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You know the drill. A girl wants to be liked by her boyfriend so he gives her a test. She has to send him a nude selfie and in return he will love her forever. Oh, and he promises that he won’t ever share it with anyone. Little did she know that he was already banging her best friend and that he would be forwarding her photo to ten of his friends the instant she sent it. And that they would be sharing it with 10 of each of their friends…

That is how things work in the digital age and you get to reap the benefits of their virgin girl’s stupidity. Sites like Watch My GF post the photos of these idiotic girls for you to enjoy at your own leisure.



Here is a quick pic of some pink puffy nipples. I am sure she had no idea her boyfriend would eventually be sharing her self shot candid photo with the world. But here it is!

One of my favorite ex-gf candid sites is called See My GF. I like it because they have lots of categories I like. This hot babe and her puffy nipples can be found in the big tits section. They also have an amateur sex category loaded with hot coed girls naive enough to believe their boyfriends wouldn’t share their pics with the world.

In defense of their boyfriends, they often aren’t the ones that upload the pics to sites like this one. Instead it happens when they share the photo with a friend who shares it with another and he puts it on this site. No matter who is the culprit the beauty of it is that we get to see some fabulous babes with big tits and sweet nipples!



Brenda is a sweet little girl from Sweet Apples. She wants to lose her virginity to her boyfriend, but first she wants to tease him a little bit with her virgin pussy. Girls are like that. They love to play with wild beasts and are completely naive of just how wild a boy can get.

Being that Brenda is a good girl she hasn’t let her boyfriend do much with her body. He figured he would be smarter than the average bear and get her a dildo to masturbate with. His reasoning went that if she played with it she would eventually want the real thing. Instead of fucking herself with that big fat dildo Brenda fucked him with it instead.

No not literally you sicko! She did it figuratively by sending him naked pics of herself sucking on that big fat fake cock. She figured he would be the one busting his nut over it, not her. She even sent him pics of her virgin pussy.

Then Brenda completely fucked up. She met her boyfriends best friend for a date and they hit it off. She figured she would hookup with him instead and give her virginity to a guy with a better car, a better job and better prospects. That is when Brenda’s big fat dildo pics hit the Internet. Life got turned upside down and that new boy of hers dumped her lickity split.

Now Brenda is on Sweet Apples where you can check out the naked pics and videos she was sending her boy toy. They collect all of the best ex-girlfriend content and hand deliver it to you on a silver platter.


That picture is of Minka. She is of no relation to Brenda other than she also fucked over her ex. Now her kinky camel toe pics and boob shots are on Sweet Apples as well. When will girls learn?

Hopefully never!

Get a password and find more virgin pussy!



Winter is in full swing here in California



We can’t all be playboys. That is just how the world works. I stopped trying to convince myself that I am still viable on the coed market years ago




Sometimes it is the simple things in life that reap the biggest rewards. In the case of Teenage Decadence it is the long standing tradition of candid photography. Sometimes the girls take their own pics, other times it is an admirer. Either way they make for some great fap material!

Teenage Decadence is one of those sites that is near and dear to my heart. It has been open for a decade. When it started it was just a forum where guys came and unloaded all of their beach candid pics. Tons and tons of hot girls in bikinis!

Over time the site grew and they instituted a new rule. The most pics you uploaded, the most levels of forum you could access. The higher the level the larger the pics, the longer the threads and the more active the uploaders!

The site really got big, but then there were only about 100 of us uploading 99% of the pics. The other 25,000 or so members (at the time) were trying to freeload, but couldn’t. Because you need to upload pics to get good access.

So they came up with yet another rule. This new one made it so you could BUY your way into the platinum access club! Now, normally I wouldn’t see this as a good thing. Lots of nubes in the higher levels? Argh! People paying for something that used to be free? Argh!

But once they added paid membership things changed



Sometimes the best things in life aren’t naked! Like when a hot chick takes a self shot in the bathroom wearing lingerie. From time to time it is better to have a nice little teaser like this than it is to have a gaping hole with two cucumbers stuffed inside it!

When I want something softcore I go to NN Ex-Girlfriends. They are the nonnude photo and videos hookup. Before them I used to scan the Internet looking for free shit and guess what? I found it, but it consumed all of my free time! I stopped all of my hobbies, I rarely saw my friends, my own family only saw me occasionally!




If there is one thing you can love about girls that look like jailbait, it is that they won’t land you in jail! Real Teenie Girls is filled with high school seniors and college coeds that look like 16 (year olds)…


teeniebeachgfs_com_5 teeniebeachgfs_com_2

So I used to write a lot about Obsessed With Myself. They had some of the best content on the net when it came to Spring Break, candid beach, nonnude jailbait, etc



Here at Virgin’s 19 we love teenagers. We love everything about them. We really enjoy teen cheerleaders flashing their panties and how insanely cute they look!

