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You cannot tell me that this little girl doesn’t have exactly the kind of virgin pussy you are looking for when you hit the net craving something tasty.


virgin pussy panties pulled to side

While Destiny from might not have a truly virgin pussy she certainly does have the kind of beaver you want to nestle up to at night. She loves to wear darling panties that show off just how precious she is. Destiny has perky young boobs and a hairless pussy that draws you in right after she snares you with lots of teasing.

On Amateur Upskirts you will find lots of photos of this young tart. But more than that, you will also find lots of videos of her grinding and gyrating for the camera. With dozens of models doing dozens of sets and videos each the members area is plenty full.

Members also get access to their pantyhose site and like this one it is to die for!



You have probably noticed that just about every celebrity worth their salt has had her panties snapped in a photo by the paparazzi while exiting a vehicle at a club or movie premier. It has been and still is a nice run. I enjoy seeing up a girls skirt just as much now as I ever did in the past. Since those initial panty pics began to surface it seemed the younger celebrities wanted to up the ante. They stopped wearing the panties!

On another blog I wrote about The Three Snatchketeers. In it I talk about trifecta of club hopping slut celebrities, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan. Those three have no shame whatsoever. But now the older crowd is at it again. Older celebs are losing their panties and showing the world what their own snatches look like without hair.

So what has the younger crowd done to up the ante again? Well, for starters they put their panties back on. Then they slipped a remote vibrator in their panties to orgasm in the club! The same types of sex toys you can find at

Rumor has it the young celebrity crowd is using the OhMiBod Club Vibe 2.0H that allows you to control it from an iPhone. The girls trade codes and control each others vibrators. Fuck these dirty teen celebrities get kinky!

Now you can get kinky too. Get your own remote control vibrator from and take your special someone to new heights in the strangest of places!

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Ever had a girl bare her virgin pussy to you like this, tempting you to shoot your cum for her? I was lucky enough to know a girl that used to do this for me back in school. I would spend countless hours getting teased by this girl!

Over time this kind of thing can really warp your mind! Seeing girls in their panties became more of a turn on than seeing them naked! This girl really did a number on me



Some things never get old and boring. One of those things is looking at girls in their clingy panties. The way cotton panties find their way into a girls crevasses never ceases to amaze me!

This gallery from Virgin Off is a great example. Don’t you just wish you could happen upon a set of girls experimenting like this?




Amateur Upskirts, it’s like brain food for the perverted! Where else can you see girls aged 18 to 23 bumping and grinding in clingy panties? Oh the memories these videos bring back!

I was lucky enough to know a girl that liked to bump and grind in her cotton print panties for me. She had a thing about watching boys masturbate to her shows and darn it if I didn’t mind trading performances with this girl!

At Amateur Upskirts the girls and coeds wear everything from see-thru lace to soft satin. Most of the girls shave or trim their bush before the cameras roll so the panties often get sucked up, making for some awesome camel toe videos!

Your membership also gets you into Michelle Lynn, the camel toe queen, and their sister pantyhose site!



So I am kicking it at this webmaster convention, kinda minding my own business, when I hear guy behind me yell out, "Hey, douchebag!"

I am thinking to myself, "Was he talking to me? He has gotta be talking to me… cause there’s nobody else here but me…" So I turn around ready to either 1) deliver a sucker punch, or 2) receive a sucker punch.

To my utter amazement, instead of a dude standing behind me, it’s a Russian cutie and she is sitting down with her skirt hiked up! I am thinking, fuck me! No really, please, fuck me!

She could tell I was into her little vagina and she gave me a wink and a smile. All I could think now was, "Did I remember to pack condoms?"

"I hear you are the guy to talk to for job in modeling?" She asked.

Two things went through my head. First, do all hot Russian chicks have deep voices? And second, why is it that every time a hot babe flashes me her bald beaver she is more or less asking for an opinion instead of wanting to fuck me?

