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That looks like some of the sweetest, tastiest teen pussy just waiting to be licked. Don’t it?

The teen pussy pictured above belongs to Sammy Sin, one of the hottest blondes in porn. Sammy reminds me of that girl that was on the MTV game show back in the 90’s. Jenny McCarthy I think her name was. Fun, inspirational… The kind of blonde you can introduce as your neice and everyone gets the picture.

Sammy has the kind of natural beauty you can only find on a sandbar at the river during spring break. Her hips are out of this world. Firm and thick at the same time. Her tits are pert and her nipples are perfect. No other way to describe them… just perfect! updates regulary and has no download limits. You can buy a month and rip the entire website. But wait… there is more!

Not only do you get Sammy Sin for one low price but you also get five more sites at no additonal cost. Not cheap teaser websites or lame grainy video bonus crap. These are full blown sites like and like I said, no additional fees!

You are about to score more teen pussy then you know what to do with!

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Barefoot Cam Girls Leigh

Warning: This porn site review is for a website with no nudity, yet it is so full of teasing babes it will give you a raging boner. Read further at your own risk!

Slumber parties, tight fitting clothing, visable bra lines, visable panty lines, upskirt shots, Indian-style panty shots, naked teen bathtub pics and bare feet. What’s not to love?

Welcome to Barefoot Cam Girls. The only website to wrestle away my hard earned $19.99 without showing me a single boobie. How did they do it? Read on!

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time then you should know that I have a thing for chicks in panties. Believe it or not I would rather see a girls pantied pussy over seeing her naked pussy anytime. Why? I dunno… Fucked up childhood I guess…

Well, the doctors would say it was fucked up. I on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Either by just being in the right place at the right time or by being insanely lucky, I managed to get a glimps of my fare share of girls wearing panties. Spin the bottle, strip poker, you name it, I did it. And it all paid off in the end.

Sometimes you just get lucky though…. Like the time I was watching TV over at a neighbors house. They were watching me while my parents were on vacation. Their daughter was several years older than me so I never had a chance when it came to talking or out playing her into showing me her panties. But one lucky night all of that changed.

She was used to not having boys running around so one night she came downstairs to watch TV wearing one of her dads white t-shirts and a pair of silky panties. Light blue silky panties with some white lace trim to be exact. How did I know the color and the style? Her dads t-shirt was one of those thin under shirts… it was quite revealing!

So her parents are up stairs doing who knows what and she sits infront of the TV. I am back on the couch and eventually she decided to lay down on her tummy facing away from me. After bouncing her feet in the air, as girls do, her t-shirt eventually rode so far up her legs that I could see her panty covered ass!

Talk about being in heaven! I sat there mezmerized for about 10 minutes before I realized that she didn’t even remember I was in the room. She had gotten so used to being the only child that she had forgotten about me. At the same time I realized this, I also realized that my boner was aching for some attention.

I eventually built up enough nerve to jack off. When it came time to cum I pulled off a sock and used it to catch my load of sperm. Right after I cleaned up she got up for a glass of water and was stunned to see me sitting there. She asked me why I didn’t tell her I could see her panties but I couldn’t even speak. She huffed and went back up stairs. Damn what a sweet time that was.

And so now you know how got my $19.99 without showing me any boobs. There is plenty to think about without actually having to see them. In fact, your idea of what they look like is often better than the real thing anyway. I have actually cancelled several solo model memberships when the girl finally did show me her pussy. It didn’t look anything like I imagined it did and I actually felt cheated!

Barefoot Cam Girls does not update anymore. I repeat, it does not update anymore and therefor the memberships do not rebill on their own. Awesome for me because I always forget to cancel.

So why join a "dead website?" Well, for starters there is the 500 galleries, the 200 models and the 135 videos they have amassed. The girls range in types from the girl nextdoor to the hottie you will never ever get (hey, neither will I but that’s what these websites are for, right?).

All of those videos and all of those picture sets of girls wearing tight clothing, showing their panties off (often in public), sucking their toes, sucking each others toes and genuenly teasing the cum out of you… why wouldn’t you join?

Hurry, get your Barefoot Cam Girls password today and download this addictive archive of porn to your hard drive before they close the site entirely!

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Beach Candids Bikinis

If you are anything like me, you enjoy girls that look like the girl nextdoor. The real girls that you see on a daily basis. The girl you go to school with or the girls you see at a local college. In all shapes and sizes. Both big boobs and small tits. is the perfect place for guys like you and me. There are plenty of hot bodies to look at with five updates a week! You can check out girls in clothing tight enough to show visable thong panty lines or you can look through their massive collection of candid nude beach photos.

There is always something interesting being posted at Beach Candids and not just pictures, they have video too! Crisp, defined, detailed hi-rez videos. Plus the pictures are also hi-rez. At 1200×1600 or larger, we will have you counting the goose-pimples on a girls nipples.

And the best part of it is that Beach Candids is only $19.95 a month! The price is so low and the updates are so good I have been letting it rebill since New Years Eve.

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teen barely legal
teen teen

So as I am readying up this post my girlfriend walks in and comments that Brooke Skye is too damn skinny. She says that Brooke is practically a wafe. And I quip back to her, "Wow, am I detecting a hint of jealousy?" Folks…. let’s just say that I am writing this post with a fat lip!

Well, I took one for the team and who cares if Brooke skips meals, for the team, her body is rock solid. I am sure my girlfriend isn’t the only girl out there that is jealous of Brooke’s gravity defying small tits or her spankable little hiney.

Personally I am jealous of this girls bankroll. She must make a lot of guys happy month to month! Cha-Ching! updates every two or three days with fresh amateur content shot in high def… so the girl is amateur but the content is as professional as it gets.

Updates come in photos and videos like everyone else but Brooke also does webcam shows and can go private if you dare. Unlike most girls Brooke offers a 3-Day Trial Password for only $1.00 so if you are the bargain hunting type, here is your bargain!

Bargain hunter or not, this girl has been on the web for years and with updates as often as she does them that means you are getting a huge archive of content here. I am going to get some ice for my lip, but while I am gone you give Brooke Skye a try!

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Lesbian Girls

Young college coeds flirting with each other wearing nothing but skimpy panties. Is young love grand or what?

Incase you have been vacationing on the planet Neptune, this here is Courtney Lightspeed. The Lightspeed girls are some of the hottest girl nextdoor types you will ever find on this planet. Sure, there are girls out there who could show them up, but are they on the internet? Do they have websites built around them? No? Then lets get back to Courtney shall we?

As I was saying, watching girls frollicking around in skimpy panties is damn hot. But not as hot as watching girls in skimpy panties kiss. That is even hotter and that is what you can get week after week with these lightspeed girls. Lots of panties, lots of teens kissing and lots of spent tissue…

Now the folks over at are running an awesome deal. When you pay an extra $5 you get access to 5 girl’s sites. And when you pay an extra $10 you get the whole entire F-ing network!

Trust me, you will need a new dick three months into this bargain because the one sitting infront of you right now is going to get worked down into a tooth pick when you are finished with it. But it doesn’t need to end this way… Get some good lube and a Fleshlight, the worlds only male sex toy and you can get one of the most realistic fuck-jobs from Courtney Lightspeed you will ever get in your life.

What are you waiting for? A signed invitation?


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Girl Cum!