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Smoking hot Brazilian student Catarina Migliorini, 20, has decided to sell her virginity for close to 3/4’s of a million dollars. The lucky auction winner will bang this young cutie as part of a documentary by an Australian film maker.

I’ve heard of high priced pussy before, but nothing as costly as cracking this virgin pussy wide open!

Then again… the auction winner was from Japan. Maybe not cracking it wide open so much as giving it a shot.



Sometimes the best things in life aren’t naked! Like when a hot chick takes a self shot in the bathroom wearing lingerie. From time to time it is better to have a nice little teaser like this than it is to have a gaping hole with two cucumbers stuffed inside it!

When I want something softcore I go to NN Ex-Girlfriends. They are the nonnude photo and videos hookup. Before them I used to scan the Internet looking for free shit and guess what? I found it, but it consumed all of my free time! I stopped all of my hobbies, I rarely saw my friends, my own family only saw me occasionally!


teeniebeachgfs_com_5 teeniebeachgfs_com_2

So I used to write a lot about Obsessed With Myself. They had some of the best content on the net when it came to Spring Break, candid beach, nonnude jailbait, etc



When a girl looks this good there really is only one decision you have to make. No, not whether or not you’d hit it, more along the lines of… how many times and can she make you breakfast in the morning?

Lili Jensen has been in the business a few years and has stood the test of time. She is still just as smoking hot as she ever was. Her perky tits are still standing, her ass is still hard and spankable and fuck me if her mouth doesn’t appear to be begging for a taste of your cock!

As if things couldn’t get any better… they did!

Now when you join Lili Jensen you also get access to eight of her friend’s web sites for free! Take the tour and definitely check the bottom of the page for the details!


There is no denying that candid pics can raise your blood pressure up a few points. You get to see some of the hottest girl next door types doing what teens do best. Look hot.

I don’t know if the girls are getting hotter or if it is just me, but it seems like there are many more hotties out there then when I was in college. I actually booked a flight for Spring Break this year and had a blast. Young tale all over the beach, drunk, horny… Where were these ladies when I was a kid?

Instead of getting down on myself for being born at a time when women wore board shorts as thong bikinis I spend my time at

What is xPosing you ask? Well, xPosing started out a community where people posted galleries of all of the hot babes they encountered. Clothed, nude, semi-nude, bikinis, you name it and they have it.

xPosing has transformed into a place to store and score your candid beach pics. Plus, now you can see amateur fuck and suck videos, chicks caught naked on the toilet, chicks kissing and more.

Unlike in the past you don’t need to upload photos to join. Now you can cheat your way in by paying the doorman. Membership is $19.99 a month. Not bad for a web site that continuously updates and gives perverts like you access even when you are just going to leech the site.



Jenifer from Face Down Ass Up University.

Yeah… the site names that site owners come up with are pretty fucking corny and probably serve as a turn off to any girls that come around here looking for porn but, I would imagine not many girls are coming here looking for porn anyway… Then again… You would be surprised at how many chicks I do get coming in here looking for porn… I am the embodiment of contradiction today, aye?

So let’s forget about the name and focus more on the content. FDAU University is the brainchild of Phil Flash. If you don’t know who he is it might be because he does his job so well you don’t need to know who he is. Phil runs many solo girl sites and he pays special attention to girls in panties.

Face Down Ass Up University is Phil’s first attempt at a multi-girl site and I have to say, Phil, you hit a fucking home run here man! I honestly don’t think I could have done a better job myself.

Phil’s past endeavors have run the full gamut of non-nude to hardcore. This is his first site that spans the entire spectrum. You get to see girls go from no nudity Freshman of to the Hardcore Seniors with no qualms about getting naked for the camera or performing some raunchy sex scenes on video.

Fans of schoolgirl photography are in for a real treat here at Face Down Ass Up University. The dress code reads like a schoolgirl menu. Pleated plaid skirts, thigh highs, bobby socks, ankle socks, ruffled anklets, Mary Jane shoes, white Oxfords, V-neck sweaters… Pretty much everything you have ever wanted to see a schoolgirl wearing. Not to mention panties must contrast highly with the color of a girls skirt. Makes upskirts much more exciting!

