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The Internet is one swift moving beast. It is hard to believe Little April has been online for seven years now! I remember when this site started like it was yesterday



We can’t all be playboys. That is just how the world works. I stopped trying to convince myself that I am still viable on the coed market years ago



As with most of the sets on, this little cutie likes to tease and then deliver the goods. Andi is the queen of tease. Her fans are many and you could be one of them!

When Andi Pink started her site years ago she had no idea so many people would fall in love with her. She is very flirtatious and most guys love her open mouth pics. Not many people in the world can look sexy leaving their mouth open like that!


Even better than Andi’s purdy little mouth is her tight pussy. She shaves it completely bare and sometimes she even waxes it. Even the most lubricated hand can do no justice in simulating how soft her vulva is. I personally use a Fleshlight with lube and I still can’t imagine how terribly soft her tasty pussy must be!

Along with Andi Pink you get access to sites like Ariel Rebel, Sandy Fair, and 80 more! Most of the sites are solo models, but with so many, dozens are multi-model in a variety of niches. Take her tour and check the bottom of the page for a rather huge list!



If you have never been to a site in the Only All Sites network you have been missing out



Remember the first time a girlfriend of yours tried to be sexy? Sure, she wasn’t spot on as far as her strip tease impression went, but you didn’t give a shit! You thought she was Marilyn Monroe and you were the President of the United High Schools!

Emily 18 embodies that first crush and she does it well. Her small, yet perky boobs and her petite, yet fleshy body will leave you breathless and quite possibly cumless night after night, after night!


Check out that chunky pussy!

emily_18 (2)

See more pics! Next up, her fleshy tushy and a close up of that puffy pussy straining against her polka dot panties! Hubba-hubba!


9 15



I don’t like surprises. I like to know what I am going to get just by looking at the package. If it looks good in the package, it should look just as good, if not more, out of the package. Perhaps this is why I really like the current fashion trend of girls shaving their pussies!

Properly done, a shaven pussy leaves nothing to surprise. Even with underwear or some yoga pants on they still let you know what kind of nummy goodness you have waiting for you!

G-Queen broke the shaven pussy mold in Japan a few years ago. If you know anything about Japanese porn, you know they keep a full bush on the girls. Personally I find that so fucking disgusting! I want something smooth!

Something I can lick from top to bottom, side to side and not get a hair in my mouth!

With G-Queen you also get a lot of the old school charm you’ve come to expect from JAV porn. They punish the girls. They show girls experimenting with each other. They show girls experimenting with themselves. They show it all!

Girl Cum!