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If there is one thing the porn world can use more off it is hot Indian teens. Asha Kumara in a bikini more than fits the bill. She has a deep dark tan, nice tits and a cute little butt.

Before Asha I hadn’t really given Indian girls much thought. Probably not my fault since there aren’t many sites that showcase them. This girl truly is an Indian Goddess. I think Indian teens bring a certain amount of grace to everything they do. Even when what they are doing is porn!

Hopefully Asha doesn’t get into a boat load of trouble over Indians customarily wear a lot more clothes than Asha is wearing on her site. But, things are changing so I am sure she will enjoy herself and all of the attention she is getting.

Members get not only videos and photos of Asha Kumara but also get games like strip poker featuring Asha! You also get to read her personal diary complete with candid photos of her activities and you get to Email her too.

So what are you waiting for, a signed invitation?


Going on five years in the adult webmaster business I have seen a lot of things. Some of those things I wish I had never seen. A niche I steer clear of like the plague is the twink niche. That is where barely legal boys shave themselves, drop down to 125 pounds and dress in something akin to a Hooter’s girl uniform. At the webmaster forums it is hard to miss these guys because they are running around making asses out of themselves. Think back to fourth grade…

So why bring up twinks on my teen girl blog? Because finding sites where barely legal girls do such things is damn fucking hard! But… never one to give up on a task, I found just such a frolicking girls site called Sexy GOA. It even comes complete with a rainbow banner!

Unlike those gay sites this one is full of hot babes acting foolish. When chicks do such things we call it flirting. It is damn sexy and it brings out the voyeur in everyone!

There are a lot of art sites out there. fuses that art site feel with uninhibited female attraction. And since there are no guys around, they have no one to exert that pent up sexual aggression on except for themselves. That is when things gets pretty steamy!

Sexy GOA features daily updates of fresh footage from the lives of nude teen girls. Everything is exclusive. This isn’t that nudity bullshit or an aggregation of everything you have ever seen in the past. This is all shot for and by the people at

So what is GOA? GOA is an all female resort with strict age requirements. Girls sign a waver knowing that everything they do will be videotaped and photographed. Just like your usual Spring break madness the girls at GOA get pretty crazy. Only, at GOA, Springbreak is a year-round thing!



I would like to start out by praising the Lord for two things. Hot nude women and nude beaches to enjoy them at. Do I Love the Beach? You had better fucking believe I do!

I also love the Internet! With the Internet you can save a ton of money by not having to fly to places like the French Riviera and St Tropez. All you have to do is grab yourself a pass to and they bring the hot ladies to you!

Not only do they bring you tons of women in beach candid pics, but they also have video too. We are talking both crystal clear high definition videos and lower definition for those that don’t have high speed Internet connections yet.

This isn’t one of the usual beach candid sites that regurgitate the same old content. I Love the Beach shoots all of their own content and anything they purchase they get the exclusive rights to. They update 5 times a week and you can see some samples on the tour.

Members can contribute their own content to the site. Currently it boasts over 10,000 images of nude beach bliss and over 1,000 movie clips for your jacking enjoyment. Stop imagining the worlds finest women and start watching them at I Love the Beach right now!


Time to get back to the basics. By that I mean we are going to talk about a web site where things are a bit toned down and down right artsy. Nude photography with an intimate twist.

We are talking about Abby Winters and Elizabeth is a good example of what Abby Winters is all about. Real girls and real intimacy. Nude photography that harkens back to the days of yore. A time when girls could be girls and that was plenty good enough.

While Abby does have some stunners, most of the girls are from the take me as I am store. A nice detour from the fake breasts and pounds of makeup most sites are pushing. The Abby Winters girls are all natural and born and bread in the rural areas of Australia. If you are a fan of the Aussie accent you will be in heaven here!

Abby strarted out very softcore but has since branched out a little. I touched on intimacy being displayed a bit earlier and now it is time to dig a little deeper.

The Abby Winters videos depict the girls in various stages of undress. Mostly you could say there is some teasing going on. Lots of upskirts and panty shots. However, at least half of the updates include masturbation now. We are not talking the fake, ohhh, oooh, ahhh, yes, yes, yes, bullshit kind. We are talking a girl sits, lays or gets comfortable in her own way and shows you how she does it when she thinks no one is watching. The orgasms are real!

Along with solo masturbation there are those intimate moments when two girls masturbate for the first time in front of each other! Usually they begin by asking each other detailed questions about their prefered techniques or when they first started masturbating or when they first had sex… the list goes on. Then they get down to business. Sometimes the girls skip the doing themselves and they open the flood gates on one another. Things get really heated then! And, as always, the orgasms are real!

Abby Winters is a one of a kind site. You won’t find anything even remotely like this any where else. Abby Winters is a true gem!

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Neighbors Daughter Naked

Back when I was in my mid twenties I had a neighbor with a killer looking daughter. She had just turned eighteen and was about as smart as a block of cheese. Anyhow, she liked to come over to my pad and see what I was doing in the backyard all the time. No big deal. She was a pleasure to look at.

