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Move over Little Lupe. There is another barely legal teen on the Internet and she looks even younger than you do!

The tight pussy getting stretched by the man above belongs to Tiny Tabby. Only a few days past her eighteen birthday, Tabby is trying to get her tight pussy to fit around this mans massive cock. Unfortunately for her, it hurts. Fortunately for us it feels good to push your cock into a wet pussy this tight.

Tabby doesn’t just fuck cock, she sucks cock too. You can see her sucking this mans cock when you click the picture above.

Along with fucking and sucking cocks, Tiny Tabby likes to lick pussy too. Tabby invites her girlfriends over to make out and play dress up in lesbian videos. Sometimes they go to the backyard and rub suntan lotion on themselves.

Tiny Tabby is no stranger to masturbation and if no one else is around she will rub her pussy until she comes. In some masturbation videos she uses a dildo or a vibrator to get herself off.

If you like barely legal girls, they don’t get any younger looking than at!


When it comes to the puffy nipples genre, nobody does it better than the Queen Puffy Nipples herself, Banana Brandy.

How she got the name Banana Brandy I don’t know. Perhaps she can deep throat a banana without breaking it? Who cares. Banana Brandy isn’t all about bananas. She is about puffy nipples!

Most of the puffy nipples girls I have had sex with had really sensitive puffy nipples. Many could cum without even having to touch their pussies. Just sucking on these girls nipples was enough stimulation for them to reach orgasm.

In one particular case I had a girlfriend that invited her other girlfriends over for fun and games. I often got to watch and join in. Lucky me!

Once she invited over a friend that also had puffy nipples. The girls sixty-nined each other by just sucking on one another’s puffy nipples. In minutes they both reached orgasm at the same time. Watching that was amazing. Too bad I never got any video of their orgasmic nipple sucking!

You can watch plenty of hot video of Banana Brandy and her puffy nipples. Just take the tour.


I don’t expect you to know me. But if you did, you would know that I have only two answers for those, "Is my new model hot or not?" threads that other webmasters post. One is, "Her face would make a good spread for toast," and the other is "I’d hit it, 2x’s!"

I also cannot expect you to know Raven Riley. Although, if you don’t know of her yet, you live under a rock…. up in the Himalayas.

I know you probably already know where this is going but, I’d hit Raven Riley 2x’s!

How could I expect you to already know of Raven Riley? Well, for starters, I have written about her already! And she also is fucking insanely hot. So hot maybe you saw her in a dream with one of those mermaid tails or something.

Raven Riley came on the scene about four years ago with one thing on her mind. To dominate the solo model porn industry like no one else has done before her. Good news, she did it!

Two years ago became the most visited solo model site on the Internet. Figuring out why this happened is a no brainer. Look at her! She is fucking gorgeous!

Most solo models don’t get fully naked. Raven gets so naked she lets you see her insides! Most solo models also don’t have sex on camera. Raven Riley sucks cock, rides dick, licks clit and masturbates with just about every object known to man.

So… yeah, I can expect you to already know this sex goddess. Now go check out Raven Riley and find out for yourself why this brunette babe is taking over the Internet!


There is a saying… 15 will get your 20. Lucky for us Teen Topanga only looks fifteen years old. In reality she is barely legal. 100% legal, barely legal.

Topanga wears braces, has small tits and those eye lashes of hers are amazing. Her body is athletic without being muscularly. Her ass is not wide but it’s not small either. There is plenty of flesh for her panties to grip into. Perhaps even slide between!

Young girls like Topanga don’t have much pussy hair and she shaves all of her pussy hair off. That makes for some great natural camel toe pics. Just about every gallery she has on at her web site features her panties riding up into her pussy fold.

Teen Topanga loves to masturbate just as much as us guys love to watch her doing it. Topanga also loves having sex with other girls and some of her friends are even hotter than she is!

Topanga updates her site twice a week. So send those kids and the wife off to Grandma’s house and enjoy some time alone with Teen Topanga!


I am sure Lily Koh has seen this pair of panties many times before and yet still, every time she lays her eyes on them she is captivated. Just like Lily I am captivated too. That might be because I don’t get to see pink lace-up panties on a Thai teen very often.

Lily Koh likes to invite her friend Joon Mali over from time to time to share kisses and lick each others nipples. Along with exploring her bisexuality Lily likes to masturbate in her videos.

You can watch Lily doing all sorts of naughty things five times a week.


There is no denying that candid pics can raise your blood pressure up a few points. You get to see some of the hottest girl next door types doing what teens do best. Look hot.

I don’t know if the girls are getting hotter or if it is just me, but it seems like there are many more hotties out there then when I was in college. I actually booked a flight for Spring Break this year and had a blast. Young tale all over the beach, drunk, horny… Where were these ladies when I was a kid?

Instead of getting down on myself for being born at a time when women wore board shorts as thong bikinis I spend my time at

What is xPosing you ask? Well, xPosing started out a community where people posted galleries of all of the hot babes they encountered. Clothed, nude, semi-nude, bikinis, you name it and they have it.

xPosing has transformed into a place to store and score your candid beach pics. Plus, now you can see amateur fuck and suck videos, chicks caught naked on the toilet, chicks kissing and more.

Unlike in the past you don’t need to upload photos to join. Now you can cheat your way in by paying the doorman. Membership is $19.99 a month. Not bad for a web site that continuously updates and gives perverts like you access even when you are just going to leech the site.


It isn’t often that the girl next door is truly the girl next door. Usually I talk about how much a girl looks like a girl next door… but she ain’t a girl next door. She is just a slut that looks like a girl next door. She is young and maybe even barely legal but, she is not a real girl next door.

Michaela is the real deal. A fresh-faced young hottie straight out of high school and working her way into college. Unfortunately life has thrown Michaela a curve ball. She needs money for college and she needs it quick.

Enter Teen Core Zine. A great way for college bound girl next door teens like Michaela to make a little scratch. Hey, it is not like we are talking about hardcore porn. She takes her clothes off, she kisses other girls and she masturbates… a lot.

The archive at Teen Core Zine is already plump and full of young pussy. With the weekly updates there is plenty of shaved snatch for your fantastic enjoyment.

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