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All of these girls have excellent boobs, but I am not interested in their boobs. I am interested in their cleft of Venus pussies. Each of them has a wonderful specimen of cleft of Venus pussy. So much so that they almost look like virgin pussy. And that is why I love women with a sexy, smooth cleft – they look like virgins for life!

That last girl with the dark hair reminds me of 60s Playboy Playmates. If only they had shaved back then. Imagine her in a wet bikini. You know the bottoms would be no match for her pudendal cleft.

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Cute girl with a virgin pussy and small tits posing at the beach.

This photo totally reminds me of a girlfriend from high school. She would always have some kind of bullshit test for me to do. When we first started dating she called me into her room. She had on a very low cut top that let her cleavage spill out. She asked me what colors her eyes were. Fuck if I knew! LOL

So the girl with the virgin pussy above is wondering is



We can’t all move to Scandinavia and hangout with teenage water nymphs as they are frolicking in rocks by the ocean. What we can do is bring that experience, and all of the heavenly camel toe it entails, to your computer, or smart phone, no matter where you are in the world. A nice trade off if I do say so myself.

I don’t know about you, but I have been a lot less stress free than I was before Internet porn existed. Back in my youth I was always having to go to liquor stores to buy porno mags or I’d have to go to an adult bookstore for the same. I always felt like such a douche bag in doing so. Now it is possibly to enjoy porn in the privacy of your own home. Alternatively you can enjoy it in private in your hotel room without the people at the front desk knowing you were viewing porn. Something that you cannot do when you order it from the hotel.

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Sure it is a nasty habit, but it is a habit every guy with a cock and a pulse has. You can always tell the ones that don’t exercise their porn muscles because they are the ones always hating on everything. Don’t be one of those morons. Take care of yourself by enjoying yourself with some girls that would normally be out of your league.

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Smoking hot Brazilian student Catarina Migliorini, 20, has decided to sell her virginity for close to 3/4’s of a million dollars. The lucky auction winner will bang this young cutie as part of a documentary by an Australian film maker.

I’ve heard of high priced pussy before, but nothing as costly as cracking this virgin pussy wide open!

Then again… the auction winner was from Japan. Maybe not cracking it wide open so much as giving it a shot.



Imagine if you will that Paris Hilton had a younger sister that did porn and was hotter than her actual younger sister is in real life. Dream about sucking on her cute little titties while her virgin pussy grips your hard cock so tightly it feels like it is going to pull that sucker right off of your body!

While we can only imagine what that would feel like in real life we don’t have to imagine how superbly hot this theoretical little sister would be. We can view her HD videos and look at her 22MP pics to enjoy her in the flesh (so to speak).


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Just in case you are thinking this site is a one hit wonder I found this for you to enjoy:


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Ovelia from FEMJoy may or may not have a virgin pussy. Either way, I am itching to taste that thing!

I am not sure why, but for some reason my brain is geared to enjoy pussy like that of Ovelia. I prefer no inner lips if possible. I have dated many girls in my life and when I finally found one with what I consider to be the perfect pussy I decided she was a keeper. Not that we got married or anything. I am not a pussy, I just like eating good pussy.

Perhaps the strongest reason for liking cleft of Venus style pussy is that when a girl wears a bathing suit and shaves this kind of pussy, her pussy will eat her bikini bottoms giving her a camel toe. It is like she isn’t even wearing anything at that point. You can totally make out what her pussy looks like! is filled with hot babes with virgin pussy, or, pussy that looks like it hasn’t had a dick in it yet!



Unlike wine and cigars, solo models don’t get better with age. They just get older and, more often then naught, less attractive. Ariel Rebel on the other hand does get better with age. She started out as one of the hottest barely legal babes on the planet and in the past few years she has only solidified her spot as the world’s top model!

Also unlike most other solo models, Ariel Rebel owns and operates her site. Ariel has studied both fashion design and web design and it shows. You can see her touches sprouting up all over her site and should expect to see more!

Ariel is about to open her own suite of solo models sites with girls she has picked personally. Boy, oh boy, does she have an idea for things that look good. One of the girls she picked is Belle Bond. So fucking hot!



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This is one of the youngest looking chicks you will see on the net, without worrying about getting a knock on your door.  Angie Cutie is so young looking that most porn providers have dropped her and her current provide has made her provide two identifications to verify her age.

So with that little piece of information please enjoy what Angie Cutie has to show you, you can let your inner creeper out for a minute and relax she is confirmed 18.  Just remember to put him back, nobody likes a creeper, not even other creepers.  Remember enjoy.



If there is one thing you can love about girls that look like jailbait, it is that they won’t land you in jail! Real Teenie Girls is filled with high school seniors and college coeds that look like 16 (year olds)…


teeniebeachgfs_com_5 teeniebeachgfs_com_2

So I used to write a lot about Obsessed With Myself. They had some of the best content on the net when it came to Spring Break, candid beach, nonnude jailbait, etc



When it comes to barely legal porn this site doesn’t mince words. It’s called 18 Only Girls and they have some pretty sweet young pussy waiting for you!

These barely legal teens definitely are not virgins. You know how they say some people are born with silver spoons in their mouths? Well… I ain’t gonna say it, but you know where this is going!

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Obsessed With Myself - Two girls playing in bed

Teen girls are fucking awesome. Give them something to drink, dare them to kiss, specify “kissing with tongue” and let the good times roll!

Obsessed With Myself stockpiles tons of barely legal teenage content for your enjoyment. They do more than just beach candids, they have pics and videos of girls going all the way with each other, themselves and their boyfriends!

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You have probably figured this out by now, but incase you haven’t, I am a total pervert. I was the kid that peeked in his neighbors bedroom windows. The kid that looked over the fence to spy on the girl next door as she sunbathed topless. My sperm have stained many walls in as many cities!

I really love these ex-girlfriend style sites. Slutty GFs is one of my favorites. Why? Because they update daily. That is important to me even if I can’t keep up with all of the updates. I like fresh porn and I also like archives.

To folks like me archives are like uncharted territory that might possibly contains a shipwreck or two. I love hunting for that little golden nugget of sweet porn that is going to allow me to finish the job happy.

At there are tons of candid pics that will get you off. They also have tons of amateur videos. With daily updates the numbers just keep growing by leaps and bounds!

Looking at the pic above… I used to hate chicks that smoke. Who wants to kiss a smoke stack? Then I learned that if I get drunk enough I don’t taste their cigarette breath and these types of girls are usually the slutiest. This is good because I don’t exactly look like a college football quarterback anymore.

So do yourself a favor. Get a password and keep dreaming of banging a slutty smoker. If that doesn’t do it for you, no problem. Slutty GFs have plenty of girls that don’t smoke… they just drink… sperm!




If there is one thing the porn world can use more off it is hot Indian teens. Asha Kumara in a bikini more than fits the bill. She has a deep dark tan, nice tits and a cute little butt.

Before Asha I hadn’t really given Indian girls much thought. Probably not my fault since there aren’t many sites that showcase them. This girl truly is an Indian Goddess. I think Indian teens bring a certain amount of grace to everything they do. Even when what they are doing is porn!

Hopefully Asha doesn’t get into a boat load of trouble over Indians customarily wear a lot more clothes than Asha is wearing on her site. But, things are changing so I am sure she will enjoy herself and all of the attention she is getting.

Members get not only videos and photos of Asha Kumara but also get games like strip poker featuring Asha! You also get to read her personal diary complete with candid photos of her activities and you get to Email her too.

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