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Going on five years in the adult webmaster business I have seen a lot of things. Some of those things I wish I had never seen. A niche I steer clear of like the plague is the twink niche. That is where barely legal boys shave themselves, drop down to 125 pounds and dress in something akin to a Hooter’s girl uniform. At the webmaster forums it is hard to miss these guys because they are running around making asses out of themselves. Think back to fourth grade…

So why bring up twinks on my teen girl blog? Because finding sites where barely legal girls do such things is damn fucking hard! But… never one to give up on a task, I found just such a frolicking girls site called Sexy GOA. It even comes complete with a rainbow banner!

Unlike those gay sites this one is full of hot babes acting foolish. When chicks do such things we call it flirting. It is damn sexy and it brings out the voyeur in everyone!

There are a lot of art sites out there. fuses that art site feel with uninhibited female attraction. And since there are no guys around, they have no one to exert that pent up sexual aggression on except for themselves. That is when things gets pretty steamy!

Sexy GOA features daily updates of fresh footage from the lives of nude teen girls. Everything is exclusive. This isn’t that nudity bullshit or an aggregation of everything you have ever seen in the past. This is all shot for and by the people at

So what is GOA? GOA is an all female resort with strict age requirements. Girls sign a waver knowing that everything they do will be videotaped and photographed. Just like your usual Spring break madness the girls at GOA get pretty crazy. Only, at GOA, Springbreak is a year-round thing!

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