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Beach Candids Bikinis

Why do we love beach candids so much? Actually, I should say any teen candids because with fashion going the way it has been going lately, coeds are walking around with not much more than a bikini now-a-days!

My theory on the average guys obsession with beach candids is that you have a sense you are a part of the scene. You aren’t really fantasizing because all you need to do is go to a beach and BAMB! You are surrounded by pretty girls in skimpy bikinis.

I almost opened a Beach Candids website once. A few years ago a buddy and I worked a job that put us at the beach a few times a day so we swapped the guts of a camera with a cell phone. Just like that we could walk down the beach talking and snapping pictures and no one had any idea of what we were doing. This was before the time of cell phones with cameras already in them of course.

The pics were great. At the time four megapixel was the norm so they blew away anything you can now get out of a cell phone camera. This thing was great for the upskirt shots too. We disabled the flash and tweaked the timer down to 5 seconds. If we saw a girl walking up we could set it on the floor and she would walk right by it without knowing it was photographing her.

Well… At the time we didn’t know anything about being webmasters or setting up accounts to charge people for access or any of that so we just enjoyed our own personal work.

Now you don’t have to go through such hassles because does all of the work for you! All you have to do is get a password and start clicking away (with a mouse). isn’t just about pics either. They have plenty of candid video footage that is super crisp and without all of that jarring and moving around. No sense in getting a headache due to someone walking with a video camera. This shit is crystal clear DIV-X video!

The guys at Beach Candid capture girls in bikinis and tight clothing, plus they also get them topless and sometimes completely nude! If you have a voyeur streak in you this candid site is going to make you a very happy voyeur!

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Ann Angel Pink

When you click on the free Ann Angel gallery above, scroll down and make sure to absorb the free picture gallery and not the gallery design itself. This gallery was created back when she was just getting on the net and the design looks hideousAnn Angel looks flawless though in her pink baby-tshirt, and that is all that matters, right? is home to one of the hardest working amateur models on the Internet. Ann is 19 years old and trying to make it big as a nude model, possibly cross over to becoming a professional nude model in Playboy.

Make sure to hit the PREVIEW button at because her tour has her newer designs and picture sets. Ann’s ass is so fucking sweet. You can’t get any finer than her ass.

Ann Angel has over 174 galleries in her members area and she is a very photogenic model. She can look like your sisters friends in high school in one shoot and in the next she can look like your 25 year old secretary that you’d love to invite on a "business trip."

Ann is big on doing requests for her members and is very involved in her website. Like I said, she is the hardest working amateur model on the net!

Ann is such an angel, she only charges $19.99 per month and if you buy memberships in two month cycles you can get it for as low as $17.50! Who else is giving away memberships for this price? No one! And that is why has become one of the nets fastest growing websites!

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Jenny Reid

The gallery is named Cute Teen and her name is Jenny Reid.

Is she cute? Heck yes!

Why is she cute? Well, that depends on who is looking at her. Personally I like her eyes and her lips. And… I would have to mention her hair.

But seriously… Lets talk about what really turns us on about her. Jenny has a bangin body. She looks like a nubile barely legal teen. Her tits are small and pert and her ass in chubby yet firm.

Jenny makes that perfect doe face. She looks like a little cute and cuddly baby deer. A natural beauty caught in your lustful headlights.

Her website,, adds a new video of her every week and new picture sets twice a week. At 5’4" this girl can really make you think. A good portion of those sets make her look very young. But she also has some glamour sets that put her into the babe category.

This is a site for the guy with a panty fetish. It is for those that like sneak peeks of what is to come. This girl could wear Army fatigues and make them look like Calvin Klein.

And the best part? Her membership comes with access to four of her friends. All of them just as cute as she is!

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