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panties biting into her pussy

When it comes to girls and masturbating nothing beats being there to see their first exploits in pleasuring themselves. While Wow Girls Monroe isn’t a true virgin you can see how her virgin pussy, or very close to looking like one, would conjure up some good memories about girls and masturbation.

One of the girls I used to hangout with a lot had some pretty chill parents. Where most moms would chaperone you throughout their house making sure your aren’t playing doctor with their daughters this mom was so relaxed about everything I almost suspected she wanted us to learn about each other through experimentation. Once I even caught her watching us. It is only now that I have come to realize she was masturbating while she was spying on us!

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, so this little blonde cutie with a sprite body would have me over for play dates all of the time. On one particular day I came over and the front door was already open. Her mom liked to air out the house. I walked in and her mom smiled at me holding her finger to her lips requesting that I be quiet. She informed me that her daughter was sleeping and that I should quietly go over to her door and keep inside to see if she had awaken yet.

Normally I would have thought nothing of it, but her mom had this mischievous grin she couldn’t seem to shake. Something was up!

As I crept down the hallway I fully expected her daughter to jump out and surprise me or something. I quietly peaked around the corner and slowly crept to her bedroom door. From inside her room I could hear a rustling sound and little yelps. I thought maybe her puppy was playing on her bed. Nope!

My friend was lying on her back pulling her panties up into her pussy super hard. My dick instantly went hard. I was wearing sweats and I was pitching a tent. Fearful of her mother coming and seeing me this way I lifted my hardon up so my waistband would hold it in a less prone position.

I could hear a lot more rustling and went back to checking on my friend. Now she was on her stomach with her ass up in the air. From her knees she humped her pelvis back and forth. I couldn’t see what she was doing exactly, but I imagined she was somehow humping her hand. Without even realizing it I gave my cock a squeeze. Precum squirted out blotting into my shirt. Dammit!

young girl fingering her pussy in bed

I so badly wanted to jerk off while watching her, but her mom was home. As quietly as I had crept to the door I exited back down the hallway to see what her mom was doing. She was grabbing some things and putting them into a bag. She suddenly turned around and smiled at me before telling me she was going to head on over to my house to show my mom some new recipes she had found. Before leaving she looked at the precum on my shirt and smiled again.

Now that she was gone I hurried back over to my friend’s bedroom door. She was really moving now. I could see sweat building up on her upper lip. Her breathing was very heavy. I didn’t have much time. Yanking my pants down I began to tub on my cock. With a little timing and some bucking of my own hips I imagined we were fucking even though I wasn’t exactly sure what that was yet.

When I could feel my cum swelling up my balls I headed into the bathroom. Once inside a pair of bright yellow panties caught my eye. They were my friends. I picked them up to see if she had worn them. Sure enough she had. There was a snail track where her pussy touched them. I sniffed it in and it smelled like pee and something else. I didn’t know what, but I wanted more of it!

Lost in a lust induced trance I didn’t notice my friend was watching me as I shot my cum into their toilet with her panty crotch fully engulfing my nose. Once the blood went back into my head and reality set it I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw my friend in the corner of my eye.

We had a lot to talk about after that!

Wow Girls is filled with the kind of girls and situations that breed fantasy. You won’t be left wanting on this site!


super smooth virgin pussy cleft of venus

Whenever I come across such a perfect specimen of a cleft of Venus pussy I have to post about it. My entire mind wraps around its structure. The beauty of it. The artistic qualities of the lines as they wrap around curvaceous hemispheres. It is a sight to behold. A mystery to be investigated.

The last time I saw a pussy this exquisite I was in college. The girl was a fellow classmate. She worked out daily. We both did. Sometimes we would work out six days a week, twice a day. For the first year we were together we fucked three times a day. Her pussy was so pink and perfect. The cleft was as perfectly formed as the virgin pussy above.

My girl wasn’t a virgin unfortunately. Actually, that might have been a good thing. Her pussy would have been so pristine I might not have wanted to fuck it.

If I had a nickel for every hour I spent licking it!

This pussy belongs to one of the girls on They update daily with several different sets and videos for several different girls. Their archives are filled with amazing specimens of cleft of Venus pussies. If you haven’t taken a look at them yet here is your personal invitation.

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