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Alyssa Doll

I met John Albright at a webmasters convention. He knew I was doing teen themed blogs and he wanted some help picking a girl to headline his new network, Teen Dolls.

I told him to ditch the glamour and mainstream ideas of beauty. Everyone has plenty of girls that are Pamela Anderson clones, we don’t need anymore. Everyone has your average hottie… A girl who was probably a cheerleader at some point and was always thought of as beautiful.

I pointed John towards girls like Gigi Lightspeed , Stacy Bride, Jordan Capri and Tawnee Stone. Girls that anybody could pick up in a bar. Girls that most guys would actually have a chance of landing in bed.

Weeks went by and finally I got an ICQ message. He had found the perfect girl to headline his new network, Alyssa Doll. I took one look at her and I was blown away. She was perfect in every way!

Alyssa is quirky and full of energy. Personally I think that is a big plus. Lets be honest, when we go online looking for porn we want to have an experience we can’t get from our wives and girlfriends… You don’t go looking for a mistress who is boring and dull, you look for someone younger and full of energy, like Alyssa Doll.

Along with her great attitude, Alyssa has a rock hard body. Her skin is flawlessly tan and she obviously tans in the nude. A big plus because I have plenty of sunshine around my pool in the backyard. I can just imagine her on a raft wearing a skimpy bikini... The water droplets all over her beautiful skin. Her top coming off and her pert tits standing at attention. Her nipples as hard as rocks updates with fully nude content on a weekly basis. Alyssa takes requests for themed shoots directly from her members.

If you need a new girl in your life to start the new year right, try Alyssa Doll on for size!

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Joon Mali Camel Toe

A more perfect example of Natural Camel Toe I have yet to find!

Sure, any girl with a pussy crack can pull her panties up into it. And, yes, it looks great. For some reason it touches a nerve normally untouched. Some where deep down inside every warm blooded man there is this hidden hunger for camel toe. A hunger you didn’t even know you had until you have seen your first camel toe.

To get that oh-so-sexy natural camel toe a girl has to do a lot of prep. First she has to be born with a pussy that doesn’t resemble a pastrami sandwich. After that she has to shave her pussy bare around the crack. She can leave a landing strip up top but something poofy just won’t do. It’ll look like a neanderthal camel toe and no one wants to look at that.

Joon Mali is one of those lucky girls. She was born with a tight pussy resembling a vertical smile. She shaves her pussy very smooth and then rubs oil into it for a nice sheen.

You can watch crystal clear videos of Joon Mali masturbating her pussy at She updates her website with new videos and pictures of that smooth pussy and bubble butt three times a week. The videos are downlable and come in Windows Media, Real Player and Video IPOD formats. Perfect for the man on the go!

This asian teen also takes requests, but my favorites are when she open mouth kisses her friends like Lily Koh. Those two together make for a great pair of curious girls.

When you can’t make it to Thailand, brings Thailand to you!

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Trixie Teen Pool Hall Hustler

Wow… A pool hall junky begind the times… Why?

Do you want to know what? Because Trixie Teen is well worth it! If I could play a game of billiards and she could on top… well then…

Shit… you know.. I’d be on-top. But this ain’t a game of billiards or even a game of ping-pong… This is a game of do you love her or not?

Can you love someone you haven’t ever met? Can you put barely legal infornt of other things in your life? I restle myself with that question on a daily basis.

And… I have to say… on an overwhelming basis, I get it wrong… a lot… But I also get it right over half of the time too!

Take and her ability to make the bank shot. Who cares if that happens time and time again…. all you need to know is what happens more times than you can imagine.. and booyaa… Trixie Teen and I make a sale more times than not.

But I want you to make an informed decision. Dude, Trixie Teen is well worth your thrity dollars a month and you know it. So stop wasting your timestop wasting your girlfriends time and your mothers time.. get’er’done your fuck-tard!

And do it while you still have time to save face and act like nothing happened.. bye!

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