Each girl has a full bio in the yearbook so you can really get to know the girls on a personal level. Each bio also contains info like how many videos and picture sets a particular student has and her class. Remember, the higher the course level, the more hardcore the girl is!

Jillian Jaimies

If that ass isn’t sweet and natural then I don’t know what is. Jillian is the neice of the actual Sweet Natural Girl, Jaimy.

When the original SweetNaturalGirl girl got too old to be called a girl her niece took over. Like most solo girl webmasters the owners were smart enough to shoot Jaimy’s photos and videos in advance. So while Jaimy is gone, you still get updates of never before seen sets for the next three years. That is what I call smart people.

On top of getting Jaimy’s sets for years to come you also get Jillian’s new sets. So now you have a website with two models. I talk a lot about win-wins and I think this site is another win-win.

The pics over at are shot in 1500×1000 resolution so you get to see every nook and cranny of these lovely teens. With weekly updates you get more and more to look at. Since Jaimy had been carrying the site for three and a half years you have over 180 of her sets ready and waiting.

Both girls are panty/bikini models. While they started out doing very softcore, they transitioned into doing very risque as time went on. New sets feature the wicked weasel bikinis. You know the ones… Get em wet and they are see through. Patches of fabric just barely large enough to cover anything. If you are into panty/bikini models then you will be in heaven.

Both Sweet Natural Girls show plenty of camel toe. Really the only thing between you and their no-no parts is your imagination!

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Sweet Natural Girl


Teasing with tissue.

When you have a job like mine you see it all. For a time I thought I had seen it all. I guess I was wrong. Tissue Queens has to be one of the most unique web sites I have seen in a while. This site is all about extreme teasing!

We have all spent some time trying to make out a girls pussy lips through her wet bathing suit at some point in our lives. Anyone can see cold nipples, but that elusive clit is another story. This site is for the guys that enjoy spending time studying a girls crotch.

Each girl at starts out fully clothed and cute as hell. Then they start removing clothes and replacing them with tissues. In the begining the tissue is dry and opaque. Towards the end she breaks out a squirt bottle and starts reveiling what is behind door number one.

Many of the girls on Tissue Queens are first timers to modeling semi-nude. That makes the whole thing even better! You get a sense that she is a little embarrassed, but also that she is getting super hot reveiling herself like this. And, since the water is cold, the nipples are harder than rocks. If you like wet t-shirt contests you will love Tissue Queens!

The guys at have great taste in women and the models come from all different nationalities. Surprisingly there are plenty of ebony and asian models. Two types of women most sites forget about or just throw in a token model and leave it at that. This site has everyone well represented.

The pictures are 1600×1200 so you can just imagine how detailed the images get. At this resolution and the transparency of wet tissue the girls might as well be naked! But they are not and you get a sense that you are seeing something you shouldn’t be seeing. That makes it all feel so wonderfully taboo.

Members also get access to their solo model sites and you can get more information about that on their join page. The site is very new so the tour hasn’t been updated since the launch to show all of the new models and reflect the new totals for pics and videos. Tissue Queens is updated weekly and the videos are in DIVX and WMV format. Of course you can download the videos and the pictures to your own hard drive.

Be the first one on your block to enjoy this unique site!

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Tissue Queens

Barefoot Cam Girls Leigh

Warning: This porn site review is for a website with no nudity, yet it is so full of teasing babes it will give you a raging boner. Read further at your own risk!

Slumber parties, tight fitting clothing, visable bra lines, visable panty lines, upskirt shots, Indian-style panty shots, naked teen bathtub pics and bare feet. What’s not to love?

Welcome to Barefoot Cam Girls. The only website to wrestle away my hard earned $19.99 without showing me a single boobie. How did they do it? Read on!

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time then you should know that I have a thing for chicks in panties. Believe it or not I would rather see a girls pantied pussy over seeing her naked pussy anytime. Why? I dunno… Fucked up childhood I guess…

Well, the doctors would say it was fucked up. I on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Either by just being in the right place at the right time or by being insanely lucky, I managed to get a glimps of my fare share of girls wearing panties. Spin the bottle, strip poker, you name it, I did it. And it all paid off in the end.

