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I was looking at the site and I came across this set of Andi Pink showing off her cute little feet. It reminded me of a special time I had with a girl back when I was in school.

My girlfriend informed me that she was going to get me off. I was so fucking ready to bang her. She was super cute and had a tight athletic body. Her small boobs were super perky. Now I was going to get to see her virgin pussy up close!

Little did I know she had other plans for me. When she said she was going to get me off she didn’t mean she was going to fuck me



Now that is one heck of a cute virgin pussy!

This is Nika from MC-Nudes. They find the world’s hottest girls and somehow get them to bare it all for blokes like you and I. How fucking sweet is that?

MC-Nudes updates daily and shoot the pictures in resolutions suitable for posters! Every nook and cranny is captured in high definition. The videos are in true HD so you can watch them on a 56" HDTV and they’d be as crisp and clear as a DVD!




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So this girl in my P.E. class has this mad crush on me and she is pretty damn cute. The only downside is that she is a bit rambunctious making her completely lacking in impulse control. Like, if she gets the idea of slapping you across the mouth, she just slaps you



Unlike wine and cigars, solo models don’t get better with age. They just get older and, more often then naught, less attractive. Ariel Rebel on the other hand does get better with age. She started out as one of the hottest barely legal babes on the planet and in the past few years she has only solidified her spot as the world’s top model!

Also unlike most other solo models, Ariel Rebel owns and operates her site. Ariel has studied both fashion design and web design and it shows. You can see her touches sprouting up all over her site and should expect to see more!

Ariel is about to open her own suite of solo models sites with girls she has picked personally. Boy, oh boy, does she have an idea for things that look good. One of the girls she picked is Belle Bond. So fucking hot!



Find more Ariel Rebel and get dozens of other girls or one low price. Friends like Andi Pink and Katie Fey make this one site well worth the price of admission!



Those are some of the luckiest pantyhose in the world. Imagine, being thrust into one of the tightest pussies in the porn industry. This particular pussy is owned by Pinky June, aka, Ingrid from Wet and Puffy. Sure, she doesn’t have a truly virgin pussy, she has sex at, but a boy can dream right?

At Wet and Puffy they find the hottest pussy around and expose it in all of its glory. We aren’t only talking about peaches here Wet and Puffy also finds the hottest cherries and tacos too!

Take the Wet and Puffy tour or see some more of Ingrid’s tight snatch below!




Someone was searching for My Precious Virgins model Scarlett and once I did some "leg work" it wasn’t too hard to see why. This girl is one of the lucky ones. Such a sweet and tasty looking virgin pussy!

As it turns out Scarlett has been modeling for quite a few sites, but the best stuff is on My Precious Virgins and Met Models. Check out the pics on the link below!



Growing up Savannah Boardley had only one problem. High school kids can be extremely cruel. No doubt all of the guys dreamed of swimming in Savannah’s tits, but there was just one problem. Savannah’s ass was double wide!

Hey, I am not saying her ass wasn’t (and still isn’t) proportional to the rest of her luscious body. I am just saying high school kids can be cruel. They knew what to do with her tits, but they didn’t know what to do about her ass. Picture a bunch of wilder beasts jockeying to cross the crocodile infested river. Everyone knows they have to cross, but nobody wants to be the first.

Savannah didn’t let her peers get her down though

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