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Trixie Teen

Occasionally a chick comes along and she steals your heart. For me that chick is Trixie Teen. This might be too much information but I could jack off to her pics probably until the day I die. Beauty like hers never gets old.

Trixie reminds me of a girl from my past. She was way out of my league. I don’t know if it was a mixture of alcohol and being in the right place at the right time, but I bagged her that night. She was one of those fucks were you spend the entire time wondering how you got there. Once she cums you have to remind yourself that this is real and it is time to grab that brass ring. Did I even put a condom on? Who gives a fuck?

Ohh to have a girl like Trixie Teen again. I would imagine that just being around a spunky flirty teen like her would take 10 years off my age. She is like a fountain of youth. Who needs Viagra when one look at her tan skin, tight body and her pert tits will have your boner popping?

In case the above reasons aren’t enough to want Trixie Teen like I do, just look at those dick sucking lips. Having her warm, soft mouth on my cock would be the definition of amazing. And the lips on top aren’t the only hot ones she’s got. The lips down below are amazing. Watching videos of her shaving her pussy put you up close and personal.

Trixie updates her site twice a week. She has about 1 1/2 years of archived updates. That means you have a shitload of catching up to do if you ever want to know Trixie like I do.

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Trixie Teen

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Little Lupe

Fuck if I know… Your guess is as good as mine.

It appears that when girls in Spain reach maturity, like Little Lupe here, a hot busty MILF takes her home to show her how to make love properly. This is the type of stuff they need to get on pay-per-view channels. I’d pay to see it.

For those of you who don’t know who Little Lupe is, she is the barely legal one on the left. The busty MILF, that’d be the one on the right. Me? I’d like to be in between the two of them. Naked and covered in oil. has been an instant success. It debued as the 2000th busiest web site on the Internet. Not bad for a 5′ 2" girl whos only previous experience was in sucking cock. Now she is steadily in the top 5 lineup of solo models. Again not bad for someone who just came online this year!

So why all of the buzz? She is hot! No denying that. She is a sweet escape from the usual hustle bustle. But that isn’t the real reason. I am sure the biggest reason is that she looks young. Nothing wrong with that… What is she supposed to do? Wait 3 years just because she looks young?

Unlike most models, Lupe does hardcore. So you can really explore those fantasies without having to stretch the mind out to far. Not only does she go hardcore with men but she does women too, as well as herself!

Lupe has weekly updates and after you join you can upgrade to the pass that gives you access to her friends sites as well. If you are into barely legal done right, I suggest you do the upgrade. I believe it is still $10 and that means you will have barely legal updates on a daily basis!

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Little Lupe

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Micro Bikini

I have a name for that bathing suit right there. I like to call it the best damn bikini ever made. Why? read on…

Check out the girl above. Check out how her clit is pressing up against what little fabric there is. Her pussy crack is just barely covered by this thing. Anyone that doesn’t love micro bikinis must have either bad taste in bathing suits or bad taste in women. Or both.

I bought one of these micro bikinis for my girlfriend. I figured it’d make me hard just looking at her. Basically I was thinking about me only. Well, she comes out of the bathroom wearing this thing and since it is so small it doesn’t soak up wetness very well. I ask her about the moisture between her legs and she is like, "Fuck, this thing feels so damn sexy! I can feel that certain parts are naked that weren’t before. There is no way I could wear this at the beach. Fuck me or I am masturbating, right now!"

I fucked her twice but, the point is, she got as much out of the suit as I did! is the ultimate micro bikini site. You get updates on a daily basis and this guy finds new models on a weekly basis. Who is he? A pervert just like you and me, except.… Except that he took it to a whole new level of perversion.

In the beginning he worked an average job just like everyone else. He would go to the beach and take pics of chicks and post them in forums or newsgroups. Then one day he collected all of his pics and videos and made a pay site. Beach Model was born.

Now Beach Model takes all of his time and is a thriving business. Good thing because that means he can afford to shoot some of the hottest babes wearing the skimpiest of bathing suits.

All of this guys stuff is shot by him so everything is 100% exclusive content. He has the average hottie like Charlotte and he has the exotic hotties like Stella. This guy gets pretty explicit so nothing is left to the imagination.

Don’t waste your money on other bikini sites when BeachModel has the real deal!

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Beach Model

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Teen Smoking

Everytime I think all of the niches are taken, someone comes up with yet another one. Teen Smoking, considered taboo by some, can be one of the most erotic things in the world. Perhaps that is why more teens that smoke have sex on the first date than teens that don’t smoke?

The girls of Sexy Smoking Teens smoke everything from cigarettes to cigars. There is nothing like watching a barely legal babe sucking on a 52 gauge cigar. Six inches of pure bliss and perhaps a tinge of blasphemy.

I am not sure why I find watching these chicks smoke so damn erotic. Could it be that smoking requires sucking? Or maybe the subtle mouth movements when they hold the smoke in their mouths? The pursed lips when they exhale? Or just that they are fucking hot and using their mouths on something is just icing on the cake? updates twice a week and sometimes more. This is genuine smoking fetish content shot by a geniune smoking fetish photographer with genuine smoking fetish models. Our future dominatrixes in their rookie seasons. There is even a message board where members can share their own photos, comment on galleries or just share their passion for teen smoking with others.

As they say, Smoke ’em if ya got ’em.

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Sexy Smoking Teens

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Girl Cum!