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Out of all of the erotic nudes sites out there I have to tip my hat to Met-Art. They always seem to find hot girls from Europe who have very tasty-looking virgin pussies. The one above is simply fucking amazing!

Seeing this girl’s virgin pussy brings me back to a certain pussy; I had the pleasure of laying my eyes and my tongue on, and my cock inside of it, back in school. The girl who was attached to the virgin pussy lived in a nice house in a gated community. Her parents went to New York on vacation and she had the house to herself. Well, that is, until she invited me over for the weekend.

Prior to that fateful weekend, the last time I was in a bathtub with a girl was back in grade school. Back then I didn’t care about pussy so I didn’t even notice it or take mental snapshots. I was more happy about the fact that the girl in the tub with me also enjoyed playing Army Rangers.

Anyway, my weekend crush was looking to lose her virginity to me; she didn’t want to bleed on her bed sheets and have to explain that to her mother. So she wanted to get it on in her parent’s oversized bathtub.

We fooled around for some time before doing the deed. And you’d better believe I took quite a few snapshots for the spank-bank. So many that I was sure my brain would burst. As it would turn out, the girl had previously torn her hymen while doing those playground bars girls play and spin around on. So there wasn’t much blood. More importantly, there wasn’t much pain for her so she ended up riding me for hours!

We must have refilled the water in the tub a dozen or more times; it kept getting cold on account of us fucking so damn much. has an excellent selection of porn discounts to try out for a month. And they have lifetime discounts on hundreds of sites as well. Their Met-Art discount for up to 80% off is a lifetime discount so you save $20 per month for every month you stay a member!

Editors Tip: If you ever do cancel, use a prepaid card and a different Email address to get yourself setup with this lifetime discount again!



Sometimes the hottest cam sluts are the ones that look more at home sitting at the front of the class. Homely girls always end up being freaks in the bedroom because they have been keeping themselves pent up for years. Many of them still have a virgin pussy, though not many still have their hymen intact. It is too much to ask for when guys are sending them dildos and vibrators as gifts all day long!

One of the hottest cam girls Blanshery is ready to talk to you right now. She loves to give guys a good long peek at her toy box, and by that I mean the tight, pink box she plays hide-the-vibe in.

You can find this kinky little cam slut and hundreds more cam girls on where the party never stops. Hot babes are constantly signing in from all over the world. It might be 3am where you are, but there is this cute little thing from Thailand bouncing off the walls to get at some cock. Why not give her yours?

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Finding a good cleft of Venus pussy on a webcam girl is no easy task. Particularly because they don’t usually show you their pussies without first paying them for the show. But I did manage to find a site where you can spice things up with girls who are bolder than those other sites out there. It can be found at

Spicy Webcams has plenty of good reasons to make it your go-to-place for all things webcam. While they do have plenty of hot babes that isn’t the biggest reason to frequent this hot webcam network. The big reason to come here first is the prices. Their models are from all over the world so their happy hour prices are always in effect. There is always a few dozen babes waiting to cyber-sex at rock bottom prices.

While you won’t find many virgin pussies, you will find a lot of hotties with cleft of Venus pussies. And these girls will show the good in free chat!

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