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If you are a male with warm blood pulsing through your veins you are a fiend for virgin pussy. You might not even realize it when there is no virgin pussy around. But put one in front of you and you might be surprised at how sex crazed you can get if somebody tries to take your virgin away from you.

Even if you are not looking for virgins I am going to tell you where to find them super easy. There are lots of them in Utah. That state is the capital of pussy with hymens intact. You can go to a college there and safely assume that 50% of the girls are still virgins. If Utah is too far away look up Mormon colleges in your own state. There are sure to be some. You can also get good results with Christian colleges, but nowhere near the results you would get with Mormons.

One you have located one of them go to and type in the colleges zip code into their search engine. You will be able to find the good girls that want to do bad things. Many of them will want to meet up with you in neighboring towns to keep things from getting back to their churchmates. But that is a small price to pay to pop a girls cherry!


teenager getting her virgin pussy licked by another girl

Sofia Saint is one of those girls with a pussy so cute even other girls cannot help themselves when they see it. So pink and so tight Sofia’s virgin pussy must taste like Pepsi Cola mixed with cotton candy!

While most solo girls stick to doing softcore or nonnude Sofia does hardcore, softcore and everything in between. On you will find her trailer with a good mix of what you can expect to see in her members area. All of her videos and photos are shot in high definition.

Along with having a sexy kitty this little solo model slut has some exceptional titties. They are capped with some sexy puffy-like nipples. I wouldn’t say they are full on puffies, but they have this


thirty-eight year old with a delicious virgin looking pussy

Here on Virgin’s 19 I usually stick to showing you young pussy. Mainly because young pussy looks so fucking delicious. I also mostly stick to virgin pussy or pussy in the act of being deflowered. Today I found a site solely devoted to women sending in their pussy pics and guys rating them on how sexy they look. It is called Rate My Pussy and it is a fantastic example of what can be accomplished when women get involved in porn!

As you can imagine this site is all about women sending in their pussy pics to have then rated and commented on by the guys. In many cases the women reply to the comments made by other users. Sometimes the girls comment on other girls. Those kinds of comments give me a boner!

The pictures are broken down into categories with most of them being in the photo submission category, or one of its sub-categories which are further broken down by country of origin. Other categories tackle things like pussy tattoos, jokes and vaginal education. There is even a V-Store for those who need more V in their life.

That delicious pussy above was send in by a member that goes by Coley. She is thirty-eight years old if you can believe it. When I am that old I hope I have a woman by my side with a pussy that sexy!

Head on over to and let them ladies know what you think of their most private parts!

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