Sometimes you just get lucky though…. Like the time I was watching TV over at a neighbors house. They were watching me while my parents were on vacation. Their daughter was several years older than me so I never had a chance when it came to talking or out playing her into showing me her panties. But one lucky night all of that changed.

She was used to not having boys running around so one night she came downstairs to watch TV wearing one of her dads white t-shirts and a pair of silky panties. Light blue silky panties with some white lace trim to be exact. How did I know the color and the style? Her dads t-shirt was one of those thin under shirts… it was quite revealing!

So her parents are up stairs doing who knows what and she sits infront of the TV. I am back on the couch and eventually she decided to lay down on her tummy facing away from me. After bouncing her feet in the air, as girls do, her t-shirt eventually rode so far up her legs that I could see her panty covered ass!

Talk about being in heaven! I sat there mezmerized for about 10 minutes before I realized that she didn’t even remember I was in the room. She had gotten so used to being the only child that she had forgotten about me. At the same time I realized this, I also realized that my boner was aching for some attention.

I eventually built up enough nerve to jack off. When it came time to cum I pulled off a sock and used it to catch my load of sperm. Right after I cleaned up she got up for a glass of water and was stunned to see me sitting there. She asked me why I didn’t tell her I could see her panties but I couldn’t even speak. She huffed and went back up stairs. Damn what a sweet time that was.

And so now you know how got my $19.99 without showing me any boobs. There is plenty to think about without actually having to see them. In fact, your idea of what they look like is often better than the real thing anyway. I have actually cancelled several solo model memberships when the girl finally did show me her pussy. It didn’t look anything like I imagined it did and I actually felt cheated!

Barefoot Cam Girls does not update anymore. I repeat, it does not update anymore and therefor the memberships do not rebill on their own. Awesome for me because I always forget to cancel.

So why join a "dead website?" Well, for starters there is the 500 galleries, the 200 models and the 135 videos they have amassed. The girls range in types from the girl nextdoor to the hottie you will never ever get (hey, neither will I but that’s what these websites are for, right?).

All of those videos and all of those picture sets of girls wearing tight clothing, showing their panties off (often in public), sucking their toes, sucking each others toes and genuenly teasing the cum out of you… why wouldn’t you join?

Hurry, get your Barefoot Cam Girls password today and download this addictive archive of porn to your hard drive before they close the site entirely!

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Adorable Amber

The Problem: You are the star quarterback of the football team and you aren’t making grades… Not even by a long shot. It is time for your parents to take some drastic action and get you a tutor!

Now, normally this would suck ass because most tutors are all brains and no body. Luckily for you Adorable Amber is near the top of the phone listings for Tutors… It looks like you landed yourself a hot piece of ass!

Since you are a smarter than the average bear kind of guy you are already formulating a career exit strategy just incase this football thing doesn’t end up working out. It is time to put the plan into action!

Getting your tutor to get naked is a problem in itself. How do you get someone smarter than you to get naked? Well first, you flatter her with how hot her body looks and how she is better than any other girl on the Internet!

Next you tell her about all of the money she could be making. How she can afford to move out of the dorms and even buy a house! And now you know how was born!

Watch my hot teen tutor, Adorable Amber get naked for the camera today!

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Abrianna Love Panties Teens

I fell in love with Abrianna about a year ago. I think the word that best describes her is lanky. But I am not even sure if that is a word or not. Abrianna is like a tall Ashley Judd. She was born with huge tits and the kind of sweet smile that opens the hearts and belts of men.

At nineteen years old Abrianna is perfect. Young with a killer curvy body but old enough not to make a fool out of you when you bring her to your next business dinner. A perfect escort!

Most of is a mixture of topless and nonnude but she does have a few sets where she goes all-the-way. Men are naturally adventuristic and enjoy the hunt, so finding the pussy shot gems was pure excitement!

Get your pass now and find out what is on the other side of Abrianna’s Love panties!

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