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Tara from MPL Studios has one of those virgin pussies you write home about. One look and you are hooked. It is time to call mom and dad and tell them you are brining a dinner guest this Holiday season. Their son has finally found a woman with a vagina worthy of marrying. Yes, you can marry a vagina!

Along with her virgin pussy Tara has a tight butthole that needs some stretching. Even a virgin pussy can’t match the tightness of a virgin bunghole. Shit, it can’t even match a used bunghole! (no pun intended)


From this position you can have your pick of the litter. You can even boink her little pussy for a bit to get your cock wet before pressing it into her butt. She might not be ready to receive your fat cock, but that just means you have to push a little harder. Harder! HARDER!


See, I told you it would fit.



These two virgin girls have been having sex for years, but they are still virgins. How can that be? Instead of letting boys put their dirty penises inside their little pussies these girls have sex with each other. Even though they accidentally broke each others hymens a long time ago they are still technically virgins.

Summer and Lexie still have interest in boys. They just don’t have sex with them. Even though they have practiced in various ways like improvising a strap-on dildo with household items or sucking a banana as a stand in for a cock, they are too shy to actually take things to another level with the boys they date.

Besides, boys often tease them about their small boobies. They say that the girls should get boob jobs to make their tits bigger. Both Little Summer and Little Lexie don’t mind each others small chests. They think they are cute and both girls spend countless hours making each other feel sexy about their boobs.

Watch the lesbian video where the girls kiss with tongue and then touch each other down below with their tongues as well. Both girls cum, but Summer is the loudest by far!



Her pussy might not be virgin but we can still dream right? That cleft of Venus belongs to Craving Carmen. She is willing to show you her pussy on her site and in her free webcam shows. She does four shows a month and you won’t believe how bald this girls pussy is until you watch her videos!

For a while I used to think that maybe the photographer was just removing any trace of stubble in Photoshop. But then her videos also have her equally bare pussy as well and I know the photographer isn’t going to edit those suckers frame by frame.

Carmen started modeling online in 2004 and I swear she doesn’t look like she has aged a day since. Well, okay



While I do have millions of sperm in me at any given time I can only ejaculate it a few times a day or my nuts hurt. Therefore I like to think of my sperm as a hot commodity. I don’t give them out to just anybody with a cooch. Ingrid from Wet and Puffy isn’t just anybody. She is a hot blonde from Hungary. Her body and face make my nuts painful because they need to blow. is one of those rare gems. The site has girls use odd objects like salad tongs to masturbate. An old girlfriend of mine used to use stuff from the kitchen as well as the bathroom. I watched her fuck the turkey baster once, but never got to see her masturbating with salad tongs.

Seeing Ingrid here I feel as though my life is now complete. And that is the beauty of the Internet.


This camel toe pic really brings me back. I enjoy looking at girls with camel toe. When I was in high school camel toe was considered gross. Not by me, by everyone else. I didn’t understand it. You get to see a girls pussy! These days it has caught on so much girls try producing camel toe for attention.


Ever seen a girl perform panty stuffing for you? I once had an old girlfriend that noticed me balling up her panties while looking at her pussy hole. She knew what I wanted to see. This young hottie asked me if I was thinking about putting them in her pussy and I nodded. The next thing I know she grabs them from me and starts stuffing them up her pussy until they are gone.

To make her magic trick that much more interesting she spread her pussy lips to show that the panties were indeed way the fuck up there. Then she inserted a finger and hooked a hem pulling then slowly back into view. My cock was painfully hard at that point. She told me to stroke it. She wanted me to cum before her panties got all the way out.

Of course I did as I was told and really jerked my cock hard. So hard it hurt. I wanted to cum quick like she had instructed, but I usually like to go slow. I am known for being able to last. I often give girls more than one orgasm before blowing my load.

As her panties reached the end and popped out of her pussy my cum wad splattered all over them and her pussy. I leaned in and shot some of my load directly on her clit. She flinched.


As the name would suggest the site Wet and Puffy gets the girls pussies very wet. Often the girls use things like pussy pumps to puff up their pussies and many of the girls have naturally puffy pussies.


A girl has to do what a girl has to do right? Finally Ingrid gets to masturbate with salad tongs. While in there she even uses them to spread open her pussy wide. You can see her pee pee hole, her clit, and the French tickler like folds of her vulva.

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This is something you probably could not pull of in the States. In Russia, however, it is pretty much anything goes. And in this case, the thing that is going bye-bye is a hymen on a virgin pussy. The girls name is Vika Lastochka and the site is called Defloration.TV.

