonderfully taboo.

Members also get access to their solo model sites and you can get more information about that on their join page. The site is very new so the tour hasn’t been updated since the launch to show all of the new models and reflect the new totals for pics and videos. Tissue Queens is updated weekly and the videos are in DIVX and WMV format. Of course you can download the videos and the pictures to your own hard drive.

Be the first one on your block to enjoy this unique site!

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Tissue Queens


The Girl Next Door

Yeah… her tits are big. And we don’t normally do big tits here at Virgin’s 19… But hey, her smile and eye lashes did something for me… So here we go!

That Latina sweety’s name is Mariah Spice. I am sure it is made up but I really don’t care. She has naturally large tits. I prefer natural to silicone obviously… She is young and her body is tight. If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know that makes all of the difference for me. Shit… If you have been reading my blog for any length of time then it probably means all the difference for you too.

Mariah is a modest girl. I don’t mind that. It adds a certain element to the fantasy. I like being teased and I love a good show. Mariah knows how to do both. is a topless website. You won’t see her beaver unless you look really close. It’s that slit under her wet cotton panties peaking up at you. It almost makes you wonder why she doesn’t just show you her beaver since it is clearly visable behind the fabric… but that would just ruin it. I’d leave her… Feel like I conquored it and be out the door.

Mariah isn’t the only girl being this naughty. Her friend Bella Spice is just as bad of a girl. Topless and no vagina. I spend most of my time with a picture of Mariah on one monitor and Bella on the other. I imagine them making me jack off for their amusement. I do it because I know they are going to masturbate about it later. Why else would they want to see me do it?

You see… You don’t need hardcore to get pretty deep into fantasy. I actually enjoy these two sites more than I enjoy most other hardcore sites. It is easy to enjoy them when you get access to BOTH!

Yeah… I can get used to this topless thing…. at that price.

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Mariah Spice

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Girl Cum!