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Somebody fucking pinch me! I must be dreaming… Emily 18 with her small tits doing their best to spill out over her chest. Masturbating with plushy socks on. Oh how good those socks would feel on your cock!

Up until now Emily 18 has been the ultimate tease. Lately she has become daring… showing more of herself if you know what I mean. It is only a matter of time before she releases a video of herself masturbating without those panties on.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a fan of panties. I enjoy watching how they cling to her delicate parts. I have spent countless hours glued to my monitor trying to make out every nook and cranny of her pussy slit. Plus, it is delightful to no end to study how they cling to that cheeky little bottom of hers.

Emily 18 will go down has the hottest barely legal solo girl on the Internet. She updates her site several times a week and each update features her small tits and a pair of fresh panties. But, I probably don’t have to tell you that. You quite possibly are an even bigger Emily 18 fan than I am.

No worries there… There is plenty of room on the Emily18 bandwagon. So if haven’t seen this barely legal teen in action, get a membership and educate yourself!


Move over small tits girls with no hips. No, I am not replacing you. I am merely making room for a girl that needs it. A lot of it. Her name is Roxy Belladonna and she is Virgin’s 19 approved.

So why invite Roxy over to my house to play? Well, lets just say I like to spice things up a bit once in a while and with a name like Roxy Belladonna things are going to heat up pretty quick. Besides, every once in a while my fantasies turn towards women I actually have a chance with.

I can see Roxy resting her hand on my arm as she drinks the third drink I bought for her while I dazzle her with stories about being a pornographic webmaster. OK, so she is rolling her eyes the entire time. I am still going to get laid!

Not only does Roxy have wide enough hips to pass my babies through, she also has a face I can look at in the morning. Imagining Roxy Belladonna riding my cock with my hands on those hips of hers and those juicy tits in my mouth is enough to make me want to cut this post short and get to work… work of another kind.

Roxy Belladonna spends a lot of time in bikinis by the pool. What can I say? She is Italian! She updates with new pics and a video each week. Her baby blues and that wide ass make each update worth the wait. Remember to grab a Fleshlight. Why jack off with your hand when someone came up with a better idea?

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I was going through some photos on Sweet Adri and came across this gallery. It struck me as odd because it looked so candid. You see a lot of these upskirt photos on sites these days. About time solo models started capitalizing on it.

Sweet Adri is on the right and her real name is Adrienne. The girl on the left is Melissa Midwest. Labor Day weekend is almost here and I guess it put me in the mood for some candid photos.

The gallery above starts out innocent and sweet but the girls find it hard to keep their hands off of each other. Can we blame them?

Sweet Adri passwords work on Melissa’s site too. They also work on their other friend Foxy Jacky’s site. Jacky does hardcore and these two keep it solo and girl-girl. Hot girl-girls!

With all of these hot coeds and their sizzling updates this pass is a no brainer.


People have been coming out with tons of teen sites lately. Solo models galore. The problem is that each new site has a girl that is supposed to be edgier and edgier than the last. Unfortunately it usually means we are left with some tattooed, pierced, skanky slut. Hey, I like getting laid just as much as the next guy and I know skanks put out more often… but come on!

Kylie James is a beautiful teen not just because she is so fucking cute, but also because she is real. She is the girl next door. I can see her laying out by the pool in her string bikini reading a book, innocent, without a care in the world. Just like the real girl next door.

Not only does Kylie James have gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair, she also has a firm ass and big tits. Not huge tits but for her size and weight they are plenty juicy!

Kylie updates her web site twice a week with fresh content. Along with her professional updates she also adds in candid pics of her and her friends.

The webs newest tween solo model also gets 100% naked. Usually you have to wait a while for a girl to get accustomed to getting naked in front of the camera. Or perhaps she enjoys the compliments from the members and gets more daring. Kylie James is already past that awkward stage and ready to please you!


Micah rubbing her pussy
Yeah, we all want a college coed we can bang on the side. Or using Micah as an example, a little cutie in a far off place we can go on vacation and she is so happy we showed up and she just wants to fuck for the first day, all day.

Don’t worry about snapping back to reality because Club Micah has got your back. They shoot this girl rubbing that sensitive little pussy of hers in high definition. You can fantasize about what ever you want while you watch Micah masturbating, but I prefer to think she is rubbing her button saving her self for my arrival.

Along with masturbating a lot this small tits teen also enjoys having sex with her many female friends. I had a girlfriend like that once. Always wondered why she fucked me when she seemed to like pussy so damn much.

Club Micah has a 24/7 live cam in Micah’s bedroom so you never miss a beat with this girl. On top of that she does live webcam chats and the usual video/photo updates.

I have a feeling that Club Micah will do for solo girl sites what Survivor did for reality TV!

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