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The photo above is proof that we have never lived in a better time than now. Why? Because I snapped that photo in a live chat without having to pay a dime. I found Miss_Misa on where you can chat with hot babes from all over the world without paying them anything. Girls get fully nude, they finger themselves to orgasm and they suck rubber cocks while telling you how hot they are while they swallow your cum load. It gets pretty raunchy!

Miss_misa is a petite Asian girl with some super perky boobs. I am sure she is no virgin, but one can always pretend she has a virgin pussy. You will find that this girl will do just about anything for attention. She gets very kinky!

Since it is Black Friday you can get a serious deal by spending $49.99 and getting 100 bonus tokens to tip the girls at CamBB. You don’t have to tip them, but a couple of tokens goes a long way towards them doing what you want them to do. It is time for me to creampie this babes little pussy!


Are you ready to get teased, toyed with and then tantalized by a smoking hot Korean girl with braces? I am sure you are! I am also sure that you enjoy looking at her sexy little fuck box. That is one hell of a virgin pussy! We like to call this a perfect specimen of a cleft of Venus pussy. It belongs to (and so do you now)… to little_bloom. She has been taking mighty good care of it and now she wants you to tear it up!

Along with 20,000 other models on CamBB, you can find plenty of virgin pussy cams to jerk your cock to. Going cam 2 cam is great, but you can also just sit in the chat room and watch the girls for free. Most of the cams are 100% nude without paying. Just about every model who has ever cammed in the past five years is there. Do yourself a favor and check before you go anywhere else. You’ll be glad you did!


Are you feeling stressed? perhaps you’ve been overexerting yourself lately and that has caused you to just not feel like yourself. No matter how well you think you are doing it is always a good idea to take time out and just have some natural fun. I think I would go completely crazy if I didn’t relax with the best massageporn at least once or twice a week.

Massages are about the most relaxing thing that you can do. Put that together with a happy ending and you certainly have the makings of what could be the most passionate ride you’ve ever had in your life. These girls are so good with their hands, they know just where to put them and best of all they know what a man wants without even needing to ask them. You don’t need to take my word for it, let them give you a rub down to remember and when you’ve shown them how relaxed you are just wait for the ending!

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While it might be a little far fetched to think this Asian teen ladyboy is a virgin I guess you never really know until you go balls deep inside her. I for one wouldn’t pass up a chance like that should it come my way. There is some totally wicked Asian Teen Ladyboy Porn out there to be found should you know where to look and once you do find it, it is just a matter of time before you’re going to town on it.

I have quite a little spunk for you guys to mess around with and don’t think for a second that she can’t handle multiple cocks at once. I have had the pleasure of mixing it up with her many times before and she always makes me feel like a real man. Look at that smooth body as you plunge your cock deep inside her willing ass and she will love you for life!

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G-Queen virgin pussy

Those looking for virgin pussy will find some at G-Queen. The site focuses on Japanese girls with tiny pussy slits. The girls are all shaved and the site has been around since before shaving one’s pussy became popular. With 13 years of updates in the archives there is a lot to look at here!

Videos on are mostly shot in HD and the photos are in high resolutions. The site covers a lot of niches. Videos often cover multiple niches on an individual basis.

A typical video might have a submissive Japanese girl being toyed with by a dominate friend or older Japanese woman. She will pull her panties up into her pussy crack, trace the line of her camel toe



This cute little Asian girl wanted to let her boyfriend know what he would get if he would wait another year for her. If I were him I would go on a sexual sabbatical for sure. Popping her virgin pussy cherry would be worth the wait. Not to mention playing with her perfect melons. Jesus, I had no idea Asian girls could have such lovely lumps of fun on their chests!

This little cutie has one hell of a slamming body!

You can find more of her and a lot more selfie pics on GF Selfshot. As the sites name would suggest the site is all about hot girls showing themselves off in self shot candid pics. Not only does it have sexy photos of hot babes, it has videos of chicks making out at parties and all sorts of other kinky hijinks.

All of the photos are tagged. If you have a particular interest in a certain subset of the selfies niche like leggings or mirror pics you can find a tag cloud towards the bottom of each page that will point you to your desired selfshot porn.

As always, keep it wrapped and make sure you card the bitch!

