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This right here is a gallery depicting every boys dream. Once we hit puberty all we think about is sex. Most of us grew up in areas with a pool and every pool had some hot betties roaming around in skimpy bikinis. Some wore colors like white and yellow that didn’t hide much once they got wet. When they did get wet their virgin pussy was clearly visible through the thin cloth covering it. A horny boys dream!

I was a lucky one growing being that my next door neighbor had a pool and a daughter. We had a two story house. Do the math. She would sun herself all day long, occasionally taking a dip in the pool. With my dads binoculars I felt like I could see her virgin vagina as well as you can see the picture of Craving Carmen and her cleft of Venus above.

Sometimes I felt dirty, but most of the time my dick did the thinking for me. One day she must have gotten horny because she started rubbing herself a little more than usual. Watching her rub sun tan oil into her skin was great. Watching her rub it into her pussy was even better!

She started out like normal just rubbing it into her chest, tummy, arms, legs




Sometimes it is the simple things in life that reap the biggest rewards. In the case of Teenage Decadence it is the long standing tradition of candid photography. Sometimes the girls take their own pics, other times it is an admirer. Either way they make for some great fap material!

Teenage Decadence is one of those sites that is near and dear to my heart. It has been open for a decade. When it started it was just a forum where guys came and unloaded all of their beach candid pics. Tons and tons of hot girls in bikinis!

Over time the site grew and they instituted a new rule. The most pics you uploaded, the most levels of forum you could access. The higher the level the larger the pics, the longer the threads and the more active the uploaders!

The site really got big, but then there were only about 100 of us uploading 99% of the pics. The other 25,000 or so members (at the time) were trying to freeload, but couldn’t. Because you need to upload pics to get good access.

So they came up with yet another rule. This new one made it so you could BUY your way into the platinum access club! Now, normally I wouldn’t see this as a good thing. Lots of nubes in the higher levels? Argh! People paying for something that used to be free? Argh!

But once they added paid membership things changed

teeniebeachgfs_com_5 teeniebeachgfs_com_2

So I used to write a lot about Obsessed With Myself. They had some of the best content on the net when it came to Spring Break, candid beach, nonnude jailbait, etc



If it weren’t for the fact that having music blare through your speakers while you are secretly trying to view porn at 1am while everyone in the house is sleeping sucks big time, right now you would be listening to steal drums, a rhythm machine and seven black guys with Jamaican accents sing-yelling, “Who let the dogs out? Who, Who – Who, Who?”

To answer that question we need to go to Obsessed With Myself. The newest and boldest ex-girlfriend site on the net. They let you join for free and look at hot babes from around the world.

Where do they get this content? Believe it or not the girls send this shit in themselves half the time. The other half it is their ex-boyfriends sending it in to collect some money. Currently Kinky GF’s had to turn off the submission form because they already have so much of it to update the site with.

We are not talking about just candid self shot pics in the bathroom either. These guys have sorority girls from around the world sending in their initiation pics, Mardi Gras pics and even videos of themselves having sex with each other and their boyfriends!

I don’t know how long they will continue the free access so get your password while this shit is still hawt!



The plan: Go South of the border. Spend trust funds vicariously through themselves. End the trip by getting their nipples pierced and then take a photo that will never get back to their families.

What happened instead? They made it South of the border as planned and spent some of their trust funds. Everything was so cheap including the nipple piercings and this photo. The real price would come up later at a family gathering.

You see, someone uploaded that photo of the girls to Teens Self Shot and one of their cousins (I won’t say which one) showed it to another cousin and was caught during the exchange by an aunt. That is when the shit really hit the fan!

If there is one thing that is both beautiful and constant about teenagers it is that they are pretty foolish. You cannot take a photo like this and expect it not to find its way to the Internet! With all of the social networking sites and the easy of Email, MMS texting, etc, nothing stays hidden for long. Especially a photo of three hotties and a skank!