So one day she comes back there wearing a one piece bathing suit and I am in the garage sorting some nuts and bolts. She comes in the door and starts looking around. I pay her no attention until I hear here gasp. Then I remember… I left the drawer open in a dresser where I keep my Playboys. Oops.

I didn’t know what to expect. Her eyes opened wide and I guess I expected her to say, "Eww!" and run out of there. Instead she reached in and started thumbing through one, pausing a long time on the centerfold. Then thumbing some more.

She had picked up an issue where they go to colleges and take pics of the girl next door types. She looked up at me and smiled. I asked her what was so amusing and she asked me if I thought she was as good as the girls in the magazine. I put my finger up and swirled it around and she got the message.

She started a slow turn around and when she faced the other way she bent over far enough to show me her crotch from behind. She looked back at me and I nodded. She finished turning around and got an inquisitive look on her face, paused, dropped the magazine and then bolted. Now I really didn’t know what to expect!

She returned with a polaroid camera! She motioned for me to follow her and we both went into my backyard. It was a sunny day. She gave me the camera and then jumped in the pool. She then came over to the side and lifted herself out far enough that I could see her hard puffy nipples easily through the fabric of her bathing suit. I quickly took a picture.

Next, she swam to the steps and did some poses. Then she pulled her top down and leaned back on her arms looking into the wind. Her tits were amazing. Eva Virgin in the photo above has the same tits. Puffy nipples and perfectly pert. Plus she had the same blonde hair. The resemblance is uncanny!

My neighbor’s daughter never did show me her pussy but Eva Virgin will show you hers. Each week adds another barely legal photo set and video to the site. This girls body is simply amazing. Her videos have that rough amateur feel. You almost feel like you are there video taping her!

As an added bonus Eva Virgin members get access to some springbreak feeds. Just in time to wet the whistle before the real spring break starts up!

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Eva Virgin

Barely Legal

Isn’t that an inviting picture? Flexi Becky reminds me of a girl I dated in college. She was a freshman and so-so-green. You know the type. Old enough to go to college and young enough to think she already knows it all.

This girl would do anything to please me. So one night I got out the camera and asked her to pose like the girls she saw in my Playboys. I think she figured I’d throw out those Playboys once I had pictures of her. Like I wouldn’t need them anymore. Well… she is long gone, but those Playboys still come in every month like clock work.

I tried to get her fully nude and I have to give props to those Playboy photographers because I found it impossible. I did however get her into her panties. She later admitted that it made her feel really excited to show off her small tits for the camera. I still have those photos. I wish I could find her and get a model release so that I could post them here!

Until then, there is filling in. Becky is a retired Russian gymnast. You might be wondering about the retired part. Gymnasts have to conform to a very tight set of specs. Believe it or not Flexi Becky no longer conforms.

So what is a girl to do when she is extra flexible and that is about where her skill set ends? Why, porn of course! Unlike Western women Becky isn’t afraid of sexual taboos. She knows she is catering to fans of barely legal girls and she flaunts her petiteness like it is a badge of honor.

Another thing that sets her apart from most girls is that she goes all the way. And I do mean, all the way! There are just as many sets of Becky performing oral and taking a hard cock as there are of her masturbating on video.

Video updates come in weekly with a new picture set to go with it. Everything is shot digitally and in very high resolutions. We are talking about pics with 3000 pixels across. That is larger than my 24 inch monitor! You can really, really, reaaally zooooooom in tight on this girls private parts. Plus, her videos are 1280×720 which is about the same size as most 19 inch monitors. These videos are big enough to burn her to a DVD and put her on your wide screen TV!

Time for me to get a warm towel. See you in the members area!

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Flexi Becky

Jillian Jaimies

If that ass isn’t sweet and natural then I don’t know what is. Jillian is the neice of the actual Sweet Natural Girl, Jaimy.

When the original SweetNaturalGirl girl got too old to be called a girl her niece took over. Like most solo girl webmasters the owners were smart enough to shoot Jaimy’s photos and videos in advance. So while Jaimy is gone, you still get updates of never before seen sets for the next three years. That is what I call smart people.

On top of getting Jaimy’s sets for years to come you also get Jillian’s new sets. So now you have a website with two models. I talk a lot about win-wins and I think this site is another win-win.

The pics over at are shot in 1500×1000 resolution so you get to see every nook and cranny of these lovely teens. With weekly updates you get more and more to look at. Since Jaimy had been carrying the site for three and a half years you have over 180 of her sets ready and waiting.

Both girls are panty/bikini models. While they started out doing very softcore, they transitioned into doing very risque as time went on. New sets feature the wicked weasel bikinis. You know the ones… Get em wet and they are see through. Patches of fabric just barely large enough to cover anything. If you are into panty/bikini models then you will be in heaven.

Both Sweet Natural Girls show plenty of camel toe. Really the only thing between you and their no-no parts is your imagination!

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Sweet Natural Girl

Girl Cum!