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It isn’t exactly clear who set this hidden video camera up and recorded this, but it is safe to say what is going on here. This virgin pussy Indian is losing her virginity to her uncle. He isn’t rough about it, but you can tell she doesn’t want to upset him. Maybe in the past he struck her or threatened her. To say that girls in India have it rough would be an understatement.


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checking his daughter virgin or not

It might seem crude if you are from the States, but in the Indian culture it is very important that a girl be married off as a virgin. So it wouldn’t be a surprise to anybody in India for a father to show his perspective son-in-law that her hymen is still intact over a webcam.

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indian and pakistani girls virgin pussy

As you may already know the parents of girls from India and Pakistan are very resilient in their efforts to guard their daughters’ virginity. But the girls are being exposed more and more to Western television, movies and culture. Add to that the fact that even cheap cell phones come equipped with decent cameras and you have all of the trappings for something bad to happen.

When you want to see virgin pussy Indian girls are the best. They keep their pussies baby smooth. So do the Pakistani girls. Things are good even after they have several children because they still keep their vaginas bare. Some even go so far as to use special concoctions that stop the growth of hair in their pubic area. This keeps them looking the part even when they have lost their virginity hundreds of times over.

Men in India and Pakistan are no different than men in America. They kiss and tell just like anybody else would. View their uploaded Indian GF Videos and watch them break their GFs hymens in homemade Bollywood pornos!

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Indian fathers will go through hell and back to make sure their daughters maintain their virginity. It is customary that girls be married off only if they have a hymen. Otherwise the girls may go unmarried for life. In cases where the girls aren’t married off and seem to be sticking around past their prime some fathers will take it upon themselves to pop their daughter’s cherry. When you think about it there is some sense to be made. If he is going to end up paying for her now he might as well go through the same ritual sex as her husband would have enjoyed.

Watch this Indian girl lose her virgin pussy to her daddy.

Private Indian Porno is home to the world’s largest collection of Indian porn. Topics range from defloration to Bollywood sex scandals. The members area is a mix of stolen sex tapes from private citizens and the Bollywood elite. On top of that they have an extensive collection of self produced Indian porn with leading Indian porn stars. Not an easy thing to do in a country where porn is outlawed!

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I get a lot of guys searching for Indian girls so I figured I would throw up a gallery from Asha Kumara. She has the most beautiful dark skin I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. Her boobs are perky and she has a very sexy virgin pussy. Yes, a virgin pussy!

One of Asha’s stipulations for doing her site is that she is not going to break her hymen for anybody. She wants to get married some day and Indian’s are pretty big on having that thing intact. The nice thing for you is that she has been online now for a few years and you still get to see it.



You can see she started modeling when she was barely legal with that bikini picture above. She is a little older now, but still looks young enough to check her I.D. before banging her.

Now I have to misspell some shit because Indian misspell their queries when they search for her all of the time. Indian pussys, Indean pussy, Indian girls, Indian ggirls, Indian pussies. is loaded with her pictures and videos. Make sure to give it a try. If you like Indian girls or just like dark skinned girls she is their version of Emma Watson.




If there is one thing the porn world can use more off it is hot Indian teens. Asha Kumara in a bikini more than fits the bill. She has a deep dark tan, nice tits and a cute little butt.

Before Asha I hadn’t really given Indian girls much thought. Probably not my fault since there aren’t many sites that showcase them. This girl truly is an Indian Goddess. I think Indian teens bring a certain amount of grace to everything they do. Even when what they are doing is porn!

Hopefully Asha doesn’t get into a boat load of trouble over Indians customarily wear a lot more clothes than Asha is wearing on her site. But, things are changing so I am sure she will enjoy herself and all of the attention she is getting.

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