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Watching young girls like Tiny Tabby get frisky and show off their pussy in public is a total turn on. While most girls are a bit frigged with it comes to exposing their virgin pussy to random guys out on the street, every once in a while you find a little gem like Tabby that is ready and willing to make your day, your week, shit, your entire year!


For about six months I had a girl that would expose her young virgin pussy to me. We would meet in the same place each day acting like nothing was going on. But then she would find a perfect time when nobody else was looking to show me her love making tool. I never actually talked to her so I have no idea what happened to her. I am just grateful for the short time we had together.

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Tara from showing her pink virgin pussy

I think I just died and went to heaven. No seriously. That has to be one of the tastiest looking virgin pussies I have ever laid my eyes on


Virgin Pussy

It is particularly hard to find virgin pussy in the porn industry. I think the reasons why go without saying. There is, however, plenty of cases where girls have such a perfect little cleft of Venus you can fantasize about them having a virgin pussy. The girl from Met-Art above has such a smooth vagina you almost wonder if she can grow hair on it yet.


There are lots of tender looking pussies to dream about out there. They are on many different sites like MPL Studios and Nubiles. With the later you don’t have to stretch your imagination much to know what their core demographic is.

Have a great hump day!


Just .5 Millimeters Of Fabric Between You And Her Virgin Pussy

This is a story about the twin sister of a friend of mine I grew up with. Her name was Sarah. They had pretty progressive parents. When all of the other girls were wearing panties with prints of flowers or strawberries on them Sarah was wearing panties with sheer fabric that exposed her virgin pussy below.

I know this because she used to flash me her panties from time to time. She had a pretty heavy crush on me. She was always such a little tease about it too. I tried kissing her more than once, but she always rebuffed my advances. Many nights I lay awake dreaming of her hairless pussy. Wondering what it smelled like. Wondering what it tasted like. Wondering if I would ever get to see it without the .5 millimeters of see through fabric between me and her little virgin pussy.

For a long time the closest I ever got to having any sort of sex with her was when she noticed my cock got hard after she flashed me her pussy. As she walked by me she grabbed it rather hard. Painfully hard actually. Then she sprinted upstairs and went into her room.

I headed for the bathroom where I expelled yet another load of jism into the toilet dreaming of burying my cock deep inside her teenage loins.

Finally we had an encounter one night when she caught me examining her worn panties. I had slipped into her room while everyone else was downstairs and found them laying on the floor. I smelled them and they smelled like a mixture of her pussy oils and pee. It was intoxicating. I literally felt a rush like I had just sorted a line of cocaine. My blood raced in my veins. My heart beat so loudly that I didn’t notice her footsteps coming up the stairs.

In the darkness I was lost in a different universe. I brought the crotch of her panties to my mouth and licked them. They had a strong pee taste and something else I would later learn was the musky taste of pussy. My cock was massively hard. It was leaking precum onto the front of my shorts. I wanted to stay in that void of alternate reality for a day, or a week, or a year!

Then suddenly her bedroom light flicked on and I was like a deer caught in headlights. Her panties were still an inch from my face. My cock was bulging in an effort to tear out of my shorts. There was no way to hide what I was doing. There was only hope that Sarah would not tell anybody else about my fascination with her panties.

At first Sarah looked surprised. Then her face changed to anger. Then as she looked down at my wet shorts she got a wry look on her face as she stepped into her room and locked the door behind her.

Sit, was all she said while pointed to her bed behind me. I did as instructed and began to beg for mercy. She shushed me with a finger to her lips and then asked me if her panties made me horny. I nodded yes and she looked at me with squinted eyes studying me. I think she was trying to figure out why I was holding her panties to my face. Was I sniffing them? Tasting them?

After a bit of trying to decipher what I was doing on her own she just came right out and asked, "What were you doing with my panties?"

I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t tell her that I was sniffing them. I couldn’t tell her that I was tasting them. I couldn’t even tell her that I was inspecting the gusset. All of those things would be way too perverted. She would think I was a crazy sex fiend stalker!

"I was just admiring them," was all I could muster.

She inquired, "Why is your dick hard then?"

I didn’t have a good come back for that question and just sat there embarrassed as I had ever been.

"Where you sniffing them?" She asked me and I tried not to flinch, but she saw something and further asked, "Did you want to know what my pussy smelled like?"

Now I was just wishing I could die. I didn’t want to answer that, but my body language already did.

Then she really flew me for a loop with, "Do you rub them on your prick?"

So badly I wanted to tell her no. Something inside me didn’t want to because in reality I did want to rub them on my hard cock. I wanted to shoot my cum where her pussy was only hours before.

It was time for negotiations. Not that I wanted to negotiate anything.

"I won’t tell anyone," she started, "if you will show me how you rub them on your dick. Once you cum in them I want you out of my room. You’d better hurry before my brother, or worse, my mother, comes looking for you!"

My heart skipped a beat. I was way too embarrassed to whip my dick out in front of her. I was afraid it wouldn’t be big enough.

"Okay, then I will just go tell my dad what you were doing." She said dismissively turning towards her bedroom door.

"Wait!" I yelped trying to buy some time.

She turned and look expectantly at the bulge in my shorts smiling like she was just given her first car to drive. I hesitantly unzipped my pants hoping at some point she was going to tell me she was just joshing me. It didn’t happen.