They specialize in finding virgin girls looking to get into the porn business for some quick cash. Most of the girls will go on to do something like free teen cams or more porn if they enjoyed their first time experience.

Vika starts out a bit apprehensive, but after a short while she really warms up to the camera. Her polka dot print bra and panty set are adorable. You have to wonder how many times she dry humped a boy instead of letting him break her hymen in this lingerie set. I know I wouldn’t mind getting a lap dance from her!

When it comes time to expose her boobs to the world she again gets a little shy. Vika was always teased about being flat chested. She didn’t realize there were a large group of small tits fans out there that would really enjoy her perky little breasts.

Another sore spot in this girls self-consciousness is her little bum. Guys and girls always made fun of it calling her a little girl because she couldn’t grow a proper ass. Again, Vika had no idea lots of guys out there enjoy girls with a small tushy.

After showering Vika got to meet the male model that was going to deflower her virgin pussy. You can see her chest heaving as she breathes harder and harder out of excitement and trepidation. Most of the girls at her school said the first time will hurt a bit. A few said it only hurt in the beginning, but then it felt really good. Much better than masturbating.

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Two words that go great together. 18 Only Girls and virgin pussy. This here pussy belongs to Lily. In some of the videos she is a virgin and in others she has lost her cherry. It doesn’t matter which version of Lily you are watching, either way it is always as though you are watching an angel!

She has a body all women dream of having and most of them are jealous of not having. Her legs are long and slender without being too skinny. Her booty is cute without being all up in your face. Lily has small tits that are very perky. They are capped with pink nipples. But lets talk about what we really came here to talk about. Her virgin pussy!

Both before and after losing her cherry Lily has one beautiful pussy. Normally I stick to cleft of Venus pussy with little to no inner lips, but Lily has a nice clitoral hood and some little lips that barely stick out. I bet having them makes peeing a bit easier since they direct the little dribbles at the end down and away from her pussy.

With such a big clit Lily makes loving fun. She really enjoys rubbing it on things like table corners and boys penises. The videos at 18 Only Girls come in many formats including 1080HD so you can really enjoy watching that hard clit of hers rub itself into an orgasm.

The 18 Only Girls site updates daily and gives you access to other sites as well. There are hundreds upon hundreds of models and the vast majority are as cute or cuter than Lily. I know, it is hard to believe. But there are girls hotter than Lily.



I bet you can already feel her clit underneath your tongue. What do you think this virgin pussy on Little Bailey tastes like? Want to bet it doesn’t even taste like anything? Maybe suntan lotion or something, but without any oil on it I am pretty sure it tastes like the skin on her wrist or something.

This gallery from gets pretty darn nasty. After showing off her little slit she proceeds to suck her boyfriends cock. Since he is holding the camera it is as if Bailey is sucking on your doinger!

So as you look down and marvel at what you have done just remember Bailey is one of the good girls. She runs with the in crowd. That means you have a shot of banging all of her friends before the semester is over. Girls like Chloe 18 and Little Summer have some of the cutest little tits on the planet.


With a Premium GFs you get a network of girls willing to take your cum load into their mouths. Does it sound too good to be true? Dammit, man, quit being so fucking hard on yourself. These girls are scandalous and they don’t take no for an answer. Now get your cock out and let her suck it!



Do you know what your daughter is doing at this very moment? I will give you a hint. She is not on Facebook. She is not texting her friends from her softball team. She also is not studying for her test tomorrow. Your daughter is upstairs giving a webcam show to any guy that will watch her! And guess what? She is quite popular!

This girl with the virgin pussy is Angie from Total Super Cuties. You can find her 2257 information here. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry about it. They are documents that say she is legal. Though, this little cutie is barely legal to the max!

So how did Angie end up making porn videos on the Internet and doing cam shows for grades? Angie wasn’t exactly the cutest girl in school. She was very short and very skinny. Most people at her high school thought she was a seventh grader. That can take a heavy toll on a girls self-esteem.

In order to pick herself up Angie started flirting with the older guys that paid attention to her more and more. Soon she was trading web cam profiles and things just kind of spiraled from there.

Just about the only thing that gets Angie down is that most people don’t believe how old she is. Women especially. They do not want to accept that it is okay for their husbands to look at her nubile body. Don’t hate her because she is so beautiful. Just know that your husband is choosing to look at barely legal girls instead of the illegal ones and be happy!

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