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Lots of girls are always pulling either their panties or their bikini bottoms out of their pussy, but not Samantha Gauge. She isn’t afraid of a little camel toe. In fact, she likes showing guys exactly where their big hard cock is going to go.

I once trained a girl to like having her panties in her crotch. It all started with showing her lots of celebrity camel toe pics and tons more camel toe models online. Eventually she warmed up to the idea that camel toe wasn’t as taboo as she thought it was. Most guys got hard for it and many girls were using it to capitalize on the changing view of a girls panties going up her crotch.

After a while she started to become nervous when her panties weren’t cleft up inside her pussy lips. Sometimes I’d catch her reaching down to pull them back in if they worked their way out of there.

In the end she came to me and started telling me about how having camel toe actually seemed more sanitary for her. She said it seemed that having the fabric up against her pussy lips, and her clit, wicked away moisture better. She stop getting clumps of smegma on her clitoral hood after pulling her panties into her pussy.

Then it hit me. Her pussy actually smelled better now that she was a champion of having camel toe. It tasted better. She was right. Her panties were working to wick away any moisture that otherwise would have harbored bacteria.

So there you have it. The next time your girlfriend is weird about the camel toe she is sporting just inform her that it is keeping her pussy fresh and clean. Offer her up a test. Then after a day of her riding her panties high you can tell her she smells fresher and cleaner even if it isn’t true!



Miss_Maya from Cam4 is a virgin. Her claim to fame is that she will rub her pussy for you with the camera pointed right up her thighs with a full view of her virgin pussy if you take her private. In her free chat room you can watch her rub her tight slit from other angles.

If you have been living underneath a rock or in some far away cave you have probably never heard of Cam4 and their free cams program. To watch their free cams you don’t even have to join. I snapped this photo of Miss_Maya without being logged in. There were tons of guys tipping her so she rubbed one out for the whole room.

That right there is the whole point of this system Cam4 has set up. It is so much more relaxed than the strict webcam networks you have undoubtedly used in the past. Here the girls can do whatever they want. There aren’t ring leader pimps yelling at the girls to make quotas or some shit. These girls are just everyday girls that found out they can masturbate for some side money!

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I know this isn’t really a virgin pussy. She is a porn star. But I have to compliment her on her cleft. It looks divine. You don’t see very many porn stars with a pussy this cute and nubile looking.

I’d love to know this lady’s name if any of you know it. You can leave a comment below or go to the hardcore porn videos tube I got it from. While there you can enter her name and everybody will be able to know it or search for her with it.

Enjoy the video. The money shot to her huge tits at the end is worth every minute you won’t be able to get back. Hey, after watching this thing you won’t want them back anyway. They will be well spent!



There are a lot of sites out there with girls that look young and have excellent pussy. Only one has hundreds of girls having their virgin pussy deflowered. This site features cute girls like Anna Celkova having their hymens broken on video. The site is called Defloration.TV.

Sure most of the girls are Russian, but you aren’t going to find enough virgins here in the USA. Our girls are all getting laid by the time they get to high school. Forget about any of them making it through high school with their cherry intact.

One thing I can say about the girls on Defloration.TV is that they are all cute. It seems to be a quality most barely legal girls share. It is funny how when you are their age you pick and choose. Then you get to be twice their age and suddenly they are all hot. You wouldn’t turn any of them away.

Anna is so nubile she doesn’t shave her pussy yet. The producers were wondering what to do with her. Shave her or let her muff go? They figured it would be better to let it be natural since it would show just how na



It is no wonder why girls like Nikki from Club Seventeen play with their virgin pussy all of the time. If I had a soft, sensual, tickle spot like that I’d rub it daily too. Shit, I’d rub it several times a day. I’d rub it to orgasm back-to-back. I’d be multi-orgasmic!

nikkie_club_seventeen has thousands of girls and dozens of them just like Nikki. There are girls with cleft of Venus pussies. They have girls with tacos, cherries and pastrami sandwiches. They have lots of virgin pussies and some that have been used more often then an ATM on a Friday night.

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I know I keep coming back to Craving Carmen and her virgin pussy, but it is good enough to see it over and over again. She is one girl on a small list of them that can spread their legs and still have a cleft of Venus. She tight slit looks amazing when she wears tight panties or a wet bikini bottom.

You can see Carmen is dozens of wet bikinis and hundreds of panty galleries. She gets 100% nude and often masturbates her pink pussy. The great thing about her pussy is it looks good closed and it looks even better when she spreads it wide open.

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I have written about the site Errotica Archives before, but I have never written about a pussy this sweet. Just about the only thing that would make this picture better is to see her bright pink pussy hole and maybe a little wetness. Would you look at those goose bumps? Sticking your dick in there would be like sticking it into a Hostess apple pie and squeezing real hard. Pull out? I think not!

How could anybody pull out of this girls virgin pussy? I know I couldn’t do it. I’d gladly pay 18 years for our kid. It would be totally worth it!

Not only does this girl have the most beautiful cleft of Venus I have ever seen, she also has a set of tits that are equally wonderful. Imagine meeting this girl at the river during the summer. I bet you she lets those tits of hers loose for all to see. Look at her skinny arms. How can they be so thin with tits like that?


I can’t say all of the girls at Errotica Archives are this visually appealing, but I can say they are all naked. They have dozens more babes with virgin pussy like this one. Most have small tits, but many do have big tits. A buffet of stimulating babes waiting for you to tap them all.

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