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I am a sucker for Russian teens. You can take that literally if you’d like. I know I’d like it.

The hot blonde above is Sasha and I am not sure about her friends name. If you look close enough you can see Sasha’s panties showing through from beneath her skirt. I love those natural panty lines, don’t you? I used to date a girl back in the day that always wore skirts like Sashas and her panties always showed through. Instant woodie!

Another favorite of mine is small breasted teens that like to kiss each other. There is something about two barely legal teens going at it that does it for me. Sasha Blonde has an unbelievably cute body and with bobby-socks on you’d think she was underage. I can assure you she is all legal though (even though the website is run by Russians).

At, Sasha isn’t the only hot teen body you will see. Sasha has loads of hot girlfriends and she is always including them in her sexual exploits. When Sasha isn’t playing spin the bottle with her girlfriends she is masturbating like most teenagers do. She uses her fingers, dildos, heal of her foot, water and just about everything else you can think of.

I have to tell you, even though the Russians fucked up everything else on the Internet, Sasha Blonde is Russian teen porn done right. Right as in right on target! And don’t worry about those damn communist bastards obtaining your credit card number, the actual processing is done by CCBILL. A company that is widely respected and currently processes about 40% of all adult transactions.

Fucking hallelujah, now you can jack off to Russia’s hottest teens and keep your credit card safe all at the same time! Take that, you communist bastards!

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