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Hot Virgin Next Door

There aren’t a whole lot of adult reviews out there on sites that deal with virgin pussy. I guess the idea of a girl losing her virginity online is a bit too taboo for some people and so most sites would rather just steer well clear of it. The guys and gals at Porn Tips have enough gumsion to tackle this subject head on. Like head fucking on.

Not only is man enough to tackle this subject, they gave the site they reviewed a proverbial D- where others would have given them a B+, if they had the balls to review such an iffy subject. This is what I love about Porn Tips. They tell it like it is!

So why did Hot Virgin Next Door get a low score? The site is completely devoid of virgin pussy. All of the girls are not virgins. They are young though. Young, hot and tight.

Another reason I like Porn Tips is that they will often negotiate a lower rate for you. Here they managed to get you almost 50% off the regular price. As a member you will also get access to fifteen other sites they run. Those sites are worth the reduced rate. Some of them are worth it all on their own.

The next time you are going to take the plunge and pull the trigger on a porn site membership make sure you check out for an in depth review of the site. You just might save a couple bucks!

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Pussy, pussy, pussy, pussy. To your cock it is all the same. It doesn’t matter if the girls clit it up top, down below or how much lippage she has. Your cock only cares about two things. Is it sufficiently wet without being overly wet, and is it tight. There is nothing worse than a hot dog in a hallway. Except maybe getting speed burns in a dry pussy.

I have dated girls with all types of pussy. Every kind of pussy you can think of. While my brain prefers the cleft of Venus, no lips pussy, my cock is equally happy to cloud my brain with beer goggles and let me deal with the strange pussy I end up with in the morning.

If there is one redeeming quality I can bring up about that last pussy with the extra lips and high clit, it is that she can cum by rubbing her pussy up against things without having to straddle them. One of my past girlfriends had this kind of pussy. She also had a virgin pussy. She said it was so easy to bring herself to orgasm in other ways that she didn’t need to fuck.

At a high school dance she orgasmed just by doing a slow dance with me on a packed dance floor where everybody danced real close with their partner. I knew something was up when she began to stumble. I lifted her slightly off of the ground so she could cum and it was amazing.

MPL Studios has pussy of all shapes and sizes. You will find your own personal tastes met by hundreds of models in thousands of videos and picture sets. As always, enjoy the pussy!

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Unfortunately for Catie Minx she was a nerd in high school. She rarely went on dates and they always ended in disaster. Now that she is a little hottie she has a virgin pussy she can’t wait to share with you. So while it sucked for her to be a geek, it is fucking awesome for all of us in pervert land! updates weekly and she is a total dork in her videos. It is what you are going to love about her. Well, that and her cleft of Venus pussy that she loves to show off. Many of Catie’s photo sets and videos feature her wearing wet clothing that sticks to that tight pussy of hers.

You won’t regret joining this girl’s site!



By far the best time to attack that virgin pussy is just before bedtime. When it is tired and it is lights out you are more likely to weasel your way into it. But what does one do when there is no pussy to be had?

Share My GF knows your pain. They created the site to address this issue. They have plenty of videos and picture sets of cute girls with smooth pussy in need of some heavy petting. Bring some oil with you and the next time she just might be begging you not to stop.



I am almost forty-two years old. It wasn’t until just a few years ago that I actually opened up a girls pussy and looked inside. I had no idea with was lined with what look like little French ticklers and ridges and other things to make your cock blow your load inside it. You don’t feel those things in there when you finger a girl. Maybe it is because they are so-so soft? But when you put your cock inside there it feels amazing!

While at MPL Studios I saw a hot little cutie with a pink virgin pussy and some very perky small boobs. Her body is adorable. She also has tan lines on the bottom side. Not many girls have tan lines anymore. Being that she has them on the bottom only it is safe to say she frequents topless beaches. I wish I could find her on one of them.





It is hard to even fathom that MPL Studios has hundreds of girls just as cute as Kalena is. How do their photographers keep themselves from jumping over the camera and attacking these girls? They are stunningly beautiful.

Get the entire members area at your fingertips once you join. They have years and years of updates capturing girls in their most beautiful period of their lives!


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