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The plan: Go South of the border. Spend trust funds vicariously through themselves. End the trip by getting their nipples pierced and then take a photo that will never get back to their families.

What happened instead? They made it South of the border as planned and spent some of their trust funds. Everything was so cheap including the nipple piercings and this photo. The real price would come up later at a family gathering.

You see, someone uploaded that photo of the girls to Teens Self Shot and one of their cousins (I won’t say which one) showed it to another cousin and was caught during the exchange by an aunt. That is when the shit really hit the fan!

If there is one thing that is both beautiful and constant about teenagers it is that they are pretty foolish. You cannot take a photo like this and expect it not to find its way to the Internet! With all of the social networking sites and the easy of Email, MMS texting, etc, nothing stays hidden for long. Especially a photo of three hotties and a skank!

Pierced nipples is only the start. At Teens Self Shot there are tons of photos and videos shot by the girls themselves just waiting for you to download.

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