9 15



I don’t like surprises. I like to know what I am going to get just by looking at the package. If it looks good in the package, it should look just as good, if not more, out of the package. Perhaps this is why I really like the current fashion trend of girls shaving their pussies!

Properly done, a shaven pussy leaves nothing to surprise. Even with underwear or some yoga pants on they still let you know what kind of nummy goodness you have waiting for you!

G-Queen broke the shaven pussy mold in Japan a few years ago. If you know anything about Japanese porn, you know they keep a full bush on the girls. Personally I find that so fucking disgusting! I want something smooth!

Something I can lick from top to bottom, side to side and not get a hair in my mouth!

With G-Queen you also get a lot of the old school charm you’ve come to expect from JAV porn. They punish the girls. They show girls experimenting with each other. They show girls experimenting with themselves. They show it all!



There is nothing like camel toe to perk ya up and get ya going. Call it coffee for perverts. It is always nice when there is a grid pattern on her undies. It is like a camel toe Matrix!

The pussy swallowing those panties belongs to Suzuka Ishikawa from She is 21 years young and a professional Asian Idol. Make that a Japanese Idol. Looking at her petite body and youthful face it is hard to believe she is legal. Asian girls age so fucking well!

The net is loaded with pictures of Suzuka wearing clothes but only JAV Model has her naked and sucking cock. Sometimes four or five cocks at once!

Every two days new movies are added for a total of over 60 videos added per month. All of them full length. Stop buying DVD’s when these people are practically giving away barely legal Asian porn! Each video is encoded in multiple formats and multiple sizes to fit what ever bandwidth or tastes for quality you may harbor.

Open since 2001 JAV Model has 100’s of models and everything is categorized by sex acts, model names, breast sizes and more. Finding hundreds of videos that match your particular viewing tastes is as easy as clicking a mouse.

Make a few more clicks and enjoy JAV Model right now!


That, my friends, is why I love my job. I really fucking love my job!

That tight pussy belongs to Ariel. One of the many amateur babes at Karup’s Hometown Amateurs. For those of you that have never heard of, wake up… there is this thing called the Internet and you might want to explore it for a while. is short for Karup’s Private Collection. Back in 1997 (yes there was an Internet back then) there was a guy that decided to make his private collection of porn available to everyone. Well, that is, everyone willing to pay for access to it. became the first porn site I ever joined.

The site updated (and still does) with several new photo sets and videos every week. When I say several I mean dozens. Sure there were one or two dogs here and there but with so many updates you could always find something hot.

Now that collection has grown so big they had to open Karups Hometown Amateurs. A place where you can watch real amateur teens and coeds doing porn for their first time. If you are a perverted deviant like me and get off on chicks that look nervous and maybe need a little help, Karup’s Hometown Amateurs is the place for you.

The collection at is updated five times a week. Each update consists of several picture updates and more videos. There are a total of 30 full length videos added each month.

No porn stars and no glamour babes, just 100% raw amateur sex!


I am sure Lily Koh has seen this pair of panties many times before and yet still, every time she lays her eyes on them she is captivated. Just like Lily I am captivated too. That might be because I don’t get to see pink lace-up panties on a Thai teen very often.

Lily Koh likes to invite her friend Joon Mali over from time to time to share kisses and lick each others nipples. Along with exploring her bisexuality Lily likes to masturbate in her videos.

You can watch Lily doing all sorts of naughty things five times a week.


If that isn’t one hell of a succulent dish of virgin pussy… That bald pussy belongs to Aileen who in turn belongs to The world leader in nude erotic art.

Like Aileen, the girls at Met Art are all 100% eye catching. Shit, even mesmerizing. I am trying to write this review and I can’t take my eyes off that virgin pussy of hers.

Over 1300 models have opened themselves up for Met Art thus far. Some of the pictures they have taken are in 5000 pixel resolution. Imagine this pussy in 5000 pixels!

Along with pictures the models also do videos. Again, high resolution and you can download them to your computer. Videos come in DIVX, WMV and QuickTime. They even have PSP, IPOD and IPHONE versions. As always you can stream the videos via flash if you don’t want incriminating evidence your wife can use against you on the computer. I am sure she won’t appreciate your desire for virgin pussy. updates daily so you had better remember to buy plenty of lube the next time you are at the store!

