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This here is Britney and fuck me if she doesn’t embody the look of an a-typical girl next door. This photo set was taken from Amour Angels and the original is shot in 5600 pixel width. That is a lot of pixels. Both of my 24" monitors side by side only hit 3840 pixels!

What this means is you can really drill down into the nooks and crannies of her virgin pussy if you want to. And hey, nobody is going to stop you. What you do in the privacy of your own home with your next door neighbors barely legal daughter is between the two of you



If you are looking to gamble I would tell you to put money on the Giants to win the World Series. But if you are looking for a safer bet I would put money on the fact that hardcore porn stars do not have virgin pussies.

While Mckenzee Miles is not a virgin I wouldn’t let that stop her from giving me the ride of my life. She has that Coppertone shade of skin guys die for and a petite body reminiscent of an athlete in the Olympics. Plus, I am sure your father would approve if you took her home to meet your parents. He might even ask if you’d mind him breaking off a piece.

I don’t normally post much hardcore on my blog, but today I am going to make an exception.


Why? Because what warm blooded man hasn’t dreamed of getting his cock sucked by a teeny bopper like Mckenzee Miles?

So where did I find this little tart? I was looking through the mobile porn categories on one of my favorite sites, While there I happened on the teen category and there she was.

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This is one of those video moments you live an entire lifetime waiting for. Riley is riding in the backseat of a car and she decides to give a little show complete with a laundry list of hot items. She is sporting a major camel toe throughout most of the video. Later she strips off her shorts and you are treated to a very inviting look at her cleft of Venus.

I am 100% sure Riley is not a virgin. However, her tight pussy looks like it is a virgin pussy. In fact it looks less touched than some of the virgin pussies I’ve seen out there!


GFLot has hundreds of videos featuring hot teens toying with their pussies. There are hundreds more movies with girls engaging in teen sex with both boys and girls. In some videos you get all of the above at the same time!

The site tries to stick to a hot girlfriend videos theme, but if a video is super hot, they aren’t going to say no to it being shown. As with more video sites you can sort the videos with a variety of filters. Tip: Click on top rated. That is how I found Riley’s masturbation video!



Every day during the summertime my neighbors daughter likes to go swimming. She had just graduated high school and had recently celebrated her eighteenth birthday so don’t get me wrong here. She might look like jailbait, but I can assure you, she is barely legal!

Usually I would not be privy to her naked body. Little Bree, as I like to call her, often would prance around her backyard wearing just her skivvies. Her mom and dad really cooped her up so she still wore full sized print cotton panties. I think her mom figured they would keep her from having adult thoughts about boys at her school.





Once her white bra and thin panties got wet I could see everything. Bree liked to shaved her pussy bare and the line of her cleft of Venus was very visible along with her nipples. Views like these provided me with plenty of jackoff material. Sometimes when my wife wasn’t home I would take pictures of her on my wife’s camera and then quickly download them to my laptop.

One day towards the end of summer my neighbor had some workers over at this house. I figured they were adding some kind of addition onto their house, but as it turned out they were installing an outdoor shower. I guess Little Bree kept on tracking chlorinated water across their hardwood floors and it was drying out the wood.

To my utter amazement Bree started using the outdoor shower after her romps in the pool only



You will never believe this. I was just thinking about Kara and how sexy her sweet little virgin pussy is when I get an Email. Inside the Email is a link to one of her galleries at MPL Studios. Talk about sweet coincidences!

Kara captured my lustful heart with her athletic body and her long limbs. While some guys might wish she’d grow some boobies already, I am just happy with her little tits. I think they look cute on her.

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virgin pussy masturbating on her stomach

Watching a girl pleasure herself is an amazing thing. Every girl has her own favorite way of rubbing her virgin pussy. Most girls like to lay on their backs when rubbing their pussy, but some prefer to lay on their stomachs and pretend they are on top of their boyfriend (or girlfriend!).

One of my girlfriends from high school preferred to masturbate her virgin pussy while laying on her stomach. I caught her touching herself once when she had let me out of her house and I needed to go back in to retrieve a book I had accidentally left in her room.

I opened the door expecting to see her watching T.V. in the front room, but she was nowhere to be found. So I headed down the hall to her room and peered inside her cracked door. She was on her stomach laying on her bed. Her face was pointed towards the wall away from me.

Up until then I had never seen a girl masturbate in person. She looked so beautiful. I could tell she was in heaven. While I watched she went from rubbing her pussy through her panties to pulling them to the side so she could touch her little pussy slit directly.




Some girls can pull off the virgin pussy look better than others can. Debbie Teen is one of those girls that pulls it off easily. Her cleft of Venus is simply stunning. When most girls shave their pussy it still shows a bit of stubble here and there. Not Debbie!

Debbie’s pussy is perfectly smooth! She must wax or maybe she is unable to grow hair on her pussy? Click the picture and watch the video if you don’t believe me!




Bald virgin pussy and baby oil go together like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I remember the first time I shaved a girls pussy for her back in high school. She reached down and felt her soft outer lips, and she was surprised by how strange and kinky it felt. Wanting a show I squirted some baby oil into the crack and told her to rub it around so her skin wouldn’t chafe. Without realizing it she gave me the show of my life!

I watched mesmerized by this girl rubbing oil into every nook and cranny of her virgin pussy. My cock was so hard it hurt! My balls were aching at the site of it.

After a bit she began to realize she was putting on a show, but she wasn’t getting one herself so she told me it was my turn. She lathered my cock in shaving cream and shaved it down completely. I am talking not a hair on my nutsack even!

When she was done washing the shaving cream off she squirted a glob of baby oil over the top of my shaft. As I watched it drip down all sides of my cock she told me to rub it in so I wouldn’t chafe. Smart girl!

We watched each other intently as we masturbated in front of each other for the first time. It was so erotic. Both of us were wondering if the other would go all the way. If it was some kind of trick. Twice she told me I had better not be recording it. LOL

But I was recording it. In my brain. That show she put on got burned into my brain cells. Every little thing about her masturbation show got recorded. Like how her stomach twitched as she ran her finger over her clit.

After several minutes of toying with ourselves we got a little bit more serious. Our breathing quickened and sweat began to bead on our foreheads. I started pumping harder, and she spent a lot more time and effort on her clitoris.

My cum was shot out at her and hit her inner thigh. She gasped in surprise at the violence of the display. Successive wads of my cum shot out with less distance until it was dribbling out of the hole onto my fingers which were tightly wrapped around my manhood.

Within seconds of my orgasm she hit hers just as hard. She doubled over and fell into the tub. Her face contorted in ways that made it hard to tell if she was in agony or enjoying herself. Her body humped her hand uncontrollably. I noticed a little bit of pee in the water!

When she came to we both giggled a little and kissed a lot. It didn’t take long for my cock to get hard again and when it did I felt her grab my wrist and place my hand on my cock. It was time for round two!

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Pack your bags, motherfucker! It is time to move across the pond into Europe where there is plenty of hot girls with virgin pussy awaiting you. Okay, that was a pipe dream. Not the virgin girl’s pussy, I mean the moving part. Who has that kind of cash in this economy? Nobody!

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I love it when a girl is just as hot on top as she is down below. There are hundreds of models. All of them have something exotic about them whether it be their electric blue eyes or their smooth virgin pussy. No matter what your favorite type is, MPL Studios has a dozen models that will float your boat!

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