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If you were to ask me what one of the hottest things I could remember from my childhood was it would be watching a friend of mind pee. She got me addicted to watching girls pee. We used to play games with our pee. For years I thought I was a total douche for having such a strange fetish, but then I found some interactive sex stories on and it all clicked. I am not some freak. I am just open minded.

My days of watching girls with virgin pussies peeing are long gone, but I can still enjoy the thrill with interactive porn videos. These things totally rock. You control the action. Does she drink her pee? Done she wring her panties with the pee and then stuff them into her mouth? Don’t feel odd about your kinkiness. This place lets you go insane with it!

I am only a couple of videos into Virtual Pornstars vast library of videos and I have already come to the conclusion that I will be a friend of this site for years to cum. Pun intended.

You can sample a lot of the videos while the site is still in Beta. After that you will need to buy credits. I can certainly see this becoming the new face of porn!


pierced pussy

You know a girl loves you when she gets both her nipples pierced and her pussy pierced! Hailey Leigh is back. I say back because some of you might know her by her old site Hailey’s Hideaway. Truth be told, I enjoyed her a lot more without so many tattoos on her old site, but I also love the pussy piercing so it is a toss up!

I am not sure how much experience Hailey Leigh has had with boys since her old site. Check out her virgin pussy camel toe pics though. Damn this girl has a sexy pussy with or without the piercings!

Her old site gives you access to some of her friends from back in the day. Obviously it isn’t updated anymore, but contains her barely legal pics and, again, those of her friends. Her new site Hailey Leigh gives you updates and live web cam shows. You can also watch her new friends live cam shows as well!

Time for you to make a choice and stick to it!



Like most teenagers Andi Sins developed a mean streak not long after puberty. It was time for her to buck the system that had so faithfully sheltered her parents and strike out on her own. She found out who she was, or wasn’t, through acts of self expression that drove her parents insane. Little did they know that their growing hatred of her “ways” were only fueling the fire!

Eventually Andi Sins opened her own web site where she could express herself. Andi quickly grew a fan base and with most of her sets featuring fan requests, I am sure you will be a fan too.

As with most of the models I review Andi has small tits and an athletic body. It would be save to say this girl could outlast you in an all night rump session.

Andi’s favorite fetishes are smoking, bondage, pantyhose, panties, feet and shaving. Yes, shaving. She has plenty of video footage documenting her deftness with a razor. Just don’t get your Johnson too close to the screen and you should be alright!

Andi Sins updates several times a week. On update days she adds several picture sets and several videos. Honestly, I have never seen any other solo model that updates as much as this girl does. She really does love posing for her fans!

This is great because she looks good and we enjoy seeing her teasing us in a pair of skimpy panties!

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Move over teen schoolgirls, there is a new student in town!

Phil Flash is well known in the teen solo model world. Between Steve Lightspeed and Phil Flash I don’t know which has hit more teen site homeruns. Both Phil and Steve take this niche to the edge and then jump off for the thrill of it!

Phil’s newest site is yet another homer. Teen Kasia is from Poland and I have to say, those Eastern European girls get mighty freaky. Teen Kasia does the things the other girls won’t. We will have more on that later.

You may have seen Kasia on Face Down Ass Up University, another one of Phil’s sites. She is a hands down fan favorite. If there were ever going to be an all-star teen solo models game, Teen Kasia would be third base!

Kasia has some fluffy, puffy nipples. So pink and delicious you almost don’t want to suck on them because you might become addicted. I say almost because it never works out when you try and leave a teenager like Kasia alone. The prize is just too good to pass up.

So… Once Phil noticed Teen Kasia was chewing up more than 50% of his bandwidth he decided she needed her own site. Now you can find all of her previous work from his other sites and new stuff only on Every week Kasia adds another photo set and sexy video.

What does this little vixen do for fun? I thought you’d never ask.

Like I said before, Teen Kasia does all of the stuff no one else wants to and I guess in Poland this stuff is pretty tame. Imagine that. A country more liberal sexually than France!

Kasia gets naked in public. She says the idea of getting caught turns her on so much she cannot help herself. She also gets drunk and pees in the yard. Hey, she had many older brothers so I guess she figures it is normal. On top of that she masturbates all the time. There are tons of masturbation videos in the members area.

Grab a pass and watch this nubile go!



I remember my first encounter with a girls feet. She wasn’t as hot as Katya from Foot Fetish Daily above, but she was my first so she occupies a tender spot in my heart.

Before her I never really thought about girls feet. After her a girls feet became the criteria for my basis of whether or not we could continue our relationship past a one night stand.

It all started when we got into the Jacuzzi together at a party. Everyone else was either in the house or milling around the side of the house. I could tell she was interested in me, but we had one problem. Her boyfriend was inside the house!

We were getting good and drunk inside that Jacuzzi and her nipples shown through her bathing suit so needless to say, my dick was rock hard. Suddenly, I felt something brush up against my cock and normally I would have enjoyed it, but right now it was kind of embarrassing… My cock was already hard. Would she think I was some kind of pervert?

Turns out she was the pervert extraordinaire. She smiled real big and the next thing I knew both feet were working up and down my hard cock. I looked around to see if anyone would notice and everything seemed pretty cool.

She asked me to bare it so I did and her soft feet made even softer by the water softener in the Jacuzzi water were like heaven to my cock. She worked my cock with the bottom of her feet and sometimes she stroked it by working the shaft between her big toe and the one next to it. One thing was for sure about this girl. This wasn’t her first time giving a footjob!

One more quick glance around and it was time to get comfortable and blow my load. Just before I blew I noticed she was furiously working her hand on her pussy. She was enjoying this and I thought she was waiting for me to cum so we could share the moment!

