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At which point does this young porn models cleft of Venus pussy stop and her amazing ass crack begin? I’ve been staring at her live video feed for the past hour and I cannot make that determination. What I can do is let you know that on the ladies go full nude and perform hardcore sex without you even needing an account. I cannot say that all of the virgin pussy you will find on this amazing site will look as good as Amylittlestar does. But I can say that this cutie wasn’t the only one I found. In fact I wrote about a sexy cleft of Venus pussy on not long ago. I had to do a double take because at first glance I would have sworn they were the same girls. If only we could get both of these ladies into the same show and watch them scissoring their hairless cunts together!


PeachJars has the power to make you weak in the knees and that’s just with one passing glance. This girl has it all and in just a few moments you’re going to be on top of the world. You might want to get comfortable for this, just make sure you have your hands where they should be if you get my drift.

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When I first spotted Peachjars Topless I honestly had to slap myself just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. She wants to be your cosplay girlfriend and unlike other girls, she won’t keep you in the dark. Just be ready for anything because that’s just how this cheeky GF likes to play. She will make your dreams come true but only if you tease her enough for it.

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So far I think you have done really well. You managed to control yourself around Peachjars but that might all be about to change. I’m not sure what you are going to do when you view Sami Sheen Nude, she might just be one of the few who turn out to be too hot for you to handle!

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There is something to be said about an untouched, perfectly pink virgin pussy. I’m sure this girl has had her hymen broken many times over, but it is nice to dream isn’t it?

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The ladies at FTV Girls all have something in common. They are all virgins to pornography and on this award winning site they break their digital porn hymens in a very big way.

Nina, the girl above, is a hottie of biblical proportions. Many different religious texts talk of virgins with pear shaped breasts and fuck me if Nina doesn’t have a set of them. If you ever wondered what exactly pear shaped breasts were, now you know!

FTV Girls isn’t just about having girls get naked. Any old site could do that. What makes this site special is that the girls are encouraged to do things they have always dreamed about, but were previously too scared to consider doing them. Girls experiment with public nudity, public masturbation, they have real orgasms and most do four to eight videos. Some even come back for encores.

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Jessie from Girls Out West is exactly the kind of girl we all hope to have at least a week or two with. You cannot tame a girl with her free spirit, but you can enjoy her company for a little while before she moves on


We get horny from time to time. That is why it is good that live webcam chat exists. You can explore your libido with girls who are horny too. All without technically cheating and while still allowing a girl to retain her virgin pussy for the love of her life at a later date.

The nubile teen above has one cute little cleft of Venus. Her perky tits are like young budding flowers. Soft, sexy and ready for your mouth and tongue.

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Sometimes I come across a picture or I have one sent to me that I have to post. This one was forwarded to my mailbox by a girl who wanted to give you all a merry Christmas. Originally she told me she was going to wax it smooth, but then she saw the 40 Year Old Virgin and it scared her a little bit. You have to admit getting waxed down there is a pretty big deal. I assured her that we are all happy just the same. Waxing or no waxing she has a mighty fine virgin pussy.

About an hour after she sent me the photo she begged for me to fix one little issue with it in Photoshop. She forgot to wear fresh panties so you can see just a little bit of pee stain in the crotch. Again, I assured her that was better than a fresh pair. Guys would be leaning into their monitors, phones and tablets the worldwide trying to sniff her pussy’s scent. Besides, most guys won’t even notice. Unless they read this text. Oops!

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Watching young girls like Tiny Tabby get frisky and show off their pussy in public is a total turn on. While most girls are a bit frigged with it comes to exposing their virgin pussy to random guys out on the street, every once in a while you find a little gem like Tabby that is ready and willing to make your day, your week, shit, your entire year!


For about six months I had a girl that would expose her young virgin pussy to me. We would meet in the same place each day acting like nothing was going on. But then she would find a perfect time when nobody else was looking to show me her love making tool. I never actually talked to her so I have no idea what happened to her. I am just grateful for the short time we had together.

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And here I thought I liked my job. For the past eight years I have made it my job to post the most succulent virgin pussy on the planet. Then I see that somebody has created a blog called Rate My V and I am sitting here wondering, why didn’t I think of that?

Boy you want to talk about creating a sweet ass job for yourself. This guy has women from around the world sending in pics of their coochie. Jesus, where was this idea back when I was a kid? Could you imagine that shit? You create a website and the next thing you know your inbox is flooded with pussy?

Now before you go thinking no girl is ever going to squat in front of a camera and take a picture of her pussy, then upload it to the Internet, let me remind you, girls are WAY more competitive than boys. It is just that girls go about competition in an underhanded way.

On the football field guys are slapping each other on the neck. Wrestling each other to the ground. Socking each other in the face at point blank range. Hoo-rah! On the cheerleading squad it is all different. They are putting ex-lax in each others drinks. Itching powder in the new girls panties. And yes, fucking each others boyfriends as a way to get back for a perceived misdeed.

So what does all of that have to do with pussy pics?

I’m getting to that kind sir!

When it all comes down to it the girls are actually in competition with themselves. That is why they have self-confidence issues. Girls love the Internet because so much of it is anonymous. What better way to get a buttload of compliments then to post a pussy pic on a website where guys can come in and rate it?

It is fucking genius! The chicks can’t resist knowing what guys think about their beaver. The guys get to look at hundreds of pussies. It’s a total win-win!

Ladies: Submit your pussy pictures!

Guys: Check out and rate pussy pics the ladies send in.

Either way this is going to be a wild night!

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You will never believe this. I was just thinking about Kara and how sexy her sweet little virgin pussy is when I get an Email. Inside the Email is a link to one of her galleries at MPL Studios. Talk about sweet coincidences!

Kara captured my lustful heart with her athletic body and her long limbs. While some guys might wish she’d grow some boobies already, I am just happy with her little tits. I think they look cute on her.

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No, this isn’t Daisy from the Dukes of Hazard. It’s not even Jessica Simpson for that matter. These Daisy Dukes belong to Ariel Rebel. I figured I’d post some photos of her from back when she had a virgin pussy.

Teenage girls love to flaunt their virgin pussies for boys and men. They will even show it off to guys they don’t even know!

One of my girl next door friends used to have a pair of those dark blue shorts made out of that really soft material where they are super short and have small slits on the outside of the leg holes. I think they are for soccer or running or something.


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