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If it weren’t for the fact that having music blare through your speakers while you are secretly trying to view porn at 1am while everyone in the house is sleeping sucks big time, right now you would be listening to steal drums, a rhythm machine and seven black guys with Jamaican accents sing-yelling, “Who let the dogs out? Who, Who – Who, Who?”

To answer that question we need to go to Obsessed With Myself. The newest and boldest ex-girlfriend site on the net. They let you join for free and look at hot babes from around the world.

Where do they get this content? Believe it or not the girls send this shit in themselves half the time. The other half it is their ex-boyfriends sending it in to collect some money. Currently Kinky GF’s had to turn off the submission form because they already have so much of it to update the site with.

We are not talking about just candid self shot pics in the bathroom either. These guys have sorority girls from around the world sending in their initiation pics, Mardi Gras pics and even videos of themselves having sex with each other and their boyfriends!

I don’t know how long they will continue the free access so get your password while this shit is still hawt!



So there is this club where teenage girls are plucked off the street and conned into joining. The only catch is that they need to pass a ” rel=”nofollow” “/teeny-bopper-club/3120/teens.htm” target=”_blank”>video taped initiation. I am sure you already have a sense for where this is going…

Girls like Maxine Tyler above are found walking around the streets of the San Fernando Valley. With her small tits and sexy blue eyes she probably didn’t even need to audition. But why not fuck a teen when you can? It’d be a shame to waste it.

” rel=”nofollow” “/” target=”_blank”>Teeny Bopper Club updates weekly with a new teen and has been open for almost six years. On the porn site timeline that is a pretty fucking long time. Do the math. Fifty-two weeks in a year and almost six years of updates.

Not only does the ” rel=”nofollow” “/” target=”_blank”>Teeny Bopper Club have a ton of teen porn in its archives, you also get access to the entire Reality Pass Plus network of sites. So lets do the math again shall we? You take 26 sites with a four year average per site and multiply that by fifty-two weekly updates a year.

So now you are probably wondering what kind of quality we are talking about. After all, you most likely have joined other networks only to be let down. The Reality Pass Plus network of sites all shoot their own content so everything is top-notch and 100% exclusive.

As a member of ” rel=”nofollow” “/” target=”_blank”> you get access to several teen sites like Big Cock Teen Addiction, Casting Couch Teens, XXX Proposal and more. Plus, you also get sites full of hot chicks like Hot Chicks Perfect Tits, Mr Big Dicks Hot Chicks and Please Bang My Wife.

Hey, I love looking at ” rel=”nofollow” “/teeny-bopper-club/3125/teens.htm” target=”_blank”>barely legal teens. Obviously! I have been writing about them for years now. But I also like variety. The Reality Pass Plus network gives me that and you will give it to you too.

Take the ” rel=”nofollow” “/” target=”_blank”>Teeny Bopper Club tour and try the 3 day trial. If you don’t like it you can cancel online!



The plan: Go South of the border. Spend trust funds vicariously through themselves. End the trip by getting their nipples pierced and then take a photo that will never get back to their families.

What happened instead? They made it South of the border as planned and spent some of their trust funds. Everything was so cheap including the nipple piercings and this photo. The real price would come up later at a family gathering.

You see, someone uploaded that photo of the girls to Teens Self Shot and one of their cousins (I won’t say which one) showed it to another cousin and was caught during the exchange by an aunt. That is when the shit really hit the fan!

If there is one thing that is both beautiful and constant about teenagers it is that they are pretty foolish. You cannot take a photo like this and expect it not to find its way to the Internet! With all of the social networking sites and the easy of Email, MMS texting, etc, nothing stays hidden for long. Especially a photo of three hotties and a skank!

Pierced nipples is only the start. At Teens Self Shot there are tons of photos and videos shot by the girls themselves just waiting for you to download.

Are you a hottie with a nice rack? Send it in! They will pay you mad money for your work and trust me, no one will ever know!

Check out all of the uploads girls and their ex-boyfriends send in several times a week at Teens Self Shot!



When it comes to virgins nobody fits the bill quit like Emily 18. Her look is precious. So fragile and in need of a good strong man to take care of her. Emily18 is able to wear that look in a way that draws you in and practically compels you to the task.

Emily opened her solo model site three years ago and if you think she looks young now, wait until you see her original sets. Members get unlimited access to everything she has ever done. And now you get to see everything… and I mean, everything!

When first opened she didn’t get 100% completely naked. There was always something more to dream for. A reason to stick around and see what this barely legal girl was hiding.

The time has come. Emily 18 is finally ready to share her entire world with you. She isn’t holding anything back and you shouldn’t either. Members can talk to Emily on her message board, as well as, Email her your requests.

There has never been a better time to be an Emily 18 fan then right now. So what are you waiting for? Come see what was so special that Emily kept it under wraps for so long!



There is nothing like camel toe to perk ya up and get ya going. Call it coffee for perverts. It is always nice when there is a grid pattern on her undies. It is like a camel toe Matrix!

The pussy swallowing those panties belongs to Suzuka Ishikawa from She is 21 years young and a professional Asian Idol. Make that a Japanese Idol. Looking at her petite body and youthful face it is hard to believe she is legal. Asian girls age so fucking well!

The net is loaded with pictures of Suzuka wearing clothes but only JAV Model has her naked and sucking cock. Sometimes four or five cocks at once!

Every two days new movies are added for a total of over 60 videos added per month. All of them full length. Stop buying DVD’s when these people are practically giving away barely legal Asian porn! Each video is encoded in multiple formats and multiple sizes to fit what ever bandwidth or tastes for quality you may harbor.

Open since 2001 JAV Model has 100’s of models and everything is categorized by sex acts, model names, breast sizes and more. Finding hundreds of videos that match your particular viewing tastes is as easy as clicking a mouse.

Make a few more clicks and enjoy JAV Model right now!



If Hollywood were to ever ask me to cast two hot solo models to play sisters that save the world from boredom and unsatisfactory masturbation fantasies, Cassie Leanne and Emily 18 would be a perfect fit.

While Emily 18 has small boobs, Cassie Leanne has some pert larger ones. Her nipples are nice and puffy and her pussy is puffy too!

Unlike Emily18, Cassie does hardcore and even did a daisy chain lesbian video! Emily is perfect for that barely legal tease fantasy. Cassie Leanne is the older sister that will finish you off with a mind blowing blowjob.

Just about the only bummer is Cassie stopped updating her site. She does have over 150 videos and hundreds of picture sets in her members area though. At $24.99 she is a hit, download it and cancel it kind of site. Just make sure you do cancel it!

Not bad for a girl that goes all the way… and I mean all the way anal!

Girl Cum!