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Every once in a while, and not nearly often enough, I happen on a girl with an amazing virgin pussy. Today’s virgin pussy belongs to Rosalin E. of!

I can’t testify to whether or not Rosalin is actually a virgin, but I can say that her pussy is obviously very hungry. So hungry, in fact, that it is chewing on her already see through mesh panties. We have to wonder why her pussy is so hungry and the only conclusion my mind can come up with is that it must be wondering why all of the other pussies out there are getting some cock and why it hasn’t even so much as touched one yet!

The camel toe created by her cleft of Venus is just as outstanding as seeing her virgin pussy 100% naked. Not a whole lot is left to the imagination, but what is left leaves you to conjure up all sorts of amazing possibilities.


Here is a tip for finding a girl that is going to age well. Does she have a cleft of Venus like Rosalin E. does? Good! Now, how about her hands. Do they look young or old? Young. Then you are on the right path. Marry this woman before you regret it!


Girls with virgin pussies like Rosalin E. can’t hide the fact that their pussy is in need of cock. No bathing suit is going to be able to stay out of the clutches of that hairless cleft. A lot of girls out there get jealous of girls like Rosalin because their camel toes generate a lot of buzz with men. It is sad if you ask me.

Enjoy hundreds of girls with virgin pussy at FemJOY. They update daily and both the videos and the pictures are shot in extreme HD. In her spread Rosalin opens that pink pussy of hers up and the close up shots are like works of art. I seriously had to restrain myself from printing them out on 8×10 glossy and putting them up around the house!



Pascalle from Club Seventeen has a virgin pussy. She also has a problem. Lately fingering her clit just wasn’t cutting it anymore. It was like her pussy instinctively knew it was supposed to have something inside it. The only problem was Pascalle wanted to stay a virgin until the day she got married.

So this little teeny bopper talked to a girl she trusted at school. Her friend come from a conservative family, but she was the most liberal of the bunch. Pascalle wanted to know if it was okay for her to use her brush handle in place of a boys cock to simulate getting laid and still be a virgin.

Her friend assured her that only a boy could actually take her virginity and that most girls break their hymen accidentally on monkey bars, riding a bike or climbing a tree anyway.

Pascalle couldn’t wait to get home from school and plunge her hairbrush into her tight pussy. Once she did and she felt how strong her orgasm was she wanted to try something even bigger.

Tip toeing into her older sister’s room Pascalle removed one of her sister’s vibrators from her panty drawer. She went back to her room and spread her legs wide before pushing it all the way inside herself. She couldn’t believe how deep her pussy was. Now she was sure she would have to try sleeping with a grown man so she could properly fill the gap between her legs.

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Beautiful 19 year old model poses for her high quality porn photos spreading her legs. This teen has the most amazing body with perfect skin! I love her little tits that look so firm, sucking on these would be a dream!

Spreading her pussy lips with her fingers is just the most perfect pose for this girl. In fact she should always be naked, every day! 🙂

Enjoy this young girls tight virgin pussy and tits.

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I think that in all fairness lesbian girls that are just experimenting with each other and plan to eventually bring their new found knowledge into the bed with boys should still be considered to have virgin pussies. We have to have some kind of rules on these sorts of things or we’d lose all of the virgin pussy to hairbrush handles!

Now there I go again getting all George Costanza on you. I tend to get all crazy and manic when I see a cute chunky girl with such a soft and wet virgin pussy showing interest in sex. Sue me!

Or better yet, join me. Sapphic Erotica is by far the best lesbian site on the Internet. The first time I joined it was back in 2003. They didn’t have nearly as many videos as they do now and back then HD didn’t exist. Now everything is shot in crystal clear HD, plus the archives are filled with hundreds upon hundreds of lesbian videos!

Take the Sapphic Erotica tour and see how lesbian videos are supposed to be!

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Ovelia from FEMJoy may or may not have a virgin pussy. Either way, I am itching to taste that thing!

I am not sure why, but for some reason my brain is geared to enjoy pussy like that of Ovelia. I prefer no inner lips if possible. I have dated many girls in my life and when I finally found one with what I consider to be the perfect pussy I decided she was a keeper. Not that we got married or anything. I am not a pussy, I just like eating good pussy.

Perhaps the strongest reason for liking cleft of Venus style pussy is that when a girl wears a bathing suit and shaves this kind of pussy, her pussy will eat her bikini bottoms giving her a camel toe. It is like she isn’t even wearing anything at that point. You can totally make out what her pussy looks like! is filled with hot babes with virgin pussy, or, pussy that looks like it hasn’t had a dick in it yet!


I am not even going to try to lie to you and tell you Carley has a virgin pussy. I can’t because you get to see hardcore videos of Carley getting that teen pussy of hers popped!