I pulled my dick out hoping she wouldn’t laugh at the size. Instead of laughing she breathed in deeply and beamed a big smile before telling me how big it was. Apparently it was, "Soooo big!"

That was great! Knowing I wasn’t going to disappoint her was nice. I also smiled. But now it was time to stroke my cock and I hadn’t even stroked it in front of somebody else before. At that point in time I was sure I was the only one that masturbated in my school. I knew girls masturbated in pornos, but figured it was just because they were sluts. Sarah was a nice girl.

Slowly I began to stroke my cock with her panties wrapped around it.

"Hurry, before somebody comes!" She commanded.

I started whacking off with no abandon. It only took about a minute for me to be ready to cum. Once I was there she took two steps towards me wanting a better look. Her panties were see through and a little on the scratchy side, but I didn’t want to disappoint. When my cum shot out she could see the white globs through the material and seemed to be pretty impressed with the display.

Once I was done I handed the cum soaked panties over to her. She took them and put them on her desk. Then she pulled off the ones she was wearing before handing them over to me as a souvenir.

Without saying a word I bolted out of her room and into the bathroom to wash up before somebody caught us. While there I smelt the new pair before tucking them into my pocket.

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Chloe 18 Brings Her Virgin Pussy

One look at this nubile teenager and her little tits and it should be painfully obvious that Chloe has one heck of a virgin pussy. Chloe got her braces removed a year ago, but she still looks as barely legal as ever with her retainer in. Have you ever received a blowjob from a girl with a retainer? Smooth and sweet. Makes her mouth smaller. That way it gives you more sensation.

With you can expect to get network wide updates of hot babes with barely legal looks. Some are girl next door cute like Chloe is and others are drop dead gorgeous beauty pageant style. Most started out virgins when they shot for their site. Some do hardcore while others keep it to softcore only.

My favorite body parts on Chloe 18 are her virgin pussy and her tiny tits. Starting with her pussy. It is a cleft of Venus. She can sit spread eagle and her pussy lips come together like a bald clam. Then moving on to her tits. Chloe has perky little boobies. The kind that make men like you take a second look. Then a third look. Control yourself, man!

It's like her body is stuck in a time warp!

Hey, it is OK. Chloe likes the attention. Lord knows she didn’t get enough of it in high school. Those kids can be so brutal!

With the Premium GFs you can access Chloe, plus 40 more sites. There are lots of solo model sites. Most of the solo model sites define the barely legal niche. The girls look exceptionally young. Then the multi-model sites range from anal to gramps on teens to candid sites. You really have to take the tour to experience it all.



Today’s issue (post) is all about girls with puffy nipples. I even found one with what looks like a nice virgin pussy. Oops. Make that two of them. Very nice cleft of Venus girls. You will enjoy this update!

Pretty much the girls in this update are evenly split between Met-Art and FemJoy. Both sites are excellent if you are looking for girls in the erotic nudes niche. Met-Art has recently changed up its format a bit to include lots of hardcore sex videos as well. But they are still done in the erotic mood that has made them famous. Think Playboy videos over Vivid videos, only with copious amounts of sex on screen!


Puffy nipples are caused by a medical condition where the process that begins breast development, and creates a breast bud underneath the nipple of a girl in the second stage of the Tanner Scale, never reverses the bud on the third stage. It is a rare condition that can make a girl feel self-conscious about her appearance. However, most boy and men find the condition to be highly erotic due to its exotic nature.

Puffy Nipples on Alexis Adams from Karups Hometown Amateurs

I found these excellent specimens of both a set of puffy nipples and a cleft of Venus on Alexis Adams from KarupsHA. Karups Hometown Amateurs is filled with hot babes that are mostly of the girl next door type. You will find some girls that aren’t truly amateurs in that they have done some porn work, but not many.


Don’t be shy about your nipples, girl. They look delicious. I’d eat them suckers up like candy apples!


FemJoy has a lot of girls with puffies. Instead of hiding them they show them off. Being that FemJoy has millions of present and past members the site also has millions of fan Emails for the girls. New models like the one above can read these Emails and gain confidence in their puffy condition.


This shot is great. My next door neighbor had puffy nipples and the amount that this girl resembles her is uncanny. My neighbor used to wear frilly pink panties and no bra when we would swim in her pool. Their family was kind of hippy. Mom would swim completely naked. Later on my neighbor told me she used to wear those panties because he pussy was so bare. It made her embarrassed not to have a full patch of hair like her mother. Crazy girl. Nobody has hair on their pussy these days. You were just ahead of the times!


Macy B from Met-Art is not afraid to show off her puffies. She also has a very nice pussy with tiny inner lips. They don’t even protrude when she is sitting spread eagle!


I used to think puffies were a trait associated with girls with red hair. As it turns out girls with puffy nipples can have all sorts of hair colors. They also can have different body types as well. You really can’t use the condition of their nipples as a good indicator for their other personal traits.


Even puffy nipples have lots of different attributes. Some girls have fully developed nipples and others have barely any at all. Lots of puffies have very little pigmentation, while others are very dark like this girl above. She also has a very nice cleft of Venus.


Lastly we have a little lovely from Fedorov HD. The girls at Fedorov are mostly from the Eastern European area of the world. There are lots of girls with puffies and even some with puffy pussies as well. You will find their site to be of your liking if you are a puffy nipples fan.

So there you have it. Many great choices on where to go when you need a puffy nipples fix. This is the last day of Summer so get ready for some candid beach pics coming soon!

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