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After determining the intention to buy a life size TPE sex doll, I believe you never want to buy a poor quality solid sex doll. So we should be concerned about how to determine the solid love doll seller, how to judge the quality of the solid doll, how to choose the purchase method and payment, etc.

How to determine the solid doll seller?

We can check the reputation of the seller, check the after-sales guarantee after the purchase. Also check the style and style of dolls offered by the seller, the current hot selling dolls are, huge boobs sex doll, blonde sex doll, Anime sex doll, if someone attracts you with a super low price, beware of being cheated.

How to judge the quality of the solid simulation doll?

–Judging from the head, facial features, breasts, hips, legs, body and other key parts.

— Intelligent, constant temperature, intelligent sound of the intelligent entity simulation doll’s charging time, durability and so on. Whether the heating body temperature, real voice, sound remote control, whole body heating, etc.

— Whether the material is non-toxic, how tactile, how the lower body process, whether it is convenient to clean, whether the lower body process optional (provided under to be one or split or both optional, one of the lower body process does not have to be installed before use, while the split process can be casually replaced, disassembly and cleaning convenience)

— Skeleton and the reasonableness of the construction.

So, how to choose the purchase method? How to pay?

We can choose to order offline, online ordering and other ways to buy. For online ordering TPE sex dolls, we need to check whether to use a guaranteed payment method. Such as credit card, PayPal, etc.

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