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When I read the news I usually get it from the Google news page. On the phone it parses it to look sweet and easy to read. Why am I telling you this? Because lately porn has been making the news more and more. I am not talking about a porn star infecting others with STD’s or some shit. I am referring to mainstream newspaper articles on porn subjects like ATM and DP.

This article I was reading from the Los Angeles Times was telling people about porn acronyms mean. So DP is double penetration. Having multiple cocks inside a girl at the same time. Usually referring to one in the pink and one in the stink. Then there is ATM or A2M. They are short for ass to mouth, or when a girl sucks her butt stink off of a cock that was previously inside her ass.

There are many more short codes for porn, but these are all we will need to explain what is going on in the Reality Kings video above. Super petite teen Anita Berlusconi takes some cock DP style before going ATM on them, ending with a messy facial.

I don’t put a lot of hardcore on this virgin pussy blog, but hopefully this video will do more than just get you off. Hopefully you learned something and have a better understanding of what you kids might be talking about right in front of you without your knowledge.

That actually gave me a chuckle. Think about it. When your kids were super young you spelled stuff out to keep them from spazzing out over your conversation about candy or other sweet things. Now they are doing the same to you!

BTW, that is a might fine camel toe if I do say so myself!



There are not a whole lot of virgin pussy solo models out there. Chloe 18 is one of the few and hers is a perfect cleft of Venus. I would also call it a clam shell pussy. And a bald one at that.

Chloe has very puffy outer lips on her pussy. She clamp the thing shut even when she is sitting Indian style. It is like having a chastity belt furnished by mother nature herself.

When you join you will notice she doesn’t have sex with boys. She has a lot of sex with girls and with herself, but never with a boy. That is because Chloe would prefer to stay a virgin and having sex with other girls allows her to do that.

Don’t let that discourage your joining her site if you prefer to see hardcore teen sex. There is plenty of that in the rest of the network. With the Premium GFs you get access to over 40 teen sites with many of them being solo models like Chloe. The only difference being that they do hardcore as well as softcore.

Get a pass and make this weekend a mighty one.



Smoking hot Brazilian student Catarina Migliorini, 20, has decided to sell her virginity for close to 3/4’s of a million dollars. The lucky auction winner will bang this young cutie as part of a documentary by an Australian film maker.

I’ve heard of high priced pussy before, but nothing as costly as cracking this virgin pussy wide open!

Then again… the auction winner was from Japan. Maybe not cracking it wide open so much as giving it a shot.



I think I had sex way too early in life. Because of that I am drawn to girls with a cleft of Venus. If a girl has meat curtains I have to be in a certain mood to even have sex with her. Usually it is because I am drunk that I overlook them and fuck her anyway.

This is why I am a frequent user at Amour Angels. The site never ceases to amaze me with the number of girls they have that look nubile. From their perky tits to their cleft of Venus pussies they all look so adorable. There are a good number with large vaginal lips, but the sheer number of them without them makes the site totally worth it for me.

If you are a fan of girls with barely legal looks, virgin pussies and perky boobs I think you will find Amour Angels to your liking!


[nggallery id=5]


One of the cutest Lightspeed girls is named Ashley Lightspeed. She opened her site about 8 years ago so I had forgotten all about her. Being one of the younger girls in the LS Sorority she was still a virgin. There are plenty of shots of her virgin pussy at

Most people take one look at her tiny fanny and they wonder if she is old enough to shoot porn. The owner of her site, Steve Lightspeed, was once investigated for possible child porn charges. In the end her age was verified and the whole thing dropped by the wayside.

That doesn’t mean guys that enjoy looking at younger looking girls can’t enjoy her petite body though. Her tiny pussy is always showing through her panties in some great camel toe pictures and videos on her site. Add four more dollars to your membership and you can access many of Ashley’s sorority sister’s sites as well!



Here is a quick pic of some pink puffy nipples. I am sure she had no idea her boyfriend would eventually be sharing her self shot candid photo with the world. But here it is!

One of my favorite ex-gf candid sites is called See My GF. I like it because they have lots of categories I like. This hot babe and her puffy nipples can be found in the big tits section. They also have an amateur sex category loaded with hot coed girls naive enough to believe their boyfriends wouldn’t share their pics with the world.

In defense of their boyfriends, they often aren’t the ones that upload the pics to sites like this one. Instead it happens when they share the photo with a friend who shares it with another and he puts it on this site. No matter who is the culprit the beauty of it is that we get to see some fabulous babes with big tits and sweet nipples!



I am pretty sure Kaylee Hays is not one of the first teens that come to mind when you think of virgin pussy, but she does have an awfully sweet looking pussy all the same. Kaylee is lucky to have a cleft of Venus with some very perky little tits. Imagine eating that pink pleasure box of hers while her oiled up feet fuck the cum out of your hard cock!

At Fucked Hard 18 the babes receive a nice massage before getting their little pussies fucked hard, just as the name would suggest. Before the fucking begins though, you get a nice show that will probably take you back to your days in school playing with girls that were experimenting with their sex.

Watch the Kaylee Hays video and decide for yourself if this site is worthy of a months subscription or not.

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