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It is time for a little anatomy lesson. I am sure you are familiar with a clitoral hood. It is that bump going from the top of Lizzy’s pussy cleft and ending at her vaginal lips. When Lizzy’s clit is hard it protrudes out and the tip can be seen just above her pussy lips.

What most guys don’t know is that the clitoris isn’t just a little button that you see when you spread a girl wide. It extends up that clitoral hood. Therefor, Lizzy has one really large clit!

Not only does Lizzy have a large clit, her clit is situated very forward on her body. This means Lizzy can massage it on things just by rubbing up against them.

I was lucky enough to know a girl like Lizzy while I was in school. I saw her bouncing her public area off of a table corner once and I wondered what she was doing. As it turns out she was "making herself feel good" by rubbing her forward facing clit on the tables edge!

Being a total pervert I used some reverse psychology on her. I told her that was impossible and that if it were true her pussy would be totally wet. This left open the possibility that she might actually command me to check the status level of her wetness. Which she did!

As it turns out she wasn’t kidding. Her panties were soaked! Soon she was playing with my cock and I watched her bounce herself to an orgasm. As we matured we started fucking. I noticed she liked it on top and she really enjoyed grinding that clit of hers into my pubic area. Actually, we didn’t even have to fuck. She could dry hump herself into an orgasm just by sliding herself on top of me!

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