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Is this girl really a virgin? I am not sure. Her cleft of Venus pussy sure does look like a virgin pussy to me. But looks can be deceiving. Not that any of us really care. We go online to fulfill fantasies, not do mind numbing fact checking that will leave your dick soft. Seeing this girl’s finger dip into her pussy crack is just the kind of thing that makes fantasies feel fun and amazing. So who cares if she isn’t a true virgin? Just get into the moment and enjoy the spectacular view.

Almost the entire video is shot close up of her sliding in and out of her cleft. She starts out a little dry and eventually gets so wet her pussy lips are glistening.

There are lots of teen tube videos on the site I got this from. Some of them are about masturbation, but most of them feature girls having hardcore teen sex. Their partners range from fellow girls on their cheerleading squad to the older football coach. The free full length babe movies are also rather sweet. Many of them have some very well known porn stars in them.

So where did I find this juicy little morsel at? Well, you might have guessed it had you checked out the teen tube videos I referenced above. My first place to go for real GF porn is the aptly named!



One of the biggest reasons I like is the girls are always doing nasty stuff. For instance, I found this girl with a virgin pussy offering to break her hymen with a hairbrush in her free chat room. Of course it wasn’t that easy though. She did want money to do it. But I didn’t have to pay any to watch!

There were about 500 guys in her chatroom at any given time. Out of all of us there were about 25 that gave her $5 each to break her hymen for the room. One guy tipped her $50 and asked her to write his name on her ass cheek with her blood! WTF???

Eventually she made about $400 (and I didn’t pay a fucking thing!) to break her hymen with that hairbrush. As offered she did it and wow. Her pink hairless pussy sure did go red real quick!

I had never seen a girl lose her virginity prior to this in such a live, graphic way. It was pretty intense. But it just goes to show you the lengths girls will go for money and how much a guy will pay a girl to alter her life forever.

More to come!


Will Masturbating Your Virgin Pussy Mean You Are No Longer Considered A Virgin?

It is an age old question asked by girls the world around. Will mastur-bating your virgin pussy mean you are no longer considered a virgin? It is right up there with: Will using a tampon mean I am no longer a virgin?

The answer to both questions is a big NO!

You will still be a virgin even if you jamb a 12 inch dildo up your vaginal canal. It doesn’t matter if you do it. Virginity is only broken when a guy penetrates your virgin pussy with his cock. Even if he uses his fingers or his tongue you are still a virgin.

I am not sure that Catie Minx is still a virgin though. She has been drilling that cunny of hers for a year now with just about everything in her house. I love this girl because she is down to Earth. A true home body. Catie grew up a nerd and it shows in her quirky videos.


Catie Minx is God’s gift to nerds everywhere. She is a total nutcase when it comes to all things Comic-Con. She loves to play dress up in her comic character outfits. She has dozens of them and you can see her in every single one of them on!


Shy Virgin Pussy Teen Cam Girls

My own personal perspective on the girls being virgins subject is that they are virgins because they are too shy to realize there is a man out there that would enjoy their company. And I don’t just mean their company in the sack either, I mean that their presence would truly be enjoyed by another human being also looking to explore new things.

Once a girl is able to get over the fact that she has a virgin pussy, and that it isn’t a bad thing, she can release some of the shyness she is carrying allowing her to be comfortable in the strong, helping hands of a man.

You might not have a life that is set up in such a way that you meet virgin girls often enough to date them. For you I suggest finding a person to have sex with on The reason why is that they have lots of women that are looking for sex, but let the busyness of having too much school or a career get in their way. They want to lose themselves in somebody. It might as well be you!

If that is too confrontive for you there are other options. You can meet shy cam girls for sex on sites like that specialize in finding girls with roleplaying skills. They might not be virgins, but they can still be a lot of fun. There are also plenty of teen cam girls looking for all sorts of other chat subjects incase virgin girls is too weird for you. Although I am not sure why you’d be here if that were the case.

Halloween is almost here. I need to start looking for some galleries of girls in uniform. Like sexy UPS or Cops outfits!

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Do you enjoy watching girls finger their virgin pussy? If so you already know finding them by the dozen is a bit of a quandary. I have a better solution. Watch girls like Marta from Nubiles as they finger their nubile pussies. It happens more often and if you dream a little dream you can forget that she is barely legal and apply any age you’d like to her.

Little girls like Marta made it easy to fantasize about fucking them in high school. They still have their volleyball player bodies and the perkiest tits you will ever see. Nubiles has over a thousand girls with a petite body. They also have some chunky ones with puffy pussies you will like.

You get three new models to enjoy weekly and one of them does hardcore. All of them do softcore. It is a nice mix of the two. Many of them also do each other. They have some very hot teen girls kissing videos you won’t want to miss.

So make it the next time you want a virgin pussy, but can’t seem to "lay your hands on one."

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