Yes, I am the guy you talk to when you want to get into modeling. Why? Because I have an eye for this sort of thing. Most guys see pussy and get all goo-goo-eyed. They sign bitches up and find out that pastrami sandwich on rye isn’t all that marketable. Now, a fine little beaver like the one on this Russian cutie? You can mint gold bricks with it!

Needless to say she found and agent and we all agreed she should create a solo model site. She was that hot. Or her beaver was anyway… But what to call it?

Russian Cutie!

Sure, you won’t understand half of the shit coming out of this chicks mouth in the videos, but do you ever understand half of this shit coming out of a chicks mouth when you are fucking her? Besides, it ain’t about the shit coming out of a chicks mouth during sex, it’s about the shit going in!

03 04

If there is one thing Nubiles does better than anyone else it is finding sweet, delightfully smooth, virgin pussy!

Aletta from has that tender peach you want to poke your thumb into… or something else substantially larger. Licking her slit certainly wouldn’t be a chore. She has the kind of pussy you can eat for hours and you wonder where the time went!

There are hundreds of Nubile pussies at Nubiles. As the name suggests they find hot, young girls aged from 18 to 23 years old and video tape them masturbating in a variety of ways. Since opening its doors Nubiles has also added hardcore videos as well!

Take the tour and see why Nubiles has tens of thousands of members at any given time! Oh, and once you become a member you can tap into that network of like minded individuals on the members forum!


Videos you can watch again and again. That is the premise behind Panty Amateur. They have been serving up their own brand of amateur panty porn since 2004. During this time they have amassed an archive of over 1480 panty videos with over 270 different amateur models!

Because the models are amateurs it is very likely that you have not seen the majority of these girls before. Some have rock hard bodies and others have natural girl next door looks. No matter which you prefer there are plenty of both.

Panties cover the entire spectrum of what is out there from thongs to granny panties. There are tons of videos with satin bikini panties and lots of upskirt views!

To get a really good idea of the enormity of Panty Amateur you should take the tour and click on the models page link towards the bottom. Find Jamie Leigh in the drop down menu and check out her previews. The upskirts, the nylons, the panties, her body. And this is just one model!



You may think getting a girl naked is hard, but I have to tell you, it is too fucking easy! If there is one thing you have to love about barely legal teens it is there addiction to excitement. All it took for Hailee Jordan to lift up her skirt and show her precious pink panties to the world was the cute jacket she is wearing!

Cute girls like Hailee Jordan really know how to stick it to the man… If ya know what I mean. By the time she turned 18 she was rip roaring and ready to go. Hailee couldn’t wait to take her clothes off. To do something crazy and fun.

You don’t have to buy a girl a jacket to see her naked though. You can see Hailee Jordan get naked for 30 days for just over the price of going to a movie. As a member you also get access to her blog and fan forums. Plus, with her weekly updates there are plenty of picture sets and videos to see in her members area.

Grab a Hailee Jordan password and start watching her video interviews. What safer way is there to get to know a teenager?


Running a blog about solo models and barely legal teens can get pretty repetitious. Most of you don’t see the same thing over and over again but after two years I do.

Bree Olson is a nice and refreshing change. This naughty schoolgirl from the hardcore porn world decided to stop by for a while.

Unlike my usual fare Bree Olson has some big tits and she goes all the way… OK, at Amateur Upskirts she doesn’t actually go ALL the way but she does masturbate herself into a frenzy!

Many of the girls at Amateur Upskirts rub their pussies and go much further than just “a little bump and grind.” For those of you into the bumping and grinding of lace, cotton, satin, frilly and silk panties up into a girls pussy crack, unload your bags, you have arrived!

Amateur Upskirts has been sharing what is underneath girls skirts for five years now. With two updates a week you have a lot of panties to view. So get started now!

And if full figured girls aren’t your thing you can always check out the barely legal girls like Celina Cross Amateur Upskirts has to offer. No matter what type of panties or girls you like to see them on, Amateur Upskirts has you (un)covered!


I was going through some photos on Sweet Adri and came across this gallery. It struck me as odd because it looked so candid. You see a lot of these upskirt photos on sites these days. About time solo models started capitalizing on it.