Pierced nipples is only the start. At Teens Self Shot there are tons of photos and videos shot by the girls themselves just waiting for you to download.

Are you a hottie with a nice rack? Send it in! They will pay you mad money for your work and trust me, no one will ever know!

Check out all of the uploads girls and their ex-boyfriends send in several times a week at Teens Self Shot!


teenage-decadence sexting pics

Yeah, we were surprised your naked pics ended up on the Internet too! Actually, to be brutally honest, we pretty much expected this ever since your self shot topless pics ended up on every school phone on campus. Slut!

Teenage Decadence receives the sexting pics of teenagers from all over the world and puts them all in one convenient location. You can browse, look at and download them any time you are feeling horny!

On top of the sexting pics are the amateur videos, girls peeing, drunk chicks, chubby chicks, bikini pics, lingerie pics, sorority initiation pics and more. So many categories you have to see them for yourself at Teenage Decadence.

For only $20 a month you get access to the collected material of over 170,000 contributors! That means you probably have not seen 98% of this material before. These are not newsgroups photos or shit from other websites. These are pics uploaded by the people that took them!

There are currently over 52,000 threads in the forums and it is only going to take you about 4 years to weed through them all. But don’t worry, with the search function you can zero in on exactly what you are looking for and if your moods change from day to day, 50,000 threads you haven’t seen yet have you covered!

Teenage Decadence. It is what horny chaps do when they aren’t hanging out at the pool at the local YMCA!


There is no denying that candid pics can raise your blood pressure up a few points. You get to see some of the hottest girl next door types doing what teens do best. Look hot.

I don’t know if the girls are getting hotter or if it is just me, but it seems like there are many more hotties out there then when I was in college. I actually booked a flight for Spring Break this year and had a blast. Young tale all over the beach, drunk, horny… Where were these ladies when I was a kid?

Instead of getting down on myself for being born at a time when women wore board shorts as thong bikinis I spend my time at

What is xPosing you ask? Well, xPosing started out a community where people posted galleries of all of the hot babes they encountered. Clothed, nude, semi-nude, bikinis, you name it and they have it.

xPosing has transformed into a place to store and score your candid beach pics. Plus, now you can see amateur fuck and suck videos, chicks caught naked on the toilet, chicks kissing and more.

Unlike in the past you don’t need to upload photos to join. Now you can cheat your way in by paying the doorman. Membership is $19.99 a month. Not bad for a web site that continuously updates and gives perverts like you access even when you are just going to leech the site.


Going on five years in the adult webmaster business I have seen a lot of things. Some of those things I wish I had never seen. A niche I steer clear of like the plague is the twink niche. That is where barely legal boys shave themselves, drop down to 125 pounds and dress in something akin to a Hooter’s girl uniform. At the webmaster forums it is hard to miss these guys because they are running around making asses out of themselves. Think back to fourth grade…

So why bring up twinks on my teen girl blog? Because finding sites where barely legal girls do such things is damn fucking hard! But… never one to give up on a task, I found just such a frolicking girls site called Sexy GOA. It even comes complete with a rainbow banner!

Unlike those gay sites this one is full of hot babes acting foolish. When chicks do such things we call it flirting. It is damn sexy and it brings out the voyeur in everyone!

There are a lot of art sites out there. fuses that art site feel with uninhibited female attraction. And since there are no guys around, they have no one to exert that pent up sexual aggression on except for themselves. That is when things gets pretty steamy!

Sexy GOA features daily updates of fresh footage from the lives of nude teen girls. Everything is exclusive. This isn’t that nudity bullshit or an aggregation of everything you have ever seen in the past. This is all shot for and by the people at

So what is GOA? GOA is an all female resort with strict age requirements. Girls sign a waver knowing that everything they do will be videotaped and photographed. Just like your usual Spring break madness the girls at GOA get pretty crazy. Only, at GOA, Springbreak is a year-round thing!

Girl Cum!