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Like most teenagers Andi Sins developed a mean streak not long after puberty. It was time for her to buck the system that had so faithfully sheltered her parents and strike out on her own. She found out who she was, or wasn’t, through acts of self expression that drove her parents insane. Little did they know that their growing hatred of her “ways” were only fueling the fire!

Eventually Andi Sins opened her own web site where she could express herself. Andi quickly grew a fan base and with most of her sets featuring fan requests, I am sure you will be a fan too.

As with most of the models I review Andi has small tits and an athletic body. It would be save to say this girl could outlast you in an all night rump session.

Andi’s favorite fetishes are smoking, bondage, pantyhose, panties, feet and shaving. Yes, shaving. She has plenty of video footage documenting her deftness with a razor. Just don’t get your Johnson too close to the screen and you should be alright!

Andi Sins updates several times a week. On update days she adds several picture sets and several videos. Honestly, I have never seen any other solo model that updates as much as this girl does. She really does love posing for her fans!

This is great because she looks good and we enjoy seeing her teasing us in a pair of skimpy panties!

Blogged Under: Brunettes,Fetish,Panty,Small Tits


When I was younger there was a girl living next door that seemed to enjoy flashing her panties. I always enjoyed sitting Indian style with her wearing a skirt across from me. She always wore cotton, print panties that crept up into her pussy cleft.

One day my neighbor caught me peaking up her skirt and she surprised me by saying something about it. Previous to this day she had always given panty shots away like giving away candy on holloween.

She wanted to know what I was looking at and mock-looked down to see what I could see. Then she popped her head back up and stated that I could see her panties.

“Do you like looking at my panties?” She asked.

“Well, um…” is all I could get out.

“Do you ever think about my panties when you are in the shower?”

I was caught like a deer in headlights. What do I say to that? Shit, I was taking too long to give her some kind of answer. That defaults to a “guilty as charged”.

“Do you pull on your winkie?”

My face was getting red, my breathing heavy.

“Can I see it?”

My heart skipped a beat to that last one.

I said, “Sure.”

She looked expectantly down at the bulge my already hard prick was creating in my pants. I stood up slowly and pulled my pants and underwear down at the same time. My cock sprung out in front of her face.

“It is big. Can I see you pull on it?”

Again my face went red. I had never let anyone know I jacked off before this and now she wanted me to do it in front of her.

“Don’t be shy. Come on, I’ll show you my panties.” With that she pulled up her skirt to give me a bird’s eye view of her crotch. My dick bounced.

I reached out and started pulling on my doinger. My neighbor told me it looked hot and asked if I could go faster. Which I did.

She began tracing her fingers around the hem of her panties. Every once in a while she ran a finger through the cleft where her panties sucked into her hairless pussy.

My excitement was reaching its peak and I slowed down.

“Going to come?” She asked.

I nodded. She removed her panties and showed me the wet spot. Then she handed them to me. I surmized that I was supposed to cum into them. I wrapped them around my cock and was amazed at how soft they felt.

Now she was spreading her pussy juicy out over the lips of her pussy. My dick couldn’t hold back any longer and I shot my wad into her panties. I was in heaven for a second and then I realized what I had just done. Would she tell anyone? Would she think I was some kind of nut?

“Wow. I had never seen a guy jack off and cum before. That was pretty powerful!” She exclaimed.

I didn’t know what to do now. She took her panties back and told me she would see me tomorrow. Same place, same time, different pair of panties.

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So you just received an MMS message from the girlfriend and she is sending you hand bra pics. What do you do now?

Well, if you are a self respecting boyfriend with any balls at all you head on over to Obsessed With Myself and upload those pics! But don’t be surprised if the submission form is closed. They receive hundreds a day and don’t have time to weed through a thousand more!

And, what do you do if you don’t have a girlfriend sending you hand bra pics? You head on over to Obsessed With Myself to look at everyone else’s girlfriends!

For the price of zero dollars you can take the three day trial and check out the self shots, POV blowjob videos, teen girls kissing and more.

This site is fucking amazing!


Because the updates come in like mad with chicks even sending in their own naked pics. The content is all categorized and they have something for everyone. Bikini pics, flashing pics from Spring Break, wet t-shirt contests, amateur home videos… You name it and it is here.

Everything at Obsessed With Myself is amateur. You won’t find this kind of content on a conventional porn site. These are real girl next door types getting fucked, facialed and exposed for all to see.

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Most of my readers like Nubile Teens like Selina 18 and friend. That is why you come here. While you like nubile teens you also like to keep your ass out of jail. And that, my friend, is why Selina 18 works so well!

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Guys, I am stuck in a jam. The problem stems from my fascination with Andi Pink and her virgin pussy. My infatuation with her is driving my girlfriend crazy. I think she is going to leave me. She gave me an ultimatum. It is either Andi Pink and her adorable little pussy (my words, not hers) or her.

I chose Andi Pink. Not just for her virgin pussy or her small tits. I chose Andi because of money. And a little thing called sharing

You see, is only $34.95 a month. A far cry shorter than it costs to date my ex. Andi Pink also doesn’t mind sharing… her friends! Something my ex never did for me…

So now I get Ariel Rebel and thirteen other friends. Plus, I get thirteen more barely legal teen multi-girl sites. One of which lets me explore lesbian girls and their relationships! Hubba-hubba!

So… So long, bitch. I am going to curl up with Andi Pink tonight and enjoy over 540 photo sets and over 160 videos of her cute virgin pussy.

Here’s to no regrets!

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