Pink Panties
Lily Koh

A rea life farmer’s daughter from Thailand! Lucky for us Lily Koh got off the farm and hit the big city. There she met her friend Joon Mali and Joon got her to pose nude on her own web site, Lily was hooked and she created her own web site,

Lily is the perfect Asian goddess. She appeals to guys that like petite, young looking girls with dick sucking lips. Damn, those lips! I can only imagine what it must be like to receive a blowjob from Lily Koh!

Both the hi-rez photos and videos do a good job of showing off Lily’s body. Her small tits and tanned skin look amazing in her shower videos. Lily loves to take pictures while wearing panties of all shapes, sizes and textures. Every other set is like upskirts galore.

Members get access to Lily Koh’s diary, a monthly calendar and her wallpapers. They also get to play games that end with a twist… the twist being a naked Lily Koh. I should also mention that features full nudity.

If you have room in your budget for an Asian cutie, make Lily Koh that girl, you won’t be sorry.

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Joon Mali Camel Toe

A more perfect example of Natural Camel Toe I have yet to find!

Sure, any girl with a pussy crack can pull her panties up into it. And, yes, it looks great. For some reason it touches a nerve normally untouched. Some where deep down inside every warm blooded man there is this hidden hunger for camel toe. A hunger you didn’t even know you had until you have seen your first camel toe.

To get that oh-so-sexy natural camel toe a girl has to do a lot of prep. First she has to be born with a pussy that doesn’t resemble a pastrami sandwich. After that she has to shave her pussy bare around the crack. She can leave a landing strip up top but something poofy just won’t do. It’ll look like a neanderthal camel toe and no one wants to look at that.

Joon Mali is one of those lucky girls. She was born with a tight pussy resembling a vertical smile. She shaves her pussy very smooth and then rubs oil into it for a nice sheen.

You can watch crystal clear videos of Joon Mali masturbating her pussy at She updates her website with new videos and pictures of that smooth pussy and bubble butt three times a week. The videos are downlable and come in Windows Media, Real Player and Video IPOD formats. Perfect for the man on the go!

This asian teen also takes requests, but my favorites are when she open mouth kisses her friends like Lily Koh. Those two together make for a great pair of curious girls.

When you can’t make it to Thailand, brings Thailand to you!

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Kat Young

Kat Young is one of those girls were you cannot peg her to a specific nationality. Well, until you hear her talk.

And talk she does on her home page. You have to check it out because that video is going to give you an idea of what you can expect from Crystal clear HD-Video like you have never experienced before. And… that teaser is the low-def version… when a low-def version looks better than most other websites hi-quality videos, you know you are in for a treat!

In the beginning Kat was a solo model. Sure she is hot and has that type of body you can grab on to, but she needed something more… So she started getting together with her girlfriends. Who doesn’t like watching teen girls doing what comes natural?

This young, exotic nubile teen updates her website regularely with fresh content and now does Live Webcam shows. Grab your pass while she is still barely legal. Next year you will be kicking yourself if you don’t!

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Lily Koh Japanese Schoolgirl

Fuck-an-aye if Lily Koh doesn’t make one hell of a Japanese Schoolgirl! Amazing since she isn’t Japanese, she is Thai... but this is the wonderful world of fantasy and if you want her to be a Japanese schoolgirl while you Fleshlight your cock, so be it!

You really have to check this gallery out. Lily is wearing a teany polka-dot gstring that goes right up her curvy Asian ass. She gives us a cliche Japanese schoolgirl "Ooops, my panties are showing." Though it is cliche, we don’t mind. Flash away Lily!

Lily’s sailor uniform also has an adjustable shirt. When adjusted it shows off her small pert breasts and her dark Asian nipples. But the shirt isn’t the only thing adjustable, Lily also adjusts her skirt for us. Two of the photos give us excellent camel toe pics! Not the fake pull em up hard ones but the real and natural camel toe you can only get with a shaven pussy. updates 5 times a week. Yes I did say five!

What kinds of updates do you get? Fresh off the farm Thai teen pics and amazing high quality video. You can check out the trailer on the tour but the videos inside the members area are much higher quality. Not that the tour video is bad. It is actually higher quality than most sites have in their own members areas.

Some of the best stuff is of her rubbing suntan oil into her private areas (of which you get a full view) and of her kissing her friend Joon Mali with tongue! Two hot Asian teens kissing? So it isn’t so!

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