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There are some sites that just never get old. My Precious Virgins is one of them. The site is older than dirt, but the concept and the girls are as fresh as can be!

My Precious Virgins has been updating daily since it began over five years ago. Since then they have added over a quarter of a million photos, over 400 girls and each one of them has an HD video!

Unlike a lot of erotic nude sites out there the girls at My Precious Virgins have hardcore sex! Just imagine your hard cock sliding into some of that virgin pussy! Feeling a truly wet, tight, almost painful pussy milking your cock for all of its cum!

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Ever had a girl bare her virgin pussy to you like this, tempting you to shoot your cum for her? I was lucky enough to know a girl that used to do this for me back in school. I would spend countless hours getting teased by this girl!

Over time this kind of thing can really warp your mind! Seeing girls in their panties became more of a turn on than seeing them naked! This girl really did a number on me…

To relive my first panty tease moments I go to Amateur Upskirts. This guy finds hot girls, girl next door and everything in between. The girls model their panties while he shoots video of them from a surfer’s point of view. Totally hot stuff!

Some of the girls talk and others just giggle and get giddy knowing someone out there is masturbating to their panty covered pussy. Many of the girls masturbate until their panties develop a wet spot, and still others encourage you to masturbate along with them as they describe their favorite fantasies.

If you have had a girl model her panties for you or have ever wished one would, Amateur Upskirts is going to bring the panty-boy out of you!


Girls make for perfect lawyers. They have to deal with all of the hard stuff that guys never have to deal with like: Will using a tampon take my virginity? Even if my hymen breaks? Or, my hymen broke while climbing a tree, or humping the banana seat on my bicycle, do I still have a virgin pussy?

These questions get even deeper (no pun intended) when girls start fooling around with their little pussies. They want to know how far they can stick things into themselves. They want to know how wide it can get. How is a baby supposed to come out of my tiny twat?

Some girls like Teen Topanga like to invite a friend over from school to explore with. Things can get pretty competitive.

“Oh yeah? I can still the entire handle of my hairbrush in mine!”

“Oh yeah? Well, I can put my entire fist in mine!

“What? No way! I have to see this!”

Yeah… it seems that is how the world works. Competition breeds in-genuity and ingenuity breeds kinky shit like fucking the bed post or using the shower massager on one’s clitoris. Nice!

Then there is another question that always pops up when two girls are “just exploring”. Is all of this exploring sex? Or are we just finding out what feels good? Are we lesbians or just really close friends?

Find out the answer to that one with a Tiny Teen Pass!

You get unlimited access to Teen Topanga and dozens more solo models like Little Summer, Chloe 18, Lil Emma, Little Lupe and more! Plus, your membership also gets you into awesome sites like Gramps on Teens!

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Do girls dream of eating out their friend’s virgin pussies?

I can’t speak for every girl out there, but my girlfriend was nice enough to relay to me some pretty sexy information on the subject!

As it turns out her first sexual experiences were with girls. She was already experimenting with eating pussy before her pussy even started growing hair!

Before she got her first cock inside her, my girlfriend had a guy eat her out. She said it left her dreaming of having her pussy licked by a girl. So instead of masturbating about having sex with this dude, she instead had dreams of licking another girls pussy while the other girl licked hers!

This went on until she finally got some cock inside her virgin pussy. The first time it wasn’t that great, but she knew it would get better like the girls in her brother’s porn videos. She wanted to scream and moan like that!

Once her wish was granted she slit her masturbation dreams between guys and girls. She still does… dream of licking another girls virgin pussy!

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