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Ohh damn!

Them is some pink ass nipples and small tits!

There is a new rookie on the block, folks, and her name is Harmony 18. Let’s all give her a hand…

OK, lets all remember, she is a rookie! We are talking barely legal to the max. She just turned 18 and decided to take a stab at Internet modeling. Hey, I personally wouldn’t get naked for the camera (besides it is not like anyone would want to see it anyway), so I have to give her props for that.

With that said, this girl has got it going on. And I mean ON! Now my first impression was she is gonna be a typical solo model doing softcore porn. You know, some innocent bisexual kissing, light masturbation and a lot of poses with her panties on.

WRONG! So fucking wrong it is gut-wrenching. You HAVE got to check out her video trailer on! Jesus Christ Almighty! Wow…

She starts out all bashful and innocent and then BAMB! She is sucking a guys cock porno-style, masturbating with a huge dildo, wondering what it’d be like to take it up the ass – actually taking it up the ass, pissing in the sink and getting dildo fucked rammed by a girlfriend. Holy shit! When her mom and dad find out about this website… I don’t even want to go there!

At $29.95 it isn’t cheap as far as solo models go but wow… I would have to say she is easily on par with Ivana-Fuckalot!

I still can’t get over the shock

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Shedevil Girls Ariel

You know what they say, "Practice makes perfect!"

Let me start off by getting something off of my chest. I do not like gothic teen websites. The reason I hate them is the teens are usually butt ugly. Either they are butter-faced or horse-faced and either way, I want to jack off, not purge my lunch.

Shedevil Girls is different. So different I bet the Suicide Girls are pissed off as all hell. takes smoking hot teens and put them into the garb goth teens wear. You end up with the bad girl nextdoor that you could actually take home to mom. But I wouldn’t try that myself. Mom might try to fuck her.

Ariel Jordan is a perfect example of a hot teen goth bitch. She has some perfect tits. So good you would swear she paid for them… but no… she was born with her awesome rack.

If you are partial to smaller tits, no problem. Allie Pierce, Audrey Lamore, Candie Crush and Evilyn Machine have you covered. Ohh, can’t forget about Felony Angel. And those are the small tits crew, if you can manage the big tits there are just as many girls wearing double D’s for you to choose from.

You probably already guessed it, but if you haven’t, She Devil Girls is an all access pass to everything goth. Well, everything you care to see that is gothic.

That is over a dozen gothic teens for one low price! And we are not talking about shitty sites either. The photography and videography are unmatched. You can get a feel for how close and personal you will be getting with every nook and cranny of these girls in the tour.

Shhh, don’t tell my dick but I am about to buff it dry… Just to get into the whole gothic mood thing…

Oww… Owwwww OWWW! Yes, Miss Evilyn… Owww…

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