It’s funny… You can take the most level headed teen cheerleader and give her the uniform and she will do some pretty sexy stuff without thinking. Before the Internet, a picture like this might have been seen by a handful of people… and now? It’s going to be seen by tens of thousands!

At Teenage Decadence you don’t have to troll the Internet for hours on end looking for that special pic that is going to send you over the top and allow you to go to sleep. There are dozens of categories to make browsing easier and each one is filled with thousands of candid pics and hundreds of videos!



Ask her why she is taking nude pics and sending them to a web site for guys to jerkoff to and she will say, “I am Obsessed With Myself!”

OK… So I might be fudging a little bit. I am sure she isn’t thinking she is all that and a bag of chips. I am pretty confident in my assumption that she is actually self-conscious of her looks and would prefer to wear a burka.. Not!

Obsessed With Myself is filled with self-shot pics of hot babes from around the world. These girls really are obsessed with themselves and they want you to know it. They want you to think about sucking their nipples and fucking them while you masturbate. Tricky little bitches!

Members get access to a huge network of candid and self-shot content. Along with the pics they also have tons of videos. Go ahead, slip your hand into your pants and enjoy this hottie, she wouldn’t have it any other way!


Obsessed With Myself - Two girls playing in bed

Teen girls are fucking awesome. Give them something to drink, dare them to kiss, specify “kissing with tongue” and let the good times roll!

Obsessed With Myself stockpiles tons of barely legal teenage content for your enjoyment. They do more than just beach candids, they have pics and videos of girls going all the way with each other, themselves and their boyfriends!

You can try Obsessed With Myself for free. Once inside the members area you will be bombarded with so many picture sets and videos of exclusive teen content you won’t want to leave. The quality and quantity is mind numbing!



There are times that I day-dream about the times I had in college with Obsessed With Myself. Of having little hotties wanting to give me their naked pics. Back then they were Polaroids because cell phones didn’t exist yet.

You guys have it so damn easy these days. Chicks sex-ting their small tits and perfect, tight, little bodies. It is no wonder these photos keep popping up… It’s so damn easy to send them!

It is also easy to steal these pics if you know how… If you don’t, just grab a Obsessed With Myself pass and see all of the ones they have stolen from private Facebook, Myspace and Photobucket accounts. The variety is alarming!

Along with stolen photos, the girls often send in their own pics and videos! Today’s girls are much more slutty then girls in my days. I guess Paris Hilton made it “cool” to be seen on the Internet naked!

Hey, I am not complaining! I have a Obsessed With Myself membership and have had it since July of 2009. It is so hard to cancel the fucker when there is a ton of new stuff added weekly. You can join for free at and start enjoying this shit right now!



As you might have noticed, most of my previous galleries I posted for this site stopped working. Well, chalk one up for the man!

Turns out Obsessed With Myself payment processor gave them a bitch slap because they thought the girls in their promotional material looked too young. WTF? That is because half of the girls that submit their photos to are barely legal!

As in they just turned 18 years old. So why is that a problem? Barely legal is legal none the less!

So anyway… Be rest assured the members area is unchanged and still features your favorite hotties wearing next to nothing or… nothing at all!

Obsessed With Myself started out a hobby for one man and has grown into a huge archive of homemade amateur porn. Guys post their ex-girlfriend pics, girls post themselves, couples post their videos, Spring Breakers post their pics, horny old men post their pics taken at beaches from around the world, college dorms, fraternities, sororities post their party pics… This thing is getting out of hand!

You can access Obsessed With Myself for free. What? It’s true. They are so sure you will enjoy the girls they have decided to give you a three day taste for free. Free! My favorite price!



Believe it or not sights like this one are the norm in many European countries. Hot, young babes with perky, naturally big tits showing them to the world… But wait… To get sights like these out to the rest of the world you need a vehicle and that vehicle is called Obsessed With Myself. The world’s leading candid photography site!

At Obsessed With Myself they have tens of thousands of bikini candids, topless candids and 100% nude candids! There are thousands of homemade amateur porn videos. You can have it all for free!

Free? WTF? They are so sure you will enjoy yourself at Obsessed With Myself that they are offering you the keys to the castle for free. If you want to stick around, do nothing and get billed monthly. Should you want to cancel, do it online with instant confirmation.

You gotta love the fucking Internet, man! How many strip clubs let you in for free and give you this much free porn? Obsessed With Myself makes living in this day and age a freak’in pleasure!

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