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Kat Young

Kat Young is one of those girls were you cannot peg her to a specific nationality. Well, until you hear her talk.

And talk she does on her home page. You have to check it out because that video is going to give you an idea of what you can expect from Crystal clear HD-Video like you have never experienced before. And… that teaser is the low-def version… when a low-def version looks better than most other websites hi-quality videos, you know you are in for a treat!

In the beginning Kat was a solo model. Sure she is hot and has that type of body you can grab on to, but she needed something more… So she started getting together with her girlfriends. Who doesn’t like watching teen girls doing what comes natural?

This young, exotic nubile teen updates her website regularely with fresh content and now does Live Webcam shows. Grab your pass while she is still barely legal. Next year you will be kicking yourself if you don’t!

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Hegre Art - Shaving

Can anyone explain to me why we like to watch teens shaving their pussies smooth?

Vika has a nice tight pussy and firm boobs so maybe it is the virgin look that we are after? It is said that all men are adventurers so I guess this should come as no surprise. Who wouldn’t want to explore Vika’s private territories?

When a girl shaves her vagina you can feel more sensations. Her pussy seems to grab your cock and milk it gently until your precum is oozing out. Normally you can last a few minutes but this is so hot and exciting you cum almost immediately.

Oh my God, now you have cummed inside her! Is she pregnant? No one can know for sure but you do know that you haven’t even kissed her nipples yet! It is time to get hard again…

Vika is the girl of your dreams but she is not alone. Admit it, we all stray once in a while and Vika has many friends at to choose from. Your mind can go crazy with all of the girls to choose from.

There are over 190 erotic teen films at Hegre Art and there are over 78 thousand photographs! Each photo is 6000 pixels so things can tend to seem pretty real and out of this world. You can even get IPOD and PSP compatible videos.

They are celebrating their 5th year anniversary with 3 months off!

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Xisty - Zoe

Well, Zoe is hot and that is pretty much indisputable… But she is also a bit older than my normal posts. So why did I post her?

I wanted to switch things up a bit and post a girl with a pastrami sandwich. Zoe from had a perfect specimen so I just had to do an entry for her.

I once dated a girl with a pastrami sandwich. It was strange to date such a girl because there was a rumor going around that a pastrami sandwich pussy meant the girl was a slut.

Let me dispell this rumor. The size of a girls labia minor has nothing to do with her sexual habits. It is all genetic. Like the size of her tits or the length of her legs. However, the rumors about this girl being a slut certaininly were true. She liked to fuck three or more times a day and if I wasn’t in the mood she would frisk herself off instead. Right infront of me.

The nice part about such a pussy is that it is differnet. More lip area to lick and suck on. Plus, more surface area means more nerve endings and therefor more pleasure for her. She was a screamer. A loud, loud screamer! Ever time I fucked her I had to take that into consideration and make sure no one would hear her. is full of hot babes that remind me of girls from my past. When ever I want to fantasize about one of them it is a perfect stopping point to load up with some ideas.

The photography is very professional and the models are all stunners. Girls range in size and shape so there is something for everyone. The updates come in daily and the content is both softcore and hardcore. Like I said, Xisty has something for everyone.

You have got to see the video samples! Amazing and crystal clear. I have a FIOS connection to the internet and I am stunned. It is like watching a DVD. Full screen on my 20″ Dell is great. This is a membership you can let rebill because the quality is just that good!

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Hailey Little

Now that is an amazing rack, especially for a girl named Hailey Little. There doesn’t seem to be anything little on this girl. Her ass is big enough that we can call her a blonde bombshell. Her beauty is undeniable.

OK, so she isn’t a real blonde. Is your hand a real pussy? Didn’t think so… this is the world of fantasy, bro, live a little! has been around for over a year and during that time it has grown a nice archive of this young ladies photos and videos. Plus, you get weekly updates of fresh content right off the presses.

Checking out the tour, a few things come to mind. First, she has one hell of a tan and some perfect skin. Second, the people who shoot this girl care about what they are doing. No grainy or dark photos here. And third, the people who get those photos and incorperate them into the website also care about their work. The quality this website showcases is unmatched!

Grab your password to Hailey Little now and you also get to check out her girlfriends too!

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Adorable Amber

The Problem: You are the star quarterback of the football team and you aren’t making grades… Not even by a long shot. It is time for your parents to take some drastic action and get you a tutor!

Now, normally this would suck ass because most tutors are all brains and no body. Luckily for you Adorable Amber is near the top of the phone listings for Tutors… It looks like you landed yourself a hot piece of ass!

Since you are a smarter than the average bear kind of guy you are already formulating a career exit strategy just incase this football thing doesn’t end up working out. It is time to put the plan into action!

Getting your tutor to get naked is a problem in itself. How do you get someone smarter than you to get naked? Well first, you flatter her with how hot her body looks and how she is better than any other girl on the Internet!

Next you tell her about all of the money she could be making. How she can afford to move out of the dorms and even buy a house! And now you know how was born!

Watch my hot teen tutor, Adorable Amber get naked for the camera today!

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Rookie Babe Kaylee

Kaylee? Who names their daughter Kaylee? This has to be a fucking stripper name!

A lifeguard from San Bernardino, California, Kaylee here is just itching to become a role model and all around idol for your children.

Something tells me this SoCal native is going to be something really great some day. But while we wait for her greatness to show itself, lets focus on the assets she already possesses.

Kaylee is one hell of a cute Rookie Babe. She looks spunky and full of action, just what I want to see in a girl I intend to bang. Watching her video trailer is like teasing yourself. She is all shy but as soon as your let your guard down she is in for the kill. But who cares if she gets one over on you…. that is the point right?

This brunette stunner has some small tits but they are purt as hell. Her nipples cannot be more perfect. Their placement, their color and their size are all amazing.

The greatest thing about Kaylee is that she is just one of the many models at Each week you get new babes, new photos, new videos and a whole new outlook on your life.

Who knew Monday’s could be this good?

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