Sweet Adri is on the right and her real name is Adrienne. The girl on the left is Melissa Midwest. Labor Day weekend is almost here and I guess it put me in the mood for some candid photos.

The gallery above starts out innocent and sweet but the girls find it hard to keep their hands off of each other. Can we blame them?

Sweet Adri passwords work on Melissa’s site too. They also work on their other friend Foxy Jacky’s site. Jacky does hardcore and these two keep it solo and girl-girl. Hot girl-girls!

With all of these hot coeds and their sizzling updates this pass is a no brainer.


That, my friends, is why I love my job. I really fucking love my job!

That tight pussy belongs to Ariel. One of the many amateur babes at Karup’s Hometown Amateurs. For those of you that have never heard of, wake up… there is this thing called the Internet and you might want to explore it for a while. is short for Karup’s Private Collection. Back in 1997 (yes there was an Internet back then) there was a guy that decided to make his private collection of porn available to everyone. Well, that is, everyone willing to pay for access to it. became the first porn site I ever joined.

The site updated (and still does) with several new photo sets and videos every week. When I say several I mean dozens. Sure there were one or two dogs here and there but with so many updates you could always find something hot.

Now that collection has grown so big they had to open Karups Hometown Amateurs. A place where you can watch real amateur teens and coeds doing porn for their first time. If you are a perverted deviant like me and get off on chicks that look nervous and maybe need a little help, Karup’s Hometown Amateurs is the place for you.

The collection at is updated five times a week. Each update consists of several picture updates and more videos. There are a total of 30 full length videos added each month.

No porn stars and no glamour babes, just 100% raw amateur sex!


There is no denying that candid pics can raise your blood pressure up a few points. You get to see some of the hottest girl next door types doing what teens do best. Look hot.

I don’t know if the girls are getting hotter or if it is just me, but it seems like there are many more hotties out there then when I was in college. I actually booked a flight for Spring Break this year and had a blast. Young tale all over the beach, drunk, horny… Where were these ladies when I was a kid?

Instead of getting down on myself for being born at a time when women wore board shorts as thong bikinis I spend my time at

What is xPosing you ask? Well, xPosing started out a community where people posted galleries of all of the hot babes they encountered. Clothed, nude, semi-nude, bikinis, you name it and they have it.

xPosing has transformed into a place to store and score your candid beach pics. Plus, now you can see amateur fuck and suck videos, chicks caught naked on the toilet, chicks kissing and more.

Unlike in the past you don’t need to upload photos to join. Now you can cheat your way in by paying the doorman. Membership is $19.99 a month. Not bad for a web site that continuously updates and gives perverts like you access even when you are just going to leech the site.


OK, I am not sure how you are supposed to pronounce Malene, but that is the least of my problems. I have seen this girl around the net before. Never like this though.

Malene + Only Tease = A Very Happy Me! is where you go if you are into three things. Panties, pantyhose and hot babes. Here you get all of them in one tight package.

Malene has much larger tits than most of the girls I write about. Don’t worry, I am not changing my blogs general philosophy, just exploring some panties on a girl that happens to fit into the big tits niche.

The pair of pink polka dot panties with lace trim Malene is wearing are very sexy. Only Tease is full of galleries with all sorts of panties but, these are my favorite. Finding panties like these at Only Tease is a cinch. The navigation there allows you to make all sorts of intricate searches. Blonde girls wearing white cotton panties with short skirts? No problem! Just use the drop down menus and you get them all on the same page. It is so easy!

There are over 340 models on Only Tease. With so many to choose from my first hour in the members area quickly turned into an all night expedition. When I finished I didn’t feel drained, I felt great knowing there were another three hundred models I hadn’t even seen yet.

Each model at does multiple picture galleries. Several models do more than one video. There are 1,429 videos in all. There are new updates daily. Read that again. There are new UPDATES daily. Plural. As in many.

At first I wondered how they could make any money with so many updates. Once I entered the members area I realized why they can afford it. No one wants to cancel their membership! This site is that good!

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