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Are you ready to get teased, toyed with and then tantalized by a smoking hot Korean girl with braces? I am sure you are! I am also sure that you enjoy looking at her sexy little fuck box. That is one hell of a virgin pussy! We like to call this a perfect specimen of a cleft of Venus pussy. It belongs to (and so do you now)… to little_bloom. She has been taking mighty good care of it and now she wants you to tear it up!

Along with 20,000 other models on CamBB, you can find plenty of virgin pussy cams to jerk your cock to. Going cam 2 cam is great, but you can also just sit in the chat room and watch the girls for free. Most of the cams are 100% nude without paying. Just about every model who has ever cammed in the past five years is there. Do yourself a favor and check before you go anywhere else. You’ll be glad you did!


Chloe 18 Brings Her Virgin Pussy

One look at this nubile teenager and her little tits and it should be painfully obvious that Chloe has one heck of a virgin pussy. Chloe got her braces removed a year ago, but she still looks as barely legal as ever with her retainer in. Have you ever received a blowjob from a girl with a retainer? Smooth and sweet. Makes her mouth smaller. That way it gives you more sensation.

With you can expect to get network wide updates of hot babes with barely legal looks. Some are girl next door cute like Chloe is and others are drop dead gorgeous beauty pageant style. Most started out virgins when they shot for their site. Some do hardcore while others keep it to softcore only.

My favorite body parts on Chloe 18 are her virgin pussy and her tiny tits. Starting with her pussy. It is a cleft of Venus. She can sit spread eagle and her pussy lips come together like a bald clam. Then moving on to her tits. Chloe has perky little boobies. The kind that make men like you take a second look. Then a third look. Control yourself, man!

It's like her body is stuck in a time warp!

Hey, it is OK. Chloe likes the attention. Lord knows she didn’t get enough of it in high school. Those kids can be so brutal!

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Do you remember the first time you went skinny dipping with a girl. My first time was with Tiny Tabby. She had the most darling little body with perky little tits and a cute little butt. Before Tabby I had never before seen a virgin pussy. The only pussies I had seen were in my dad’s porno mags he left around the house hoping they would peak my interest in girls. Which they did. A bit too young!

To say I was obsessed with girls and their bodies parts would be an understatement. I don’t think my dad knew just what kind of monster he had created in me.

Tiny Tabby invited me over for a swim and while she always seemed to be interested in me, I never really knew how much up until the day we went skinny dipping. She often sat in positions where I could take advantage of her lack of modesty. If I had a nickel for every time she gave me an upskirt shot of her panties!


On this day her parents had went out to a baseball game and left her at home. While we were nervously sitting opposite of each other before getting in Tiny Tabby suggested that we should go skinny dipping. While I really wanted to see her naked I was a bit nervous about her seeing my hardon. I mean, I wasn’t supposed to have one right? We were just platonically having a swim?!?!

Tabby could tell I was nervous about getting naked in front of her and she reassured me that she was just as interested in me and I was in her. I kind of looked puzzled there for a moment and she pulled off her bathing suit and sat spread eagle on the side of her chair with her legs wide open.

As I watched she deftly spread the folds of her pussy lips and showed me her clitoris and vulva. First she pointed to her clit and informed me that it was currently very hard. Almost painfully hard. Then she pointed to her hole, but instead of a hole there was a hymen. At that point I realized she was showing me her virgin pussy!

Even though there was a flap of skin covering her vulva there was still plenty of wetness escaping and she pointed it out. Her pink pussy was glistening in the summer sun with wetness from her excitement about seeing my hardon!

Now I was ready to show her my cock. I pulled off my shorts and stood in front of her so she could see it close up. She looked up at me and asked if she could touch it. Of course I said yes!

Just as she grabbed my cock some precum dripped out and sat in the eye of my penis. I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing until Tiny Tabby flicked out her tongue and licked it off. This made my cock jump as blood rushed in to engorge my glands even more.

She asked if that tickled and I said it did, but it also felt like a good tickle. I had never received a blowjob before so I didn’t really know what to expect. Tabby had braces so I was afraid since friends in school always called her motor mouth or Black and Decker pecker wrecker.

As it turns out girls keep their teeth, and braces, far away from your cock and just use their lips and tongue. I was relieved there for a moment. But then I had to cum and I didn’t know what to do. I tried moving her head back, but Tiny Tabby seemed somewhat determined to blow me and make me cum into her mouth. Which I did!

When my cock stopped shuttering and my balls were empty of all of my goo she pulled away from my rapidly shrinking penis. I had just received a blowjob from a girl I had an infatuation with for years. I couldn’t believe my lucky stars!

Just as I was coming to from my orgasmic trans like state I heard Tabby telling me it was my turn. I eagerly got on my hands and knees going to work on her virgin slit.

