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What a way to start your Sunday, right? This little virgin pussy was sent in by the girl herself at Herself Pics.

What is this Herself Pics place that I speak of? is by far the largest and fasted growing archive of candid photography and videos. They have been open for a decade! Ten years of growing terabytes of data!

What kind of data you ask?

Well, as the name would suggest the girls take pictures of themselves and post them on the board. Guys tell them how fucking hot they look and the girls get all giddy. Whoopee! Some random guys on the Internet think I am sexy! This kind of attention causes the girls to go into frenzied mode and they post even more pics and a video or two!

Along with the girls posting themselves there are plenty of candid photos and hidden camera videos sent in by guys looking to see if their girlfriends and/or wives really are all that and a bag of chips. Some pass muster and others get chewed down in a way only the Internet’s keyboard warriors can precipitate.

Her Self Pics started out as a free forum where you had to have a large collection to upload in order to get invited into the private areas. These days it has been converted into a pay to play format. For just $19.99 you can enjoy both the pics and the videos, plus interact with the community in the forums.

If you are looking for candid pics of virgin pussy delivers!



One look at Brynn from and it isn’t hard to imagine that this girl could have a virgin pussy. Though the odds might be against it if you are going by her looks, her tight little muffin looks just like it did before she started growing hair on it!

Nubiles started out as a small site nobody paid much attention too. Now it has over 1000 girls that have modeled for it and when it comes to solo models like Ariel Rebel there is a rule: If you haven’t appeared on Nubiles then you must not be that hot!

Ariel has shot with Nubiles on two separate occasions and like most models, she did several different photo sets and videos during each shoot.

Brynn has five photo sets and several videos in the nubiles members area herself. Nubiles adds three new girls every week and they are usually just as cute as Brynn is. At least one of them does hardcore teen sex like Brynn and the other(s) do softcore only.

You can download the videos or stream them online even if you are using a phone, tablet or even an Internet ready iPod!

Finding girls you will like couldn’t be easier with their multiple keyword and category selection tools. For instance, lets say you wanted to find Brynn and all of the girls like her. You could select blondes with petite bodies and small tits that do hardcore. Bam! Just like that you have a dozen or more girls to choose from!

Maybe you only want girls in bikinis with big tits or girls wearing white cotton panties with pussy hair showing through… Again, super easy!

See you in the members area and on the members only forums. I am going to go talk to the girls now!



It is time for a little anatomy lesson. I am sure you are familiar with a clitoral hood. It is that bump going from the top of Lizzy’s pussy cleft and ending at her vaginal lips. When Lizzy’s clit is hard it protrudes out and the tip can be seen just above her pussy lips.

What most guys don’t know is that the clitoris isn’t just a little button that you see when you spread a girl wide. It extends up that clitoral hood. Therefor, Lizzy has one really large clit!

Not only does Lizzy have a large clit, her clit is situated very forward on her body. This means Lizzy can massage it on things just by rubbing up against them.

I was lucky enough to know a girl like Lizzy while I was in school. I saw her bouncing her public area off of a table corner once and I wondered what she was doing. As it turns out she was "making herself feel good" by rubbing her forward facing clit on the tables edge!

Being a total pervert I used some reverse psychology on her. I told her that was impossible and that if it were true her pussy would be totally wet. This left open the possibility that she might actually command me to check the status level of her wetness. Which she did!

As it turns out she wasn’t kidding. Her panties were soaked! Soon she was playing with my cock and I watched her bounce herself to an orgasm. As we matured we started fucking. I noticed she liked it on top and she really enjoyed grinding that clit of hers into my pubic area. Actually, we didn’t even have to fuck. She could dry hump herself into an orgasm just by sliding herself on top of me!

You can watch thousands of girls dry hump their virgin pussies at Club Seventeen. Not only that, you can also watch them having sex with guys and with each other!

While the sites name might leave you wondering if it is going to get you into some kind of trouble with the cops, don’t worry. The site got its name back when 17yo girls could pose naked in Europe. Actually, they still can! But they removed all of the underage girls to comply with America’s laws on the subject.

So grab a pass and enjoy watching barely legal girls massaging their teenage clits!


One thing I really don’t appreciate when it comes to traditional porn is how fast everything happens. Like when chicks masturbate. I don’t want to see them go from 0 to 60 in five seconds! I want to see them take some time. Play with that pussy… long time! Long time!

At Joymii they have a more natural progression. It is art and it is porn at the same time. In the video above we get to see Dani D. spends some alone time with the wet flower petals of her pussy. She slowly rubs her finger through her pussy lips. Then she slowly works her finger tip in circles around her clit. Very sensual. Very satisfying!

Joymii isn’t one of those erotic nude sites packed with girls and that is it. They also have plenty of guy/girl videos, girl/girl videos and three-somes, foursomes and more!

Everything is shot in HD so you don’t miss a thing. You can literally count the little blonde hairs on this girls butt. If you are into that sort of thing. Being in such high definition means you can even stream these videos to your Internet ready 60 inch TV in the living room!

If that doesn’t make you horny… Nothing will!

It is Friday and time for me to let you go. Maybe I’ll see you in the members area? Who knows? For less than 20 bucks a month you’d be silly to pass on this deal!

Gotta go, Joymii is calling!

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