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I have been a pretty lucky guy when it comes to girls xPosing themselves to me. Out of every girl I have ever dated the vast majority enjoyed playing my public exposure games. Of course, no one will ever compare to the girl that taught me how to play.

It all started at a park. She was wearing a rather short skirt and as I went up the slide behind her I got a great shot of her panties being swallowed by her ass cheeks. I kept on insisting, ladies first.

Eventually she picked up on the fact that I was getting a free show and she abruptly turned around while on the ladder in front of me. This gave me a great view of her natural camel toe. Like a dumbass I just stood there and took it all in. She quipped the question, “Seeing enough or should I pull my panties over for you?”

Lucky for me my sub-conscious mind is just as perverted as my conscious mind, because I was in a trance. My answer was yes and to my surprise she honored the request. I had seen pussy in magazines before and on cable but never in person. There were a few people at the park doing other activities so she let her panties go and continued up the slide.

A few days later she invited me over for a swim in her pool. I arrived to find her already outside. She was apparently sunbathing for some time before my arrival. Her tan skin was bathed in oil. I had to fight myself to keep my dick from getting hard and making a fool of myself.

She suggested I take my shirt off and lay face down on the chair next to her. I did and she rubbed suntan lotion on my back and legs. My dick went into instant woody-mode. Once she had me lathered up she laid back down with her head facing in the other direction. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her if I tried.

My friend was on her back and her small tits pushed on her bikini top. I lifted my head to see further down and could see her pussy fold through her bathing suit. There is nothing better than a natural camel toe!

Once again I stared too long and she caught me checking her out. She told me to turn over so she could put suntan lotion on my chest. There was just one big problem. I had a raging hardon from checking her out. I suggested I stay on my stomach for a few more minutes to get a good tan on my back. She let me off the hook and put her head back down with a giggle.

This time I turned my head away from her to allow my hardon to go down incase she requested I turn over again and sure enough she made that request right about the same time my dick went soft.

I honored her request and turned over. She got on her knees next to me and noticed I was looking at her natural camel toe again. She stated that I might not want to do that while I am laying on my back.

She squirted some lotion into the palm of her hand and started rubbing her hands together. She looked down at me and said, “Somebody got pretty excited,” with a giggle.

I just looked at her stupefied and she pointed at my bathing suit. While I had that raging hardon some precum had soaked through my trunks. I was embarrassed and my face went red. She told me it was OK and suggested that we both jump into the pool so it would be like it never happened.

Once we were in the pool she suggested we skinny dip and proceeded to untie her top and throw it across the pool.

“Now it is your turn.”

I reached down and took off my trunks and she told me to toss them across the length of the pool. I did and she did the same with her bikini bottom. We were both naked in the pool. My dick went hard again.

At moments like these are easy to relive. You can also create new fantasies with the daily updates of pics and videos. There are dozens of categories filled with thousands of photos and hundreds of videos in the archives.

All of the girls at xPosing are amateur girls from next door. Tons of candids, self-shot, beach bikinis, drunk chicks, wet t-shirt contests, tight clothing xPosing natural camel toe and more!



Part of my job description is to look at hot babes and beautiful teens. I have to find something worthy of a whack session. Often I point you to the obvious like Gigi Spice or Emily 18 or Lili Jensen. But, sometimes I like less polished girls. Real girls. The girls from Abby Winters.

Sure Chloe and Paula are not Jordan Capri sized. Nor do they have a face and a tight body like Kylie James. What they do have is natural curves you won’t find anywhere else because nobody else has the balls to lay it all out on the line like Abby Winters does.

At girls are all natural. Nothing is faked including (and most importantly) the orgasms!

Abby Winters is several sites in one, when you take the join them all option which I suggest you do. In doing so you will have access to the worlds largest collection of true amateur videos and photos.

As a member of all three versions of Abby Winters you get 11 new videos a week, 7 new image sets a week, 3 new solo models, 2 returning solo models, 2 new girl-girl videos, 3 two-girl masturbation videos and 2 new one-girl masturbation videos. Plus, you get 8 years of Abby Winters archives!

The two-girl masturbation videos are like nothing you will see anywhere else. They pair two girls who often have never had sex with another girl and have them masturbate in front of each other! Raw emotions… giggles, lust, more giggles, infatuation, groping, rubbing, kissing, uh oh, did she just kiss a girl! You also get to see notes from the girls pre-session and post-session… HIGHLY EROTIC!

Single girl masturbation is way better than anywhere else because the girls are asked to masturbate. Not perform and moan extra loud and say, “yes, Yes, YES!”… You get to see what they do when they are thinking about YOU at night. These are the girls next door after all… so in all likelihood their boyfriends look just like you!

So if you are tired of the hardcore porn churned out of the large production houses, try something a lot more intimate at Abby Winters!



She has the looks of an angel. Her boobs are young and small, yet pert. You could lose your soul in her long hair. You know Emily18 is good for you, but will you be good to Emily 18? Can you get what you need from her without corrupting her?

Someone already seems to have corrupted this cutie because she decided to show it all. Previously members got up close and personal with Emily via her barely legal videos and her red hot pics. Now you can interact with Emily 18 in her private message board and see her sugar and spice in the members area as well!

With three updates a week there is a lot of exploring to be done once you join. And while you are spending countless hours in the archives you turn around and there are more updates! The process starts all over again!

All total there are over 400 picture sets featuring Emily and three shy of 190 videos. I say this every time I review her site but, the pool video is the best! Her barely legal, soft, tan skin… Her small tits with the pool water washing over them. Her hardened pink nipples!

How many more reasons do you need to give this girl a try?



There is nothing like a good pantyjob to perk up your day. I used to have a girlfriend that was an expert in giving them. My current GF tries, but nobody will ever compare to my first pantyjob girl.

What made her so special? Well, she used all of the tricks in the book. And maybe it is because she was also my first sex partner.

While I spent a good length of time dreaming about my next panty job from her, it seemed like she spent her time dreaming up how she would perform it. Finding a girl that dedicated to my enjoyment and at such an early age was like hitting the lottery!


One thing about her that really stood out was her ability to mix the right amount of lotion, oil and/or water to counteract the level of softness in the material. Water? Yeah… She was the one that taught me water and oil don’t mix… in her own special way.

I always enjoyed seeing her pussy crack through her see thru panties. However, see thru panties can also be quite scratchy. She would soak them in warm water and wring them out lightly. Next she’d spread something thick like Cocoa Butter all over my penis.

When those warm panties met my cock skin fireworks went off! She’d always have me sit opposing her with both of us spreading our legs so we both had a good look at the others genitals. Feeling those warm, soft panties slide on my cock with her firm grip squeezing me while I had a full view of her bare naked pussy was almost too much. I’d cum in under a minute!


Some of the best times were when she’d ride me with her panties on. She’d rub her hot pussy on my cock and hold her panties against the other side making a pussy and panty sandwich.

Nobody understands the pantyjob niche like! They update weekly with new pics and a video of the panty job encounter. Plus, you also get access to their other teen themed sites Panty Girls, Sport Babes, Cheer Girls and more!

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