I shot my load right into the Jacuzzi water as her eyes went back in her head as her body began to shudder. For a brief moment I was worried she would jerk her foot into my balls.

We had just enough time to smile nervously at each other before the Jacuzzi was loaded with everyone from inside the house. I quickly exited and complained about my pruned fingers already having enough water for one day.

As I was walking away I noticed her boyfriend go under the water and just had to laugh…

Foot Fetish Daily is the place for guys and gals into women’s feet. With daily updates nobody else has as much foot fetish and footjob content.

Categories at include toe sucking, bare feet, ultra close ups, high arches, stockings and pantyhose, nylons, poolside feet, creamed feet and more.

The content at Foot Fetish Daily will satisfy more than just those with a fetish for feet. Guys into teasing, panties, girls sitting Indian style with panties and without, bikinis and swimming pool babes and much more will enjoy a membership to Foot Fetish Daily!

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Lilly Anne. For the guy that loves stockings, nylons and pantyhose. Or perhaps, for any guy that enjoys the erotic beauty these garments imbue when paired with a petite teen like, Lilly Anne.

Along with the fetishes I previously mentioned, Lilly Anne is an excellent panty fetish site. Her long legs and thin waist pull those panties taunt across her mons. With Lilly’s pussy crack barely visible through her tight panties, you can see exactly where you are supposed to put your cock.

While her body is petite and her tits are small, Lilly has a fleshy, cheeky butt. Try to imagine what she looks like shaking that butt on the dance floor. Would she let you see up her skirt? Let you rub her feet and calves? Let you have her panties?

Lilly Anne has a full length video to go along with each picture set. You can download them to your own hard drive. Members get access to a request/update forum where members can make requests for future updates directly to the models.

Along with access to Lilly Anne, you also get access to her sister sites, Kelly Dee, Sin Dee, Legshow and Kirtsy Blue.


I have to say, Miss Dacia does two things for me. In one instance I find her intoxicating and in another she scares the living crap out of me!

Though I labeled this post Teen Vampire, Dacia isn’t really a teen. She is a young woman at the early age of 22 years old. This is fine by me for several reasons. First and foremost, my blog is about 18 to 23 year olds and she fits the bill. Second, she looks young enough to require carding for cigarettes. And finally, I truly believe that age has refined her. You simply would not get this kind of sophistication from younger talent.

I know some frown on the Goth teen look because of the negative light it has cast upon it. Usually it is about sadness and depression. Two emotions not often associated with masturbation fantasies. However, Goth is also about style and Miss Dacia takes style and decadence to a level anyone could enjoy. Yes, I normally focus on the styles of the average teeny-bopper-girls. Bright colors and cartoon cats. It is nice to take a vacation once in a while and Miss Dacia is such a fine guide!

Like most Goth sites deals in the creepy. By creepy I mean this girl naturally has teeth resembling those of a vampire. A scary, hot, seductive vampire. If I was to give my soul to anyone, this would be the girl I would give it too! In some photos (not all, thank God), Dacia so closely resembles a vampire that I can almost feel her biting my neck!

So… If you need a break from the norm Miss Dacia will not let you down. In addition to the usual warm towel and some lotion I would also suggest wearing a turtle neck.

Teen Smoking

Everytime I think all of the niches are taken, someone comes up with yet another one. Teen Smoking, considered taboo by some, can be one of the most erotic things in the world. Perhaps that is why more teens that smoke have sex on the first date than teens that don’t smoke?

The girls of Sexy Smoking Teens smoke everything from cigarettes to cigars. There is nothing like watching a barely legal babe sucking on a 52 gauge cigar. Six inches of pure bliss and perhaps a tinge of blasphemy.

I am not sure why I find watching these chicks smoke so damn erotic. Could it be that smoking requires sucking? Or maybe the subtle mouth movements when they hold the smoke in their mouths? The pursed lips when they exhale? Or just that they are fucking hot and using their mouths on something is just icing on the cake? updates twice a week and sometimes more. This is genuine smoking fetish content shot by a geniune smoking fetish photographer with genuine smoking fetish models. Our future dominatrixes in their rookie seasons. There is even a message board where members can share their own photos, comment on galleries or just share their passion for teen smoking with others.

As they say, Smoke ’em if ya got ’em.

Find More

Sexy Smoking Teens

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Shedevil Girls Ariel

You know what they say, "Practice makes perfect!"

Let me start off by getting something off of my chest. I do not like gothic teen websites. The reason I hate them is the teens are usually butt ugly. Either they are butter-faced or horse-faced and either way, I want to jack off, not purge my lunch.

Shedevil Girls is different. So different I bet the Suicide Girls are pissed off as all hell. takes smoking hot teens and put them into the garb goth teens wear. You end up with the bad girl nextdoor that you could actually take home to mom. But I wouldn’t try that myself. Mom might try to fuck her.

Ariel Jordan is a perfect example of a hot teen goth bitch. She has some perfect tits. So good you would swear she paid for them… but no… she was born with her awesome rack.

If you are partial to smaller tits, no problem. Allie Pierce, Audrey Lamore, Candie Crush and Evilyn Machine have you covered. Ohh, can’t forget about Felony Angel. And those are the small tits crew, if you can manage the big tits there are just as many girls wearing double D’s for you to choose from.

You probably already guessed it, but if you haven’t, She Devil Girls is an all access pass to everything goth. Well, everything you care to see that is gothic.

That is over a dozen gothic teens for one low price! And we are not talking about shitty sites either. The photography and videography are unmatched. You can get a feel for how close and personal you will be getting with every nook and cranny of these girls in the tour.

Shhh, don’t tell my dick but I am about to buff it dry… Just to get into the whole gothic mood thing…

Oww… Owwwww OWWW! Yes, Miss Evilyn… Owww…

Find More Shedevil Girls!

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