What I will tell you is that she is so frigging tight she has to stretch her tight vagina with a finger, then two, then three (she has small fingers), before you can fit a cock into that tight crevasse. has been offering up some of the cutest barely legal teens for over a decade. They update three times a day and add three models to their site every week. At least one of the models does hardcore like Carley while the others stick to Nubiles roots with softcore.

With that kind of update schedule you find yourself overwhelmed with young hotties to look at each and every day of the month. Don’t worry though, it is a good overwhelming feeling. Like when you had sex for the first time and you hoped the act would never end.

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Lovers of truly virgin pussy will enjoy! They have been inviting girls to come in and lose their virginity on camera since 1998!

The site features coed virgin girls that are barely legal and more than ready to begin having sex with men. Each video and picture set starts out with an inspection of the girls hymen and vulva opening. Every video ends with a popped cherry and a bang!

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Members get to message the models and ask them questions about their defloration or anything they would like to know. Members can also talk to each other in the, one of a kind, Defloration forum!

The defloration videos come in three different sizes to play on anything including iPhones, Android phones, iPods, laptops, iPads, the list goes on! The photos are shot super crisp. Especially the zoomed in inspection photos!

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Do you remember the first time you went skinny dipping with a girl. My first time was with Tiny Tabby. She had the most darling little body with perky little tits and a cute little butt. Before Tabby I had never before seen a virgin pussy. The only pussies I had seen were in my dad’s porno mags he left around the house hoping they would peak my interest in girls. Which they did. A bit too young!

To say I was obsessed with girls and their bodies parts would be an understatement. I don’t think my dad knew just what kind of monster he had created in me.

Tiny Tabby invited me over for a swim and while she always seemed to be interested in me, I never really knew how much up until the day we went skinny dipping. She often sat in positions where I could take advantage of her lack of modesty. If I had a nickel for every time she gave me an upskirt shot of her panties!


On this day her parents had went out to a baseball game and left her at home. While we were nervously sitting opposite of each other before getting in Tiny Tabby suggested that we should go skinny dipping. While I really wanted to see her naked I was a bit nervous about her seeing my hardon. I mean, I wasn’t supposed to have one right? We were just platonically having a swim?!?!

Tabby could tell I was nervous about getting naked in front of her and she reassured me that she was just as interested in me and I was in her. I kind of looked puzzled there for a moment and she pulled off her bathing suit and sat spread eagle on the side of her chair with her legs wide open.

As I watched she deftly spread the folds of her pussy lips and showed me her clitoris and vulva. First she pointed to her clit and informed me that it was currently very hard. Almost painfully hard. Then she pointed to her hole, but instead of a hole there was a hymen. At that point I realized she was showing me her virgin pussy!

Even though there was a flap of skin covering her vulva there was still plenty of wetness escaping and she pointed it out. Her pink pussy was glistening in the summer sun with wetness from her excitement about seeing my hardon!

Now I was ready to show her my cock. I pulled off my shorts and stood in front of her so she could see it close up. She looked up at me and asked if she could touch it. Of course I said yes!

Just as she grabbed my cock some precum dripped out and sat in the eye of my penis. I wasn’t sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing until Tiny Tabby flicked out her tongue and licked it off. This made my cock jump as blood rushed in to engorge my glands even more.

She asked if that tickled and I said it did, but it also felt like a good tickle. I had never received a blowjob before so I didn’t really know what to expect. Tabby had braces so I was afraid since friends in school always called her motor mouth or Black and Decker pecker wrecker.

As it turns out girls keep their teeth, and braces, far away from your cock and just use their lips and tongue. I was relieved there for a moment. But then I had to cum and I didn’t know what to do. I tried moving her head back, but Tiny Tabby seemed somewhat determined to blow me and make me cum into her mouth. Which I did!

When my cock stopped shuttering and my balls were empty of all of my goo she pulled away from my rapidly shrinking penis. I had just received a blowjob from a girl I had an infatuation with for years. I couldn’t believe my lucky stars!

Just as I was coming to from my orgasmic trans like state I heard Tabby telling me it was my turn. I eagerly got on my hands and knees going to work on her virgin slit.

I traced my tongue up and down Tabby’s pussy slit spending the majority of my time flicking my tongue over her love button. Every time I did so she would whimper and jerk her body. If I stopped she would grab my head and push it, almost painfully, into her crotch as if to say, "Don’t stop!"

Soon I could tell her body was ready to orgasm as she quivered violently. Her moans got a lot louder and I began to worry one of her neighbors would hear her. Tabby gyrated her pussy into my face before clamping her legs shut as if to say, "Stop!" Which I did.

I didn’t get to pop her cherry that day, but I would eventually. You can watch all of the cherry popping videos at and if you get a Tiny Teen Pass you can enjoy Tabby and her friends like Paulina 18 and Little Lorie.

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