I traced my tongue up and down Tabby’s pussy slit spending the majority of my time flicking my tongue over her love button. Every time I did so she would whimper and jerk her body. If I stopped she would grab my head and push it, almost painfully, into her crotch as if to say, "Don’t stop!"

Soon I could tell her body was ready to orgasm as she quivered violently. Her moans got a lot louder and I began to worry one of her neighbors would hear her. Tabby gyrated her pussy into my face before clamping her legs shut as if to say, "Stop!" Which I did.

I didn’t get to pop her cherry that day, but I would eventually. You can watch all of the cherry popping videos at and if you get a Tiny Teen Pass you can enjoy Tabby and her friends like Paulina 18 and Little Lorie.

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Ask her why she is taking nude pics and sending them to a web site for guys to jerkoff to and she will say, “I am Obsessed With Myself!”

OK… So I might be fudging a little bit. I am sure she isn’t thinking she is all that and a bag of chips. I am pretty confident in my assumption that she is actually self-conscious of her looks and would prefer to wear a burka.. Not!

Obsessed With Myself is filled with self-shot pics of hot babes from around the world. These girls really are obsessed with themselves and they want you to know it. They want you to think about sucking their nipples and fucking them while you masturbate. Tricky little bitches!

Members get access to a huge network of candid and self-shot content. Along with the pics they also have tons of videos. Go ahead, slip your hand into your pants and enjoy this hottie, she wouldn’t have it any other way!



When it comes to virgin pussy you won’t find one any better than Cindy Cupcakes. Well, Andi Pink is pretty sweet too, but when you add on Cindy’s braces, she steals the show!

Cindy Cupcakes is well aware that we are all perverts. She doesn’t mind dressing up like the little girl she is in her heart if it makes us feel horny… oops, I mean better! LOL… Her petite body can fit into all kinds of cute clothes!

You can watch Cindy as she strips and masturbates on her live web cam and even see her friends for free. Her site is included in a 12 site network. Most of the other girls also have small tits and virgin pussy looks too!



When it comes to looking like a virgin Selina 18 fits the bill in more ways then one. She has that puffy face most girls lose before entering high school. Her boobs are full B-Cups that stand up on their own. Add to that her braces and you have just about everything a guy could ever want in a “niece” to take to Vegas and have some fun with. After you get her a fake ID for the clubs of course…

Lately there have been a lot of solo model sites opening where the girls don’t do much more than some softcore posing. Selina 18 goes all the way and I mean, “All the way!”

This young virgin looking babe doesn’t just go all the way with guys either. She loves to invite her equally young looking friends over for some girl on girl time while her parents are at work. has tons of videos of this jailbait taking cock in every orifice. Each video is accompanied by video stills and high definition photos.

Virgins 19 tip: Go to the join page and then hit your back button. You will get a popup windows with two choices, OK and Cancel. Hit CANCEL and you will get another window with a password to not just Selina 18 but the entire All Teen Network. Ten sites with some very hot solo models and TWINS for one low price. Shhh, keep it on the down-low OK? Thanks…


There is a saying… 15 will get your 20. Lucky for us Teen Topanga only looks fifteen years old. In reality she is barely legal. 100% legal, barely legal.

Topanga wears braces, has small tits and those eye lashes of hers are amazing. Her body is athletic without being muscularly. Her ass is not wide but it’s not small either. There is plenty of flesh for her panties to grip into. Perhaps even slide between!

Young girls like Topanga don’t have much pussy hair and she shaves all of her pussy hair off. That makes for some great natural camel toe pics. Just about every gallery she has on at her web site features her panties riding up into her pussy fold.

Teen Topanga loves to masturbate just as much as us guys love to watch her doing it. Topanga also loves having sex with other girls and some of her friends are even hotter than she is!

Topanga updates her site twice a week. So send those kids and the wife off to Grandma’s house and enjoy some time alone with Teen Topanga!

Sweet Leah Luv

This girl is all about hardcore. Her name is Sweet Leah Luv and she is anything but sweet. Unless you call letting guys nut their splooge all over her face sweet… is almost to hardcore to get a mention here at Virgins 19. If it wasn’t for her small tits, blonde lockes and braces… Well you get the idea…

Leah is bisexual. I love that quality in a girl. Not sure why but two teenage girls kissing is hotter than hot. On Sweet Leah Luv, Leah does plenty of kissing with her girlfriends. She also does threesomes and foursomes with both guys and girls. A real open minded spirit!

If chicks blowing cock is your thing, is perfect for you. Along with your pass you get access to,,, (personal favorite) and There is so much teen facial content here you are sure to blow your load